Ding Junhui opponents hang open as alarm CCTV: absolute after the game


Beijing time on March 31, 2017 World Snooker China open continued at the Beijing University students gymnasium. China Star Ding Junhui in the final 1/4, unexpectedly lost to ranked themselves to 1-5 the lower 10 bits after the youngster Danny Wilson. CCTV commentator song Cambridge and explaining Yuan Cheng guests wonderful reviews of this game.

CCTV live broadcast of this game is from the beginning of the 5th, Ding Junhui has been 1-3 down. Explain the surprised guests Yuan Cheng on this score: “Hui of the 5th State to see since childhood, and should not be 1-3 down, this status is good. ”

However, 2 explanation of Wilson’s play feels surprisingly: “Unlike most of Wilson’s play after the player, more conservative, because he is practicing with Elberton, defensive ability is very strong, the pace slow. However, in terms of overall defense, offense, surrounding the ball worse than Ding by at least 10%. Also play the game, it seems that today (Xiao Hui) play is not ideal. 1-3 and others, if 1-4 is dangerous. ”

In fact, in today’s game, little fai luck remains poor, spin placed on several times narrowly escaped falling bags. In the 5th inning play was sailed to take time, white balls once again stopped in the Pocket. The ball has little chance, Wilson is also aiming for a long time, just when everyone thought he would be defensive, he had a precise force, red balls into his pocket.

The ball really had 2 explain no little surprise, even exclaim aloud. Yuan Cheng, said: “everyone thought he was defending, but he did not expect was scored, it seems that he is a very attacking player. “Song of Cambridge came up with” iron King “, joked,” this should not be under the influence of Elberton, Elberton is certainly not play. “In this regard, Yuan Cheng said:” in fact, alongside professional players usually are in practice, which helps to keep the levels. When you have a certain level, then, try to find a little higher than the own opponent, if you always look for soft touch squeeze, not good for your ball up. ”

Since then, both offensive and defensive conversion, Wilson also seize the chance to win the game. Score becomes the most dangerous of 1-4! In this regard, 2 explanation is frustration. Yuan Cheng said: “in fact, Xiao hui in the 5th are already adjusting their status. “Song of Cambridge, said:” the game is not the end of the case, anything can happen. “When the audience with applause and” go go go “cheer shouts as Xiao Hui.

At the beginning of the 6th inning, Yuan Cheng cautioned: “when Ding Junhui in the defense, do not leave opportunity for Wilson because Wilson long is very accurate. “Volleying, Wilson shot made a precise pass to score. Song Cambridge exclaimed: “even the passes so Ah! Game accuracy guarantee, if any, mostly will win the game. “Then, when Wilson unexpectedly rushing balls, he again expressed surprise:” the ball off by this time?! This is after the game, if normal, shouldn’t play this. ”

Wilson hit 57-6, the song of Cambridge said Xiao hui had no chance: “today’s opponent, Wilson played really good, dared to attack this block is indeed commendable. “Yuan Cheng says:” today during the game show that Wilson make up, some players faced players tactics be changed, talk to Elberton is certainly not this type. ”


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