China Ding Junhui birthday Eve fiasco 1-5 Wilson missed the top 4


Beijing time on March 31, 2017 1/4 snooker China Open final over, Ding Junhui in the final two games 1-5 by Karen Wilson, unfortunately halted the last eight. Ding Junhui will turn 30 years old birthday tomorrow, but unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to win give yourself a present. World number one Mark Selby 5-1 win over Stephen Maguire easily qualify with Wilson in the semi-final for the final.

Won calls highest of China players Ding Junhui in evening period appearances game, opponents is England 90 Hou new sharp Karen-Wilson, two people past played four times, Ding Junhui three wins a negative occupy prevailed, 2011 and 2012 of ET series game Shang two times met Ding Junhui keep victory, in 2015 Shanghai master game 1/4 final Shang Wilson 5-4 final Council beat Ding Junhui and way killed into final eventually won, this year of master game first round Ding Junhui 6-3 will Wilson eliminated out, This meet is two sides duel for the second time this year.

3月31日,2017年世界斯诺克中国公开赛将展开1/4决赛决赛的争夺,丁俊晖不敌威尔逊,塞尔比马奎尔强强对话。新浪体育 李欣/摄


Game in night 7:30 began, first Council Ding Junhui kickoff, several Rod defense Hou Ding Junhui will mother ball left in has Xia half Taiwan, Wilson precision of advance ball heap left fell single of red ball into top bags Hou started, single rod won 36 points Hou attempts to turned bags attack missed interrupted scored, Ding Junhui then decisive attack end of library red ball into end of bags started, get 12 points stepmother ball lost bit into defense, thereafter two people the into a star red ball but are didn’t can continued, a compete for Hou Ding Junhui made wrong will mother ball left in has Xia half Taiwan, Wilson playing into red ball in the bags started, The remaining three red balls made Wilson a 57-13 lead, then far away Wilson attack succeeded to 65-13 Super points wins the first game.

Second start in defense of thin red ball ball ball Wilson hit the red ball in the Middle, Ding Junhui on 76 minutes to complete over break in hand-played, Wilson scored 29 points with the last ball after defensive errors, Ding scored the red ball equalized. Third Council Wilson through quality defense forced opponents solutions ball foul have 4 points, then and caught opponents of Defense vulnerability through combination ball attack started get 18 points, but at a rod attack of serious errors will good situation make to has opponents hand Shang, Ding Junhui and no grasp live opportunities, only get 16 points on playing lost difficulty is unlikely to of in the bags red ball, Wilson took over Hou have 31 points into defense, in remaining several star red ball of compete for in the Wilson times started to 66-29 will score rewrite into 2-1.

IV Council defense war in the a star red ball stopped in has top bags near, Defense difficulty increases, Wilson select mother ball sink defense Hou Ding Junhui adventure advance high difficulty red ball top bags, get 7 points Hou thin end of library near black ball but black ball stopped in has bags mouth, Wilson took over get 33 points Hou playing black ball appeared simple errors, Ding Junhui only have 8 points on playing lost red ball will ball right make back, Wilson again started played single rod 55 points will score expanded to 3-1. Fifth inning even attacking Wilson after the changeover break with keeping thin bags but the object ball stops at the end of red ball out of his pocket, Ding Junhui push into defense after the red ball to start with 59 points, Wilson patiently looking for fighters, three times got to 66-59 single board reversed, 4-1 got the game winner.

Sixth inning after Ding Junhui thin in the library near the red ball to start at the end of only 6 points, rounds the defensive war Ding Junhui won the thin offensive opportunities, but Ding Junhui, had him slightly thick the object ball in the bag, Wilson subsequently through a combination of long ball overhand 84 break in direct win, score fixed in 5-1, Ding was eliminated out of regret.

While another 1/4 finals against Maguire by Selby, whole game Maguire slump, did not play a single win, mark Maguire pulled one back after three straight WINS in the first half inning to a 3-1, Selby after the changeover break 70+ in two straight winning score in 5-1, easily qualified for the semifinals. (Drag the shadow)

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