China’s Ding Junhui the rockets the game Terminator Salvation xijinsijin left hand pair


Beijing, March 30, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the 2017 World Snooker China open will go into the fourth day contest, the day will be all 8 games are the third-round match, Ding Junhui will face Sullivan terminator, Tian Pengfei, engaged games 1th seed Trump, the Chinese duo to top 8, and Higgins, Murphy, Selby, four Trump TOP8 players will debut one after another, to 8.

Shanghai masters last year, Ding Junhui and Sullivan in the 1/4 area, however due to the Sullivan accident out, Ding did not play the games, the China match in this scene again, o ‘ Sullivan decider defeat Ding Ao will fail again, but Ding Junhui to qualify many new career opportunities.

Joyce is nerve knife attack-type player, single lethal striking the ball, but a rough, situation under control more generally, Ding played in 2013 and Joyce had two Chinese dragons have won, two games with 8 victories, Ding Junhui, a total of 3 rods break hundreds, 4 60 +. This game Ding Junhui although suffered trademark storm, but mentality and State are keep have very good, and Joyce past two round are is through winning Council only breathtaking beat Patrick and Sullivan, but from game process view, Joyce also played has many attack good Council (2 Rod broken hundred, 4 Rod 50+), attack feel also quite good, if II people continued past of State, Joyce of relative rough of style will serious effect he of competitiveness, around game of eventually trend, which Ding Junhui win surface quite big.

And in 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Tian Pengfei will engaged defending champion Trump, II people previously has had 3 times played, 3 field game all playing to winning Council, Tian Pengfei 1 WINS 2 negative, small special this game state amazing, Qian two days total completed 5 Rod broken hundred, although in are game 2nd round against Sharaf game in the, Trump continuous scored performance different Qian two round, but he of Star also is keep has is high of standard, compared with, Tian Pengfei Qian two round attack performance far than small special, more relies on opponents too much of errors only won victory, Tian Pengfei had China’s best result was the game in 2010 and 2016, twice entered the top 16 if Tian Pengfei continued to be in the first two rounds of the handle, unless Trump suddenly lost sight, Tian Pengfei otherwise hard to refresh yourself in the Chinese tournament best.

Objective for, excluded China elements, Higgins and makeweilianmusi undoubtedly is 16 strong in the most with points of one game, 75 double male past 20 years in Republika Connaught grams football made remarkable of achievements, in Shang century 90 generation, Higgins in table Shang overall performance than Mark excellent, he is 753 Jay in the first achieved big slam Albert of players, II people first played is in 1994 Thailand master game Shang, although Williams winning Council edged Higgins, but thereafter 5 years time in, Wizards against mark in career game 9 game won 13 times. However into 21st century early, gold left skills gradually to mature, Higgins is because alcohol of practices, State has declined, suffered a time of low, II people in century Qian 11 years 25 times played in the, Williams made 13 wins 3 flat 9 negative results, and gold left also keep has nearly 8 years ranking game not lost Higgins of records, worth a problem of is, Williams career career by won of 3 times China game champion, its won journey in the are has Higgins of figure.

Two people recently 16 times played, wizards made has 12 WINS 4 negative almost overwhelming sex advantage, this season Williams although entries active, but decline has to avoid, ranking again once fell out has Qian 16 ranks, and wizards although past several station ranking game performance bad, but this times came to Beijing zhihou, Higgins in far Taiwan and go bit of feel obviously has has rebounded, from State Shang see, wizards obviously good gold left, win surface natural is greater than mark.

And Higgins as, world ranking first Selby a sweep past decline, Qian three surrendered continuous attack data completely not lost any a people (5 Rod broken hundred, 8 Rod 50+), this times engaged strength flat Higginson, Leicester clown is expected to continues to March, other 16 strong other against following: Wafi-maikelaode, Bingham-Karen-Wilson, Murphy-Michael-White, horse qui,-Wales. (Han Yue Tian)

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