CCTV: Ding Junhui won in the first-phase defence and on the attitude to the opportunities


Beijing time on April 28, 2017 World Snooker Championship semi-final in today’s fight. Ding Junhui Selby in the first phase of a 5:3 lead. CCTV host Jiang Yi and commentary Pang Weiguo wonderful reviews of this game.

Pang Weiguo Ding Junhui at the opening to win must be: at least not lag behind, he hopes, “Ding used his spear to Pierce his opponent tenacious defense”, while Ding Junhui managed to do that.

Game start, commentary and commentators have praised first Selby’s recent State of the world, he feels really good, “really good, Selby to Yes, so at every opportunity. For several years is sitting on the throne in the world rankings. “” Used to be called saierbimowang, now is the “demon king” of magic, Selby has the ball is too hard, “said Pang Weiguo.

But first, Selby first won and then lost, Ding Junhui in the down, 0-45 cases realized reversed, “up to a reversal, a good start. “The third set, Ding Junhui again came from behind in a backward,” councils were reversed, on the opportunity. “Jiang Yi said.

Four, both sides took the two municipal councils. “The first four games against each other, offense has not been a sign of weakness, and very confident about Ding Junhui is on offense. This semi-final win. ”

5th, Ding Junhui in the last games accidentally hit the white ball, explaining shouted, “should not”, for this mistake for Ding Junhui was sent to four minutes, he had no choice but to smile. But this did not affect the mood of Ding Junhui.

In subsequent games, Ding Junhui gradually mastered the initiative, he finally took the lead with 5:3. “Win, win on defense in mind. “Pang Weiguo Ding Junhui was leading the first-phase of the key.


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