Chinese table tennis men’s team coach 6-5 men table tennis coach Qin Zhijian only one competition


The morning of March 30, Guo ping coaches compete for Conference began, tellingly men and two coach no one candidate and first-team coaches compete for up to 6 people. Liu guoliang, Qin Zhi Jian competition for men, the competition Manager Team Manager, Kong Linghui competitive women’s team head coach.

Participation in the competition of men and a team of coaches: Xiaozhan, and Ma Junfeng, and Liu Heng, Wang Hao, MA Lin and Liu guozheng. Not only competition for men and a team coach Qin Zhijian, also compete for the coaches. Zhang jike head coach Xiaozhan also filled two competition table, while competition for men’s and women’s first-team coach. Liu guozheng and competition for men’s and women’s team coach. Olympic champion yansen competition for female coaches and team managers.


The competition for personnel structure as follows: head coach, 1 man and a coach 1, female coach 1, male coaches, 5 female coaches 5, men’s 1, the second coach, women’s second team coach 1, men’s second team coach 3, women’s second team coach 3. But today’s competition and there are no competition for men’s team head coach, currently head coach of the men’s team are Liu guozheng.

Four coaches of the men’s team currently are: Xiaozhan, and Qin Zhijian, and Ma Junfeng, and Liu Heng, Wu Jingping instructions on extended active duty as early as 2015 have is not in the list of coaches, but has remained in the team for the preparations for the Rio Olympics, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong head coach is Wu Jingping, and Ma Lin and Wang Hao from his door.

Remained fixed 5 of the men and a team of coaches, competition for men is 6, it also means that one of them will not be able to become man and a team coach.

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