Company is one of the longest thick conrack poignant confessions of Lang Ping Ting Zhu


In Italy, the time is too short, silent company, size of thorough according to brush, to the Champions League to his disciples support of Ting Zhu, lang remembered the 2014 FIBA World Championship battle. Three years ago, she and the girls spent a memorable time in Italy, as a disciple of Ting Zhu once again.


Company is one of the longest love confession, along the way, mentoring support and accompany people moved in silence. Body in the rehabilitation period, led the Chinese women’s volleyball team training, Lang ping is still disciples came to Italy to help out, before the game she bless you with a bowl of China as a disciple, Ting Zhu with a victory back to mentor. The Champions League this spring, a small bowl of noodles, thick, teachers and students.


In order to meet this mentoring, master of love accompanied Cook fine home. To Ting Zhu hotel, I saw a table full of Chinese food, Cook, sister to the DIY side of Ting Zhu’s favorite, to master two snacks.

This reminded lang of Rio last year, champion road of tears laughing, she and the girls also in the southern hemisphere on Rio noodle love Chinese food. After the game, Ting Zhu wearing flag scene, more people feeling, like we’ve gone back to the exciting moment.


Five months ago, in Turkey, we witness Ting Zhu’s wajifu Bank beat yisaqibaxi, spent most of her life unforgettable 22 birthday. On that occasion, the same company, delicious Chinese food company.


California sunshine in Los Angeles three months ago, lang began his road to recovery after the operation, every day she took the master chef prepare meals to rehabilitation gym.

A porridge, is the most simple yet most long companionship. Every important moment of their life in their luggage, are hosting a love of Chinese enterprises.


So there is not common – transnational celebrates birthday, Cook on mission close company, tailored nutrition plan. Let people feel the sincerity of the master and detail.

Ting Zhu in Turkey in the refrigerator, and have a special nutritious diet. She loves to eat noodles, master from vapor to Ting Zhu domestic shipping for all tastes, to maintain the percentage of body fat, so she is every chef moves on the table her gastric feeding China. But Cook said sister, Ting Zhu’s new DIY love the master, chewy! In her mind, it is precisely such meticulous care, gave her strongest backing. Lift the Champions League trophy, win the MVP, the girl from her career a step closer to the Grand Slam. Behind all this, people feel the sense of a report from the Chinese company.

 ( 厨师姐姐每天照顾朱婷的一日三餐,保障营养均衡)

Italy before the Champions League semi-final, Lang Ping Ting Zhu’s training for war. “Muscle is stronger than before,” she noted that small changes in the student body. Volleyball is a lifelong undertaking, requires constant practice and maintain their fitness and honed technique, maintaining a healthy diet, dribs and drabs of accumulation and effort for soundless changes.

Accompanied by forward–along the way, teachers and students, the fans love and support domestic enterprise with, let them walk more steadily stronger. A season in 44 Games, Ting Zhu for his performance playing 50 minutes. In her opinion, although the high value of the Champions League, but she “wants to help the team win the Turkish League Championship. “Next month, Ting Zhu will return to competition at the National Games, the national team training camp underway, for their future, she said she will take on more things. “No matter what task team to me, will try, when I grow up, to take on more things,”

Win together, lose together carrying, convinced that Lang ping, Ting Zhu and volleyball the girls will always have the most solid backing.


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