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Men’s 10-meter platform Chen Aisen Qiu Bo finals Daly easily bottom out

August 21, 2016 00:02  

sad Daley

SINA sports news Beijing time on August 20, the Rio 2016 Olympic diving competitions at the Maria-Lunk aquatic centre start the last game day of competition in the men’s 10-meter platform semifinals, Chinese player Chen Aisen by virtue of the stability of the whole play, To total 559.90 points ranking first, smooth promotion final; another one China players Qiu Bo although third jumped appeared major errors, but he with other several round of excellent performance, to total 504.70 points ranked times seats; British name Daley three jumped appeared major errors, eventually only to 403.25 points ranking bottom, suffered eliminated; defending champion, and American name Bao Diya overall play General, to 458.35 points ranking 10th, also promotion.

Men’s 10-meter platform semifinal total of 18 contestants, the top 12 qualify for the final, sent the Chinese team play World Championships and World Cup champion Qiu Bo and Chen Aisen. In yesterday for of preliminaries in the, two bit China players Qiu Bo and Chen Aisen are has 2 jumped completed some flaws, eventually respectively to 564.75 points and 545.35 points ranking 2nd and 3rd bit promotion semi-final; British name Daley with with package action of perfect play, to 571.85 points ranked first, defending champion, and American name Bao Diya a jumped appeared major errors, but still to 496.55 points row in 4th bit.

Chen Aisen countdown 3rd bit appearances, despite in preliminaries in the has two jumped appeared has some small of errors, but today he timely adjustment State, each jumped are play have is stable, respectively get 91.80 points, and 91.00 points, and 88.20 points, and 97.20 points, and 99.90 points and 91.80 points, in each round end Hou are is row in first bit, eventually he to total 559.90 separation first, smooth promotion final, than second name high out has 55 points of more.

Qiu Bo of the 2nd stage, Third jumped difficulty coefficient 3.4 of 307C (reflexive churning three week half hold knee) outlet obviously errors, only get 56.10 points, ranking once fell to 10th, but he in then of fourth jumped timely adjustment State, in difficulty coefficient for 3.6 of 207B (backward churning three week half flexor body) Shang play have called perfect, has 2 bit referee played has 10 points, the round he also get has 102.60 points of high points, other several jumped is has I has small flaws, but also is stable to completed, respectively get 89.25 points, and 78.75 points, 85.50-92.50 points, eventually he was to score 2nd also qualify.

Pressure axis appearances of Daley, despite in preliminaries in the play stable, but today he of performance makes NPC surprise, second jumped difficulty coefficient 3.6 of 5172B (forward churning three week half swivel one week flexor body) and third jumped difficulty coefficient 3.5 of 626B (arm action, backward churning three week flexor body) appeared major errors, only respectively get 54.00 points and 47.25 points, three after ranking bottom. Even after two rounds, ranking rose to 15th place, nearly 20 different from the 12th-ranked player, as long as the final round of play still have a chance to qualify, but unfortunately, it again on a 207B miscalculation, 50.40 points only, so he would score 403.25 ranks, missed the final.

Addition one is concern of players Bao Diya is in countdown 4th bit debut, he whole field performance also General, which has three jumped below 70 points, respectively for third to fifth jumped–61.05 points, and 69.70 points and 66.60 points, but other several jumped relative stable, respectively get 86.40 points, and 86.40 points and 88.20 points, to to total 458.35 points row in 10th bit, near misses to promotion final. Player Garcia of Mexico the audience without obvious mistakes, ranked 3rd with total 497.55 points, whereas many experts qualify. (Mountain)

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