Ding took the painful history make him stronger in those years aoshaliwenshen the rod


Sports + special correspondent Wang Xiaodou reported in Sullivan WINS in 6 years, Ding finally ushered in the name of revenge, 13:10, strong promotions. This scene took place on April 26, 1/4 snooker World Championship final, as last year’s runner-up Ding Junhui in challenge five wangaoshaliwen, in the case of unfavorable factors, he has achieved a breakthrough, out of 3 break hundreds, 10 50 +, strong defeated Sullivan, made 11 years second win of the tournament. Over the years, Ding Junhui’s fastest-growing for more than 10 years, and Sullivan became the lingering shadow of his career.

If the 2006 Northern Ireland trophy finals, 19 year old Ding Junhui beat Sullivan 9:6, a new generation of Supernova, after 11 years, Ding Junhui’s tournament defeats nightmare opening. Starting from 2007, the masters and the World Championships, Ding Junhui and 3:10 respectively 2:10 fiasco, masters for the audience insulting words to stimulate him, tears.

2012 masters first round, Ding Junhui debut as defending champion, but was defeated by the o ‘ Sullivan; 2013 Crown 1/4 Crown finals Ding Junhui in the 5:3 lead when holding a match point, Sullivan reversed, missed the top 4, 2014 Welsh Open final Ding Junhui 3:9 fiasco, in single ranking event of the season five when Wang Wei, still unable to break the spell of Sullivan.

2014 Crown Crown in semifinal, Ding Junhui Sullivan once again, this time he still destiny end losing streak, 4:6 watched the rocket promotion. Time 2.5 years thereafter, the two played no more chance, until this year’s World Championships, tournament predecessor killed half of two others, already prepared for the dialogue again, who would have thought, but this time into Ding when the curse-breaking.

In the past more than 10 years, although Ding Junhui, Sullivan was an overwhelming advantage, even is a saoluoye advantage in the score. But this does not affect the couple’s intimacy, from 2007 Masters scene, Sullivan held one, two committed people to forget. For several years, while Ding Junhui rarely beat Sullivan, but the latter rockets and help in the training and competition are a minority. Ding Junhui hit bottom in his career, Sullivan personally encouraged to believe in themselves, who appears uncomfortable moments, including he himself is no exception. Encounter goes wrong when off the pitch, Sullivan is on his side to support him, even if it is and the Taiwan Solidarity Union in the world to do. World Championship win, Sullivan has long been bullish on Ding Junhui a breakthrough, not only this time it is perfect, he paved the way for him.

Ding Junhui and Sullivan, are both rivals and friends, called good, perhaps it is this truth. Ding Junhui was suppressed by Sullivan for more than 10 years, but it has also grown, one day, the goal really is to achieve a breakthrough. When Sullivan walked down the aisle at the moment, Ding Junhui took his rod and began to build a new “Ding.”

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