Ding Junhui Selby 5-1 Sullivan surprise out of Miss victory


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 snooker China Open ended in a second-round battle, during the night-time match Ronnie Sullivan and opponents battled nine final Council regrets the negative, were locked out of the top 16, although Sullivan was playing two broken hundreds own personal single-pole breaking hundred total recorded up to 868. Mark Selby in the concurrent race 5-1 another sweep to qualify among the top 16. In addition, Chinese player Li 3-5 defeat by Scottish names Maguire and turn this round.

Rocket o ‘ Sullivan appearances in the night-time, the match is now ranked 51st in the world, Mark Joyce. Games will start at 7:30, Sullivan started the first innings scored 23 points break, Joyce took over 32 points mistakes, Sullivan twice started but failed to continue scoring, after a period of stalemate Joyce grabbed opponent mistakes start to 86-32 won the first Board. Second Joyce first mistakes the cue ball stops at the lower left offensive opportunities, Sullivan started 106 break in direct win leveled the score 1-1. Third Joyce continuous far red goal keeping of attack started with 19 points by the end of break, Duo once cue ball after falling foul, a defensive error caught by the opponents of the Sullivan, Joyce played 79 minutes the score 2-1.

Directorate IV Sullivan passed away games started with 30 points after the failure of the balloon, Sullivan once again after a round through the far 25 attacks start again errors, after a period of struggle Sullivan started with 80-0 2-2 leveled the score for the third time. After the fifth inning started o ‘ Sullivan defensive fumble, Joyce interrupted after 66 minutes, Sullivan then started, but a simple mistake after 37 minutes remaining finally a red ball, Joyce started to 91-37 the lead again. 132 in direct hit after the sixth inning Sullivan started to distinguish, the score came to 3-3. Seventh Inning Sullivan attempt to further thin the ball but the red ball out of his pocket, Joyce started 137 in play to distinguish, 4-3 got the match point.

Eighth Council Sullivan attempts to far Taiwan attack partial out, mother ball stopped in has middle, Joyce started only have 8 points on in attack black ball Shi errors, Sullivan then started get 20 points go bit errors into defense, a round Hou Sullivan long Taiwan scored combination ball again started made 57-8 leading, several Rod compete for Hou Joyce errors leak ball, Sullivan single rod 63 distinguish Taiwan and once equalised score. Winning Council Sullivan kickoff, Joyce playing far Taiwan red ball end of bags not into left in the bags red ball attack opportunities, Sullivan started get 25 points Hou interrupted, thereafter two people the has started but are didn’t can continued, playing into 29-26 Shi Joyce caught opponents attack errors started to 57-29 completed Super points, Sullivan attempts to do Republika Connaught grams but sent out free ball so gave up, Joyce promotion 16 strong.

Other several while for of game in the, world ranking first Selby engaged ranking 77 bit of Martin-aotangnaier, a up Selby on streak three Council made has 3-0 leading and in second Council and third Council in the series played single rod 68 points and 101 points, Fourth Council aotangnaier in last balls stage win pulled one back a Council, Council between rest Hou of fifth Council Selby with single rod 74 points winning, 4-1 got has match point, Sixth Council aotangnaier again no started, Selby 72-0 zero sheet and 5-1 won the game easily qualified for the third round.

China players Lee also in evening appearances, opponents is now ranking World 24th bit of Stephen-mamakuier, a up Maguire on played single rod 114 points win next Council, second Council Lee single rod 67 points also to color, zhihou of two Council two people their played single rod 87 points and 74 points, Qian half both split, Council between rest back Maguire series played single rod 80 points and 71 points got match point, seventh Council Lee to 60-50 tenacious of save a match point, but eighth Council also is unable to back, Was 100 clean sheets in Maguire, 3-5 to lose the whole game out of regret.

Other games scores, 5-2 nuopang-Sang Kanmu Stuart Bingham, Karen Sanderson-la 5-2-Wilson, Dennis-5-2 Matthew Stevens of Wales, Andrew Higginson 5-4 Leach-Walton. (Drag the shadow)

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