Ding Junhui won in reason after the age of 40 rockets have revealed old


On April 26 at 0 o’clock Beijing time, 2017 has third World Snooker Championship qualify for the top 4 players, Ding Junhui against the opponent’s back, and ultimately to beat Ronnie Sullivan 13-10, 2 years in a row into the World Championship semifinal, Ding Junhui semi-final opponent will be world number one Mark Selby.

Starting from the first premiered in 2007 Crucible, Ding played world championship race has more than 10 years, 10 years ago, Ding Junhui and Sullivan’s play, the rockets showed their standards, while Ding Junhui behaved a little young. This tender is reflected in attitude adjustments, since that match the first 4 months, Sullivan finished at Wembley almost explosive Ding Junhui, Chinese Dragon obviously under the influence of that fiasco, has yet to come out from the shadows, Ding eventually ate a heavy defeat.

10 years Hou Dang two people again in Cruz Fort met Shi, two people of situation appeared has is big differences, Ding Junhui regardless of is technology, also is psychological compared 10 years Qian has has is big of progress, he became has $literal has ranking game champion number up of players, and Sullivan although in this 10 years in the also made has remarkable of achievements, three contest champion number more is Chase flat has billiards Emperor Hendry. But after you turn 40 years old, Sullivan competitiveness on the table, but showed a declining trend, this decline is not reflected in control of low-level errors, but Ronnie Cosco and hemisphere difficult goal success rate than the past few years. Ronnie plays most of the time, unlike Higgins, Selby exquisite control, and his weakness is easy to use, and Sullivan in the tournament it is difficult to find a Crown this season largely because of this. Although this 10 years, Ding Junhui in the tournament not Sullivan had any victories, but the trade-off, Ding also ushered in the best of an opportunity to beat the rockets.

D Austrian will of most period within rendering of is a fast rhythm of open war, whole field game each Council average took only 15 minutes, Ding Junhui of out Rod time in 20 seconds around, Oxaliplatin paper out Rod time only 16 seconds, and in game Hou data statistics, two people into bags rate Oxaliplatin paper than Ding Junhui high 1% (92-91), far Taiwan success rate Ding Junhui than Sullivan 3% (55-52), Defense success rate Ding Junhui high out rocket 4% (84-80). Sullivan completed 2 breaking hundred, plus 8 50 +, Ding Junhui complete 3 Rod breaking hundred, plus 10 50 +, apparently from a data perspective, and Ding Junhui both ends of the floor did slightly better than the rockets, winning nature in reason.

Back whole field game, around game won key points has two a, one is first stage 7th Council, although Ding Junhui once made 3-0 leading, but thereafter Ding Junhui momentum has weakened, rocket even Chase three Council, key 7th Council, Ding Junhui once 26-69 behind, at table just only left 43 points, key moments Ding Junhui caught opponents far Taiwan no clear Taiwan will game drag into to Rob Black, zhihou Rob Black process in the caught rocket defense vulnerability win Xia that a Council, if that a Council Ding Junhui no resisted, let Sullivan made ahead Probably 3-5 down with the end of the first stage, Ding Junhui’s momentum will be greatly affected.

2nd a key points is 5 flat zhihou of 5 Council ball, this is Ding Junhui won of most key a elements, this 5 Council ball although Ding Junhui made has some errors, but Sullivan performance more bad, far Taiwan and go bit almost are played has career career worst of standard, Ronnie each 1 times errors left Ding Junhui of are is is good started of opportunities and spherical, Ding Junhui even Xia 5 Council made 10-5 leading, although into third stage zhihou, Sullivan State sharply upgrade, but helpless behind too more, eventually Ding Junhui won has game. Worthy of mention is the third phase of o ‘ Sullivan had a big rebound or 146 break in play but Ding was not intimidated by opponents back the momentum, during a changeover after the break still keep yourself focused, even after missing a match point, Ding Junhui mood has not affected in any way, this is a great progress Ding Junhui.

From 2007 for the first time since landing the Crucible, Ding Junhui in the holy sites was very weak, a 17-day schedule, no halfway, no sign of Ding Junhui, many fans criticized Ding Junhui up his World Championship performance and achieved many honors do not match of his career. But the last 3 World Championships, Ding Junhui made top 8, won the runner-up in last year on the basis of, this year once again into the semi-finals and this is a breakthrough for the Ding, Ding Junhui were also has the ability to play the World Championships. Win rocket shortly after Ding Junhui will face Mark Selby in the world, expect Ding Junhui to move on.

(Han Yue Tian)

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