Ding Junhui, China game reviews: 7 semifinal 2 winner deserved paradise


Beijing time on March 31, 2017 snooker China Open ended all the 1/4 contest finals, Ding played well, lost 1-5 Wilson, Dragon, China failed to meet his 30 birthday with a victory. Ding Junhui in the past has been “Chinese prodigy,” said, time went by so fast, now approaching had been a child prodigy.

From the 2005 fame now, Ding Junhui made outstanding achievements on the field, this one for Ding Junhui, China open, is of special significance, since his first title was achieved in China, many people are racing to meet Ding Junhui, China, while China is where the leave enough memory to Ding Junhui. We look Ding all China Games.

The year 2005

After multi efforts, China public game closed two years Hou again recovery held, locations set in Beijing, 2005 China game witness has Ding Junhui staged a black what of myth, holding outside card played of Ding Junhui first to 5-2 WINS Mark-Davis among are game, zhihou Ding Junhui even keaibodun, Bingham, Marco Fu, Ken-Doherty, eventually in final 9-5 beat Hendry, won career career 1th a ranking game champion, this champion declared Ding Junhui into world first-class players ranks.

Ding Junhui’s birthday, he and Marco Fu staged a China open in China for the first time in the history of the Derby, after the win, the tournament organizers specially prepared an unforgettable birthday party for Ding Junhui, while Marco Fu was invited, Marco Fu won with a cake He Xiaohui, and wanted him to go further.

The year 2006

2006 China game is Ding Junhui first to defending champion identity campaign world career ranking game, first round Ding Junhui because journey running effect, State bad, but still to 5-4 hard beat compatriots Dr q days, times round Ding Junhui state back Yong, first Council contribution that session game single rod highest points (135 points), eventually 5-2 beat more special, 1/4 final Ding Junhui 5-0 swept has swell, only unfortunately semi-final, Ding Junhui was Mark-Williams super strong associate degrees by suppressed, eventually 2-6 lost to gold left, Who won the County Championship.

The year 2007

2007 China game Qian, Ding Junhui in master game final was Sullivan playing burst, thereafter continuous in Malta Cup and Wales game suffered are game a round tour, this makes many fans on he of State and prospects was worries, sure enough, Ding Junhui State still bad, although in extension qualification rounds 5-3 edged Gan Nuo, but to has are game first round, Ding Junhui in and Hawkins open defeated Xia array to, that field lost ball Hou, many people will Hawkins called Ding Junhui of nemesis, Because the silent killer qualifier for the world championships a year ago eliminated Ding Junhui, Chinese Dragon ushered in the British championship out of the crucible of embarrassing records.

The year 2008

Plagued encounters a cold before the start of the 2008 tournament Ding Junhui, China, 5-3 out of Perry in the first round, but the next round ill battle of the battle between Ding Junhui and Murphy for 3.5 hours, eventually in the final defeat, counting the defeat Ding Junhui in the battle with Murphy lost all four times that season.

The year 2009

2009 China game, Ding met Xiao of the wild-card round in Holt in the first round, but at night before the birthday, Ding has played a particularly ugly, and even some amateur games, the audience more than 20 low-level errors, eventually lost to Xiao 3-5, missed the meet Sullivan. The defeat Ding Junhui, ranking in danger of falling out of the top 16, Ding after the game can only joke that his performance did not retain the top 16 hopes.

The year 2010

2010, Ding Junhui a sweep past three session China game of decline, even grams green, Selby, Elberton and Allen, career career 2nd times scored China game final, and in final Shang, although Ding Junhui still keep hot of feel, but helpless Mark-Williams show peak period of standard, eventually 6-10 defeated Xia array to, that session game Ding Junhui played 9 Rod broken hundred, refresh has single in China game Shang broken hundred up of records, this a records has didn’t people can was break.

The year 2011

2011 China, Ding Junhui started the first two round behind cases reverse Ma Fulin and Hendry, 5-2 out in his 24 birthdays, Stephen Lee, semi-finals Ding Junhui in the second half behind the case tenaciously Chase tied it at 3, but end lost 3 innings, missed the final, this is the first time Ding Junhui in the home defeat to Selby.

The year 2012

2012 China game, Ding Junhui created has two a first, first round Ding Junhui career career 1th times in 0-4 behind situation Xia reversed success, times round due to Selby neck injured was forced to back game, Ding Junhui first times in China game accept “not war and WINS” of gift, 1/4 final Ding Junhui 5-2 beat suffered injuries troubled of Carter, however semi-final face had of Fuxing Elberton, Ding Junhui half 3-1 leading situation Xia, was Elberton powerful of attack and slow speed batting rhythm defeated, even lost 5 Council missed final.

The year 2013

Ding Junhui won the week before the start of the PTC Finals Champion, also career-5th-147, however the Dragon did not bring good momentum to Beijing, face Buster Hawkins in the first round, half down, 0-4, Ding Junhui and even catch up with three, but 1 year ago u play not staged, 3-5, Ding Junhui ended the China game in March.

The year 2014

2014 China 128 were flat for the first time the game game, Ding Junhui won 4 tournament Championship before the war began, many fans expected him to turn in his hometown equalling Hendry’s single-season record 5 tournament champion and eventually Ding Junhui did not let the fans down. First round Ding Junhui with a field victory for himself 27 age birthday celebrates health, events organizing Committee and sponsors in game Hou deliberately Ding Junhui sent Shang has a Republika Connaught grams ball table shape of birthday cake, zhihou getting better Ding Junhui even grams Tower chaiya, Higgins, and mark-gold, and Deng en, third times scored China game final, final in the Ding Junhui performance outstanding, first half made 7-2 leading, eventually 10-5 beat Robertson, career career 2nd times holding up China game trophy.

The year 2015

2015 China game war Qian, Ding Junhui continuous more station ranking game suffered embarrassing of a round tour, but returned to Beijing Hou, Ding Junhui a sweep decline, Qian two round are to 5-1 score smooth promotion, worth a mention of is in 2nd round against Mark-Davis game in the, Ding Junhui admission Shi, all audience rose to, for Ding Junhui sing up has birthday song said blessing, Ding Junhui surface with smile one by one response. Ding Junhui continuously eliminated after Higgins and Mark Williams, but the semi-final against heimakailun-Wilson, Ding Junhui bitter 4-hour, final tiebreak succumbing to, Miss Selby and compete for the Championship.

The year 2016

Due to Qian half season performance too had bad, Ding Junhui ranking way fell, China game became has Ding Junhui keep live top16 Shun bit of help straw, however too heavy of race let Ding Junhui exhausted, eventually China Dragon in qualification game 1-5 lost to ranking 100 away of Lee-Walker, early end has China game of journey, this field defeat led to Ding Junhui fell out has Qian 16 ranks, zhihou World Championships was forced to suffered 3 round qualification game of test, and in game Hou, Ding Junhui blunt himself even dark day are points not clear, To enter the contest.

(Han Yue Tian)

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