Diving world series Kazan station, China swept both of them four crowns


Beijing time on April 1, 2017 third leg of the Fina diving world series in Kazan, Russia, ended four projects for two on the first day of competition, China continued previous stops play, continued to sweep the four champions. Chen Aisen/Yang Hao to 462.57 Synchro 10 m platform champion, Ren Qian/Si Yajie 328.20 points won the women’s synchronized 10-meter platform title, Shi Tingmao/Chang Yani 321.90 points won the women’s synchronized three-meter springboard title, Cao Yuan/Xie Si field to 458.82 won the men’s three-meter springboard title.

Men double people 10 meters Taiwan, China players from first a action on began leading, Qian three jumped on has dumped out second bit players 30 points above, difficulty highest of 109C, Chen/Dr combination get has full highest of 92.13 points, eventually China combination to 462.57 points get champion, German combination Howe Austin/Klein, British combination Daley/gudefeiluo competition fierce, Daley/gudefeiluo Qian five a action also ranking second, but last a jumped was other ahead, Germany eventually combined to 408.54 runner-up Britain combination 406.38 points in third.

Women’s synchronized 10-meter platform, Ren Qian/Si Yajie five scoring single wheel first, at last they 328.20 points easily won, final jump 5253B, get high of 77.76 points. Three pair competition close behind, and finally the Bemfeito/MacKay of Canada won the Championship with 291.06, dimoshinina/Irina belova of Russia was third with 284.76.

Woman double people three meters Board, Shi Tingmao/Chang Yani and Russia combination Ilinykh/Ba Renna compete for fierce, head three a action China combination only leading other three points, but two a group contract jumped fourth a action 205B, China combination quality obviously high out many, also jumped out of this field highest of 77.40, immediately put score opened, eventually China combination to 321.90 points get champion, Ilinykh/Ba Renna to 309.00 points get runner-up, Australia of Kenny/tanfan to 289.80 points get third.

Men double people three meters Board, Cao Yuan/Xie Si field although faced British combination not small of competition pressure, but play also excellent, except fifth a action 5154B single round third zhiwai, other five a action are is single round first, last China combination to 458.82 points get champion, British combination Lavr/Myers to 420.42 points get runner-up, Russia combination Zacharov/kuciniezuofu to 376.83 points get third.


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