Defense + far dings is eaten to death does not solve how rushed World Championship crown


Beijing time on March 31, 2017 over bottom half of World Snooker China Open final two 1/4, a people focus of most campaign, Ding Junhui underperforming, 1-5 lost to Karen Wilson, who will compete with world number one Mark Selby a final pass.

Since 2005 Beijing recovery held China game yilai, past 12 session game Ding Junhui made 2 Crown 1 Asia 4 times four strong of results, Beijing called Ding Junhui of paradise, while many fans also didn’t note to, Ding Junhui also keep has another a items impressive of records, he in China game 8 strong war in the keep 7 times victory of results, however this once Ding Junhui is didn’t can put this a records keep down, block he of is a after the hope of star. Wilson again once copy has two years Qian Shanghai game 8 strong eliminated Ding Junhui a scene, recently 2-3 years time in, a after the Republika Connaught grams began emerge, as Lisovschi, small white, maikejier, Mr bretscher,, this which Karen-Wilson is belongs to compared special a, although he not after the first a won ranking game champion and among Qian 16 of players, while he of ranking game champion number also not after the up of, but he currently world ranking is is after the camp in the highest of a, Because his game overall than many after the player.

Many fans say that Selby is the mill of wangaibodun descendants, but careful analysis, Karen Wilson is in fact most people like Elberton, Elberton while playing slow, defending an extraordinarily good, but his game is not conservative, every chance that he will not hesitate to choose the storm, even in the case of out of touch herself. Perhaps Elberton with practicing the past few years, Wilson almost Elberton all these features. This game against Ding Junhui, Wilson fully showed the ball on its own characteristics, far from God, and defensively outstanding, low-level errors are relatively few. And his tactics are used is quite reasonable.

Ding Junhui 2nd 76 break in play, Wilson did not directly admit defeat, but practicing to play some offense and defense, while winning that wants a small, but Wilson played against cutting the opponent’s fighting spirit and momentum. In Elberton and youthful, this scenario is very common.

Back whole field game, two people Ann global against in the, Ding Junhui hard in Wilson Shang war to any cheap, and in attack end, although II people are playing lost has some difficulty larger of scored, but in key of far Taiwan success rate Shang, Ding Junhui performance far than opponents, due to far Taiwan of inaccurate and defense against cannot accounted for have prevailed, natural Ding Junhui made started opportunities on than Wilson less, in limited times of started opportunities in the, Ding Junhui attack performance compared General, or go bit, fried ball appeared problem, Or the key difficulty is unable to play the ball into, thus 1-5 loss naturally reasonable.

The China match, Ding Junhui beat first three Automatics, but it cannot be denied that these opponents both in attack and defense can’t give Ding Junhui made any threats on, Ding Junhui won as easily as a stroll. In the match against Joyce, when opponents in attack levels when Ding some pressure, Ding played obviously some ups and downs, just because the opponent has some defects, Ding was able to pass.

To has 8 strong war, face a defense strength far strong Yu Joyce, while attack Shang to has Ding Junhui manufacturing more pressure of Wilson Shi, Ding Junhui play downs indefinite of problem completely ruined has he forward of road, actually into 2017 Hou, Ding Junhui in many game in the performance are exists such of problem, he of attack play downs too big, often trough of time than climax of time, two week Qian players Championship, many fans for Ding Junhui big reversed Greek gold Republika praise, however many people no note to, Ding Junhui in the 2/3 time that game similar to sleepwalking, just one last 1/3 time to find. Two weeks later, Ding Junhui will embark on World Championship journey, Ding Junhui cannot be changed in this ring, World Championships to the top is very difficult. (Han Yue Tian)

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