Ding Junhui snuggling shoulder rocket teachings this hug melts you |


Beijing time on April 26, 2017 one-fourth snooker world championship finals, Ding Junhui beat Sullivan 13-10, advance to the final four two years in a row, will face Selby.

Phase two in a 4-4, starting from the second phase, Ding Junhui made the initiative in the game, until the last 12-9, first got three match points. Although Sullivan recover Council, final Ding Junhui a 117-perfect ending, won the victory.

For Sullivan, a win was significant, this is Ding’s career against Sullivan for the second time in the tournament, the last time was in 2006 and also at the World Championships for the first time in the 5 Crown, previous 2007 clashes, Ding Junhui 2-10 fiasco.

After the last black ball, Ding did not seem to be any celebrations, just very calmly to his former Idol, o ‘ Sullivan, greeted with a smile. They shake hands, then hugged.

Sullivan suddenly started at this moment, what to Ding Junhui kept saying, and Ding Junhui is listened and nodded, as the pupils listen to teachers teaching, he even buries Sullivan shoulder is tired, or he needs a crutch? The moment make people moved, the audience’s applause was prolonged … …

Looking back over these years, Sullivan was not only Ding Junhui’s Idol and opponent, in his great help on the path of growth. Not only is the 2007 Masters final comfort to Ding Junhui, Sullivan on many occasions were unabashed love of Ding Junhui.

Both played over the years, Ding Junhui from early collapse, now calm composure. Ding said before the match regardless of the outcome, they certainly won’t defeat, Yes, he did it, and the winner was his.


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