Ding Junhui: Selby to win? disagreed with Sullivan to help me grow


Beijing time on April 27, 2017 snooker world championships at Sheffield’s Crucible continues to expand the 1/4 finals, Ding Junhui did well, with a 13:10 victory over Sullivan, semi-final. In the semifinals, he will face opponents in the finals of the world championship last year Selby. After the end of the game, Sullivan is celebrating uproariously in Ding’s ears, after the game, which also revealed what Sullivan says, “he said I didn’t look the same, my strength has become stronger. ”

For his performance in the whole game, Ding Junhui “great” to describe it, “I’m playing great, I keep the well from the first game to the last game, I played very well throughout the game, so Ronnie has a lot of pressure. “Previously, Ding Junhui in the deal with Sullivan’s record is not dominant, but this did not affect his State of mind,” I knew before I played the record for Ronnie is not dominant, before I have the opportunity I will think a lot, but this time, I keep it simple. Sometimes, I use only single rod 50, 60 points won the game, then I’ll move on, and this time I did a good job. ”

In the second phase after the end of the game, Ding a 10:6 lead. Score lead dings in a good mood, “I had a good rest last night, preparing for today’s game. I know his condition has improved, he is very strong. “Even in the third stage of the contest, Sullivan was narrowing the gap, but this did not let Ding Junhui irritable, he is just waiting for opportunities to come,” I did not want anything, just waiting for the opportunities to come. I know I can play well, I feel that although he is not in the best condition, but this State can still play the game. Just wait later, chance has come. ”

After the end of the game, Sullivan congratulations Ding Junhui won the first time, what he said Ding Junhui’s ear, “he said I didn’t look the same, my strength was stronger, he knows what I go through, before every time I play him, he does not feel, I am very grateful for Ronnie, he helped me grow. “O ‘ Sullivan after Ding Junhui in the bulls game in prospect, on the other hand, Ding has full confidence in yourself,” Ronnie, my family and the fans gave me the support I’m happy, I’ll do my best, and this is my childhood dream. Every time I stand here, I strive to win. Last year, I qualified for the final, I gained a lot of experience. This time, I have more confidence in themselves to achieve this ideal. ”

In the semifinal, Ding Junhui will face Selby. Last year’s finals, Ding Junhui lost to Selby, Miss champion. This time again, Ding Junhui against Selby what tactics will be taken? “When faced with opportunities to catch them, allow yourself to become more powerful, his good form, and I’ll do my best, and this is what I can do. ”

“A lot of people might think Selby is more likely to be able to beat you. “The journalists of this sentence, Ding Junhui indifferent response,” I don’t think so. He is the world number one player, playing very well right now, his top players in each entry is the title. This season, the game I had played with him twice, once in the Shanghai masters, I won; other international tournaments, I lost. The next round of the competition is for us is the heavyweight match. ”

(Dong Zhengxiang)

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