Claudia VS luolinna UFC212 women’s grass-top-level showdown cards


Claudia-gaideha (Claudia Gadelha) VS luolinna-kewokeweiqi (Karolina Kowalkiewicz) finalized which will be held in Beijing on June 4 in baxiliyue UFC212 on. Two official rankings breakdown of women’s grass for the first 2, so this is a real duel.

Claudia-Mr Gadd, the current record is 14 WINS and 2 losses, including 2 KO,6 surrender to win. Her only two career defeats are lost to the incumbent UFC women’s grass champion Joanna-yedeerzexike (Joanna Jedrzejczyk), which in December 2014, the first world war was narrowly defeated after differences determine, in July last year of the first world war was a war of grass champion, by unanimous decision, failed to challenge her results. Claudia has a very good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai technique, but she had not concluded in a Octagon cage match. Her game was in November last year was to a unanimous decision win over UFC Figh Night 100 Courtney-Kathy (Cortney Casey).

Luolinna-card kewokeweiqi the current record of 10 wins and 1 losses, and 1 of them KO,2 to overcome to win. She also challenged women’s grass champion Joanna-yedeerzexike and took place last November in UFC205, but it failed, defeated by unanimous decision. Before this war, luolinna professional record with 10 WINS, she is 3 WINS in the Octagon cage to determine winning, one of the most prominent rival is now the official 4th of Ross-namayounasi (Rose Namajunas).

UFC212 will be held in Beijing on June 4 in the baxiliyue. Headline in the event the main event will be Jose Aldo (Jose Aldo) VS Max-Holloway (Max Holloway) featherweight title unification fight. (UFC tough, China)

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