Chinese Boxer think Sun glory lined with fist fighting a foreign enemy with belt

两名中国拳手林立拳(左)和孙想想(右)将迎战外国选手。   广州日报全媒体记者 施绍宗 摄

Guangzhou,, Dongguan March 15 (reporters and and Shi Shaozong)-Battle Hymn 2017WBS/PABA Pan Asia international professional boxing martial arts belt Championship press conference held on March 15 in Dongguan. The event scheduled to be held on April 15 at the sports center of Dongguan, Dongguan international gold belt boxing competition held for the first time. Qi, General Manager of sports development in Guangdong, according to Zhang Yingfeng introduction, this event is the company caters to the Dongguan city government sports policy to build the professional sports brand and its promotion of the development of sports industry specific placement of the project.

According to reports, a total of 7 couples participating in this event, a famous Chinese player Sun think (135 lb WBO intercontinental champion, IBF champion in China) and lined with a punch (130 lbs IBO/CBCU golden belt Championship) will be strong against the Philippines and Indonesia, respectively, over 130-pound WBS belt and 135 pounds PABA belt glory, two belt battle are 10 round boxing match.

20 lined with fist in the face of Indonesia’s 30 year old veteran ruiqi·manfu, who participated in the 57 professional Boxer, record of 26 WINS and 28 losses 3 draw, PABA is currently the Asia Pacific region ranked second. 25 think Sun will face the Philippines 28 abila, a veteran, who played 40 games, record of 15 WINS and 20 losses 5 draws and ranks second in the WBS of the organization. The two foreign fighters while the record is very general, but the last two years is to win more than he loses, think Sun and lined with boxing to defeat an opponent must go all out.

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