World Championships Ding Junhui 13-10 Sullivan semi-final against Selby


On April 26, Beijing time, 2017 World Snooker Championship final 1/4 continues, Chinese Dragon Ding Junhui beat five-times world champion Ronnie o ‘ Sullivan 13-10 to break into the top four, in the semifinals and defending champion Mark Selby for the event final, Ding Junhui lost to Selby in the final last World Championship runner-up.

Concern Sullivan and Ding Junhui’s afternoon in Sheffield in the final stages of the race, the first two stages both into 10-6, Ding played well leading four. This stage game in Beijing time night 9:30 began, 17th Council Sullivan kickoff, two staff are somewhat tight, Sullivan made 41-10 leading again attack errors, Ding Junhui have 35 points Hou with last of red ball do Republika Connaught grams, Sullivan two times errors Hou third times solutions to red ball thin side, several round entanglement Hou Sullivan made Republika Connaught grams, Ding Junhui solutions ball also sent has 4 points, continues to competition defense of process in the Austrian Sullivan times made Republika Connaught grams, Ding Junhui solutions ball leak opportunities, Aoshaliwenqing color to pink up the score 7-10.

18th start floundering Ding Junhui, a defensive error left far from straight, Sullivan 97 break in decisive attack to start playing again after a Council scores to 8-10. 19th Council Sullivan kickoff power slightly big, Ding Junhui hand frame comfortable even attack with keep scored red ball end of bags started, got 11 time-sharing playing blue ball k ball heap slightly explicit impatient, continues to attack red ball appeared errors, Sullivan then of a rod defense left in the bags red ball attack opportunities, Ding Junhui again started get 16 points into defense, Sullivan defense again leak ball, Ding Junhui single rod 69 points will score rewrite into 11-8.

20th Council Sullivan long Taiwan advance red ball end of bags directly out of black ball bit into Council, repeatedly around black ball attack playing has 12 set black combination Hou playing has once powder ball, then continues to playing black ball until last clear Taiwan, has once played single rod 146 points, will score Chase into 9-11 of while will Selby just created of 143 of high points dumped in has behind, highest points return to has himself name.

Council between rest Hou into to 21st Council, Ding Junhui a rod attack errors Hou Oxaliplatin far Taiwan playing into red ball but mother ball fell bit embarrassing cannot continues to attack, several Rod standoff Hou Ding Junhui luck ball made Republika Connaught grams, Sullivan tied Rod rescue leak ball, but ball type bad, Ding Junhui playing into a red a green Hou into defense, long time Defense saw Hou Sullivan attempts to far Taiwan attack missed sent gift, Ding Junhui single rod 87 points will score with to 12-9, got has this field game of match point. 22nd start Sullivan defensive line deviation of the cue ball in the run stopped on his way back to the top hit the red ball in the Middle, Ding Junhui thin 63 break in angles bag red ball to start at the end of break, Sullivan took over the bar after 73 separate saving match points, a score of 10-12.

23rd Sullivan red ball defended into the bottom pocket, Ding Junhui far offensive started getting errors after 16 minutes into defense, Ding Junhui, snooker defensive formation after a short struggle, O ‘ Sullivan solution ball missed opportunities, 117 in Ding started playing again distinguish, score fixed in 13-10, Ding Junhui win into the semi-finals. (Drag the shadow)

To kneel! o ‘ Sullivan and 146 in play did this deliberately


Beijing time on April 26, 2017 one-fourth snooker World Championship final, o ‘ Sullivan in the clash against Ding Junhui, o ‘ Sullivan in the 20th inning nearly hit out of 147, as one problem and eventually gains a 146 … …

13 out of 25 sets of competition is divided into three stages, the first two phases of Ding Junhui a whole State better, 10-6. Sullivan gradually pulled out of the run-off stage last stand, 4 innings before scoring 3, will lead to 9-11, in the 20th with 146 points.

This Council with Oxaliplatin Rodman on incoming, countertop support 147 balls, o ‘ Sullivan attack around the black ball. Television is also an early start into the 147 scoring mode, but the rockets successfully cleaned up after 12 red, 12 black balls, a transition appears. Facing a very easy bag in red ball, plus Oxaliplatin in text can be called low bar to black ball left, but from the strength of his batting, seems to want to be called to black balls right in order to more easily complete 147.


Is this problem, the cue ball almost directly above the black ball! Can no longer attack the black ball, and he can only choose bags in pink, here it is missing 1, Sullivan finally clear, 146 points. Ding Junhui has been sitting on the sidelines is very complex.

CCTV explains joked: “think about playing or not playing at all? Teasing the audience. Are deliberately not playing, totally don’t care about 147. Maybe his heart also had this idea, not champion is a 147, so I gave up. “In addition, Xu Xin Jian also said a detail:” Sullivan signed Snooker Academy as a child when wrote his name behind a 146, this is the trailer for it? ”

The Welsh Open last year, Sullivan has obviously given up 147 “previous conviction” because too few bonuses. But this time, do you mean? Sullivan this is 146 minutes highest break in this Championship so far.

Tsu present 147 bonus system is that each tournament a total of 5000 pounds, and no play then rolled into the next station, due to the China open saitelumupu hit a 147, the World Championship out of 147 bonus only for £ 5000. Even if the highest break in with £ 10,000, 147 maximum yields of only 15,000 pounds.


Morning guyifanzanzhangjun CHAN: he has something new to us


Beijing time on April 26, 2017 badminton Asian Championships in Wuhan, started the race on the first day race contender. As Chinese badminton team is now the new coaching staff has not officially released, so coach today for advice in the various games and the focus of journalists to observe. It is worth mentioning that, Zhang for advice with Pan Li Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan game, men’s singles, Xia Xuanze was guiding the game, Chen did not appear on the Court today.

Today’s game a lot, always from 10 o’clock in the morning till 10 o’clock in the evening, the coach’s task is heavy, too. Like Zhang, he stops time is very limited, not just stare at men’s doubles, mixed doubles, and also at the women’s doubles. The game evening and night games start later than expected, evening performances, the audience sat in sparsely populated, has not finished the game on the field.

Zhang Chen Qiqiu and Huang Kaixiang/Wang Yilv in court 3rd clinical guidance game, after starting 1th place Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui, Zhang was also changed to 1th site for advice. Huang Kaixiang/Wang Yilv after the game, Chen Qiqiu at 1th venue for advice. At this point, the 3rd ground Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan was the start of the game, so, Zhang went to 3rd place, and Pan Li for advice. The author observed, rest in the middlegame phase, Zhang and Pan Li to the players, to speak first is Zhang, he used language combined with the action, very vivid image, Chen and Jia Yifan has also been nodding his head in the morning.

After the match, Zhang for advice, Chen said in the morning: “there are new ideas. Some innovations, he dared to take the ball, combined with previous coaches tell us something. “Jia Yifan says:” he directs extremely well, the new coach will have a fresh sense, there will be some new things to tell us, and he’s younger, a better understanding of changes in our attitude on the pitch. ”

Men’s singles field, lindane, chenlong, Tian Houwei and Shi Yuqi all beat their respective rivals and qualify for the next round. Most of their games by Xia Xuanze and Chen Yu for advice. Women’s singles, the writer did not see Chen appeared in Court today.

(Dong Zhengxiang from Wuhan)

Asian Championship-Lee Shi Yuqi easy feather doubles all promotions


Beijing, April 26, 2017 badminton Asian Championships in Wuhan, the end of the first round competition, Lee and Shi Yuqi WINS into the second round with ease. China entry combines three doubles events are all on clearance.

Lee and Shi Yuqi successfully ran through the first round of the men’s singles. As the number one seed Lee Chong Wei after a 41-minute contest with a 2:0 (21:19, 21:11) Japan Sakai will be. Shi Yuqi successfully suppressed trailers play in Hong Kong, he 21:17, 21:11 even under both won. Sun Wanhu, Zhou Tiancheng, Wu Jialang and other seeded players into the second round of lindane second round encounter of changshan in Japan too, chenlong against Japan’s Ueda Takuma, feitepulada Shi Yuqi opponent is Thailand.

Men’s doubles first round team have two pair successfully recruit. 3rd-seeded Chai Biao/Hong Wei 2:1 (21:15, 17:21, 21:17) Ke Zhancong defeated Hong Kong/Deng Junwen. Huang Kaixiang/Wang Yilv to 21:16, 21:17 out another pair of Hong Kong won two Council portfolio He Weilun/Tan Chunxi. In the men’s doubles competition, Miss Koon Wai-Chee Sheng/Chen Weiqiang, jiacunjianshi/Hiroyuki Sonoda, enlightenment and other seeded players all through it. In the second round, against Malaysia Luo Quan-Sheng Li Junhui/Liu yuchen/Zhang Yuyu, Fu Haifeng/zhangnan opponent is Chinese Taipei’s Lu Jingyao/Yang Bohan, Huang Kaixiang/Wang Yilv strong will face Ng Wei sheng/Chen Wei.

Chinese women’s doubles two combination clearance. 4th-seeded Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan took 49 minutes to 2:0 (21:18, 21:14) beat Japan youji/Kwong Tin flowers, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan Malaysia open defeat to rival revenge. Huang Dongping/Li Yinhui firmly in control of the situation in the field, and their 21:9, 21:16 Zou Meijun/Li Mingyan straight sets win over Malaysia. In other first-round matches, Shimizu Saki/Gao Qiaoli pine beauty China, Shen Sheng Zheng Jingyin/Zan and other seeded players easily qualify. Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan Pan Leen will play Hong Kong in the second round/Xie Ying Xue.

China has two mixed doubles combination in the second round. 3rd-seeded Lu Kai-Huang Yaqiong as 2:0 (21:13, 21:9) beat Singapore’s Xu Yongkai/Chen Wei Han, 7th seed Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui in the second game and encountered strong challenges to Vietnamese opponent Du Junde/Fan Rutao, Vietnam combined 20:17 first get Board, Daniel Zhang/Li Yinhui comeback even 5 success reversed, with a 2:0 (21:7, 22:20) won.

Mixed doubles second round, Zheng thought/against Hong Kong of China Deng Junwen Chen Qingchen/Xie Ying Xue, Wang Yilv/Huang Dongping against Chinese Taipei’s Lin Jiayou/Wu 玓rong, Lu Kai/against dannibawa in Singapore/Wang Jiaying Huang Yaqiong, Daniel Zhang/Li Yinhui encountered Izarra/amitela in Thailand.


CCTV: Sullivan was no longer the top Ding Junhui finished heart break


Beijing time on April 26, 2017 World Snooker Championship final 1/4 continued. Although Sullivan played the highest break of the championship so far 146, also played 3-1 small climax before the break, but Ding Junhui was still with a steady mood and play 13-10 to win promotion. CCTV commentator Bernard Chow and interpretive guests Xu Xin Jian wonderful reviews of this game.

Before the relay began, Xu Xin alive reviews o ‘ Sullivan’s problems, said: “the last one or two seasons, Sullivan was not stable, mainly because of his enthusiasm for the game never really lit up. Feeling he’d really like to win the game, but it is rational to treat, but not easy to find excitement from the heart. A few years ago, and his whole frame of mind coming back, but now I feel people here. If he were at some stage cannot mobilize the enthusiasm of his words, would be in low tide. ”

However, the game, Sullivan, showed a better State, even 2, leveled the score 8-10. In response, Xu Xin Jian, said: “o ‘ Sullivan’s game opponents how to play is not important, it is mainly look at himself. “19th inning,” rocket “started to tour again, dribble in place give opportunities, Ding Junhui a 69 points won the game.

The 20th, Sullivan suddenly broke out, the highest single rod with 146 points. When he started, Bernard Chow said: “his red ball very hard, and very accurate. This game time, have to fight. ”

Very quickly the first 4 games, both shot by Shi Xiaohui was 21 seconds on average, but Sullivan only 16 seconds. But midfielder back in the 5th, the two sides began a defensive war. Xu Xinjian said, “a 15-minute break came back, this accuracy is poor a little. Now can feel that Sullivan focus is still very high, this effort up. And Ding Junhui now has 2 advantages, so it is not worried. “As a result, play an unstable” rocket “defensive errors and send gifts in a row, 12-9, Xiao Hui holds 3 match points.

In response, Xu Xin Jian said: “Ding sound is there, from the inside out. Sullivan was very hard, but feel that he is not God, warm time is not long. His white balls in the second stage the defensive problems, his focus is not on the 100% used in the table. ”

The 22nd inning, already winner of the Ding Junhui in the 63-0 k bad balls, then hit the red balls into the left a chance, and Sullivan seized the opportunity of a rod clearance, 10-12. Xu Xin and health worries: “this is Sullivan now, may have an impact on Ding’s mental. ”

But from the 23rd performance, Xiao hui has not been affected. In this regard, Bernard Chow said: “this board inside is also a challenge for him. Spell hit this State is psychological. “Xu Xin Jian also agreed:” this time is the need to balance, and didn’t get a chance to try. In the simplest manner, ensuring continuous goal line. “Playing 117 in steady Ding eventually won the whole competition.

Summary and Outlook, Xu Xinjian said: “in fact, Sullivan lost, I feel very awkward. Overall, he does not like the previous two-year peak, hope he can put the peak or the passion back. The next game against Selby is an uphill battle. Mark is really kind of invincible State, stability and terrible. Ding Junhui, he definitely is a tough nut to crack, need to come up with 100% of energy and effort, but also looks forward to each other will have some flaws, some overall match would be very difficult. “Bernard Chow said:” Ding Junhui is not easy, and finally in the tournament after 11 years, he also won the 1, which is beyond, the heart of a breakthrough. ”


Jiang chuan Yu 垚chen led the Chinese men’s volleyball top ten newcomer Wu Sheng in the column


China announced the new men’s volleyball Squad, Jiangchuan, and Miao Ruantong, Yu 垚chen, Gu Jiafeng, and Liu Libin, Zhang Binglong etc new WINS. Jiangchuan, Miao Ruantong, Liu Libin physical condition is excellent, and is expected to be the backbone of the Chinese men’s volleyball team the next few years, other rookies had hoped that through the competition, stay in the national team.


Takes from the Beijing team, 23 years old, standing 1.97 meters. Last year was selected as the second team and took part in the Asian Cup, almost show China’s scoring champion, showed a strong attack, selected the best squad. Play well in the just-concluded Premier League and won the League most valuable player award. He bounces high, explosive, faster and will be able to strengthen the attack of Chinese men’s volleyball team takes this position. Jump serve was threatened, but slightly more errors.

Liu Libin

Mostly from the Beijing team, 22 years old, height of 1.95 meters. National team and participated in the Asian Cup last year, is the team’s second-leading scorer, was selected the best squad. He was also the 2015 U21 coming third World Youth Championship main main, young in the main level in the country is quite prominent. He bounces better, both before and after making threats of more attacks. But less offensive power, the back of the defense and pass is not stable enough, the comprehensiveness of the need to further improve the technology.

Miao Ruantong

Team Middle Blocker from Hubei, 22 years old, standing 2.06 meters, touching as high as 3.60 meters. Last year, he was selected the national team and participated in the second Asian Cup, in blocking links to an excellent play. In the just-completed block top-ranked second in the League. He has the advantage of bouncing well, blocking ability. But on offense have not shown a lot of strength, untapped potential.

Yu 垚chen

Setter from the Jiangsu team, 22 years old, height of 1.95 meters. As a setter, he touched reached 3.55 meters high, blocking high high on the Internet. He is China’s youth team won the 2015 U21 World Youth Championship third place starting setter, passing basic skills are better. But passing the stability, strength and speed needs to be strengthened.


Fang Haoyu

Mostly from the Jiangsu team, 28 years old, standing 1.98 meters. He was selected for the national team for the first time. Used to play Middle blocker, this season to play main attack, attack and jump is quite strong, but mostly because it is a middle blocker instead, the capacity is slightly lacking in the back.

Zhang Binglong

Mostly from the Beijing team, 23 years old, standing 1.98 meters. In 2015, WINS U23 national team and participated in the U23 Youth Championship that year. His offensive power is adequate, attack strength, but relatively weak back pass and defensive, slightly more errors.

Gu Jiafeng

Middle Blocker from the Beijing team, 21 years old, height of 1.99 meters, is the national team for the first time. He dare dares to spell in the League, whether attacking or blocking them lies the strong impact. However, due to the League for the first time, blocks the lacks of experience. With the national team than several other Middle blocker, slightly shorter in height.

Karagawa airlines

From bayi team cohesion, 22 years old, height 2.00 m. Last year selected the II Corps and participated in the Asian Cup. He did well in the League, is the leading scorer of the bayi rockets. Offensive skill, dare dares to spell in the game, the more momentum. As swift, he floated the ball, offensive to some.

Wu Hao

Takes from the Zhejiang team, 24 years old, standing 1.97 meters. Join the national team for the first time. He is an exciting player, uplifting foot, dare to dare to fight in the game, is a team’s leading scorer. But play is not stable enough.

Chen Jiajie

Free people from Guangdong, 22 years old this year. Last year selected the II Corps and participated in the Asian Cup, his defensive moves faster, but not stable.

(Winter season)

Crucible is snooker against Holy ashes fans moving to China


Weiershirenlei-Reardon snooker is the 70 ‘s of the last century master of the sport. Although he was only 1 of 6 times world champion was obtained at the Crucible, but he knows a lot about this in the steel city center of the old and famous Crucible theatre.

But something was bothering him. “Every year is the same person! Not only that, but they sat in the same seat every year! Can you believe it? Book 1 week vacation in the Crucible? ”

Reardon said these were from Britain and big fan of snooker the World Championships all over the world – every year, these men and women gathered in this pilgrimage.

One of the regulars called Brian Wright, he always wears a t-ball in Coventry. 5 years ago, he even proposed to his girlfriend success here.

Another is retired IT expert David Jackson, he will travel between 21000 miles a year (about 33796km) comes from Sydney to watch. “Like Sheffield and Sydney. “David said,” comfortable and safe here, there are young people. I will come back every year and always have a little changed. I always want to ‘ Wow ‘! Some people come back year after year, but I think I’m the farthest journey of that. ”

Trip to Sheffield, was his 22nd of the year–starting in 1996, he would come every year, and in 1992 he also visited 1 times-he has no regrets. “Every time, when at the end of games to 11 o’clock at night, I went to the peace gardens bus station, it was dark and cold and rain, I would think: I want to go home. “He smiled and said,” but on the 2nd day, I’m excited for the snooker again. ”

David is traveling to Europe where discovered by accident when the snooker, but some die-hard fans are into the Crucible from the young blood, for example, John-Aire.

“I came here to see the ball for the first time in 1981, so I’ve been here for 36 years. If you watch the video, you will find that some of the scenes will keep the bowl in hijab, dress, pants Kids jump up and down. ”

“In the past for a long time, maybe 30 or 40 people have always come here to see the ball. Snooker as you build relationships with their common bond. ”


These fans are a rich part of the history of crucible. If the World Championships moved to other places, it will lose that history–such as moving to China. The 3 in front of opposed-even though China is near David’s home closer. John adds: “in a Snooker venue acoustics is a neglected things in. At the Crucible match, it’s like playing in the family’s living room. ”

“In 17 days, I might look at more than 50 games, but this morning’s game is a bit tricky. I must get there at 10 o’clock in the morning, sleeping in the front row looks good. ”

There is a group of snooker fans and autograph hunters gathered around the outside of the Crucible, hoping to catch a glimpse of the world’s top players.

Have arrived at the crucible to Cyrillic-Malta 11 years said: “I love to watch snooker on television, and in Sheffield during the game, I come to the site every day. “He said every year,” getting better “, he has seen a lot of players.

Local resident Carol Nicholson and her son are all snooker fans. Since the World Championships moved to here, every time she came, she was often her son to photograph and signature from the players. After the defeat, the player may go home, so I want to get an autograph, she would “be here when appropriate.” Last year, she managed to see her favourite Mark Selby, and this year she wants to Trump and Higgins.


Track and field Grand Prix four Xie Wenjun, China Asia’s first defeat of the tournament for eight years


Beijing time April 24 late, 2017 Asia track and field Grand Prix first station in Zhejiang Jinhua end, China players altogether won four Crown, which MI Hong to 10 seconds 37 get men 100 meters champion, Dong Bin get men three level long jump champion, Wang chunyu get woman 800 meters champion, Feng Bin get woman discus champion, Xie Wenjun in men 110 meters bar game in the get runner-up, end has he Asia level events eight years not defeated records. Race 27th in jiaxing.

MI Hong, Hunan player in the last leg of the national athletics Grand Prix, 10 second hundred meters title 29 of the personal best, are in good form. The Asian Grand Prix in Jinhua, MI Hong to face foreign rivals are mainly from South-East Asia and South Asia, General strength, MI Hong based on individual play, 37, with 10 seconds to win the title, it was his first international competition. 43 wadakankananqi with 10 second runner-up Sri Lanka players, Chinese players Xu Haiyang 10 48 seconds in third.

Men’s triple jump, about the events at the Olympics bronze medalist Dong Bin and fourth place winners compete Cao Shuo, Dong Bin fitter, both jumped out of the 16.68-meter, and finally he just won the Championship, runner-up Cao Shuo 16.14-meter. Wang chunyu, 2 minutes 03 seconds 25 won the women’s 800 meters champion, breath improved her previous best result this year by nearly five seconds, but away from reaching the World Championship in 2 minutes 01 seconds 00 line more than two seconds. Women’s discus throw is focused on the showdown between China’s Feng Bin and Lu Xiaoxin, Feng Bin site title with a final throw of 61.66-meter, Lu Xiaoxin 57.29-meter runner-up.

Men’s 110 meters hurdles only four contestants, Kuwait names aermandier or false start fouls, only three other than drive. Another Kuwait player aeryouha won the Championship 13 55 seconds, personal best, Xie Wenjun difficulty a small amount of games in this competition, with only 13 59 seconds was runner-up. Xie Wenjun defeats in the last category in the Asian region, Kunshan, also in 2009, Asian Athletics Grand Prix was runner-up in the race, but he was lost or is Shi dongpeng. Since then, including the Incheon Asian Games, Asian Championships in Wuhan, Japan-Korea match in such Asian level competitions, Xie Wenjun won all return. This is Xie Wenjun Asia’s first defeat of the tournament in eight years. Asian events referred to here, and does not include the diamond League meet in Shanghai, challenge Beijing and Kawasaki station, Beijing World Championships across continents, such international events.

Other project of men champion results following: Kuwait of Kalam to 47 seconds 19 get men 400 meters champion; Sri Lanka of for degrees Neil to 1 points 50 seconds 69 get men 800 meters champion ‘ China Taipei players Zheng Zhaocun to 84.72-meter of excellent results get men Javelin champion, Zheng Zhaocun this month early just throwing out 84.77-meter of personal history best results; Iran players Samarrie to 18.9-meter get men shot champion; Syrian of Khazar to 2.27-meter get men high jump champion,

Women’s Championship: Kazakhstan players shabujinna to 11 44 seconds women’s 100 meters champion; Zheng Huilin 13 22 seconds in South Korea won the women’s 100-meter hurdles champion Guo Zhen LAN of Vietnam with 53 seconds 15 won the women’s 400 meters champion Vietnam Pei Qiucao 6.58-meter won the women’s long jump title; India Kaul, 18.86-meter won the women’s shot put champion dusuonuowa 1.84-meter of Uzbekistan won the women’s high jump champion Indonesia and Kazakhstan respectively male and female 4 x 100 metres Championship.


Are graphics and text play snooker World Championships finals Ding Junhui VS Sullivan 1/4


25th, at 17 o’clock, Ding Junhui and Sullivan will meet in the snooker World Championships final 1/4, both sides to the first phase of the competition will be held at 17 o’clock tomorrow at 2 o’clock in the morning for the second phase, 26th 21:30 embarked on the third stage of the contest. The game is divided into three phases, with 13 out of 25 sets of rules. SINA sports live game graphics and text.


Woes in the first two rounds to win the China Derby, Dragon has eliminated Zhou Yue, Liang wenbo, Ding, nearly 7 times in the play the Crucible is already the 5th time burst into to the World Championships in the quarter-finals stage, but he last round after saving match points to 13-12 score reverse victory to qualify. Sullivan was relatively easily eliminated 13-7 Sean Murphy 1/4 18th into the career World Championship finals.

Eight war would be Ding Junhui and Sullivan’s 17th against the “rocket” won 10 games, and Xiao Hui won only 3 games, remaining 3 draw two of them ended in a draw. It is worth mentioning that, ten years ago, Ding Junhui in the world championship race stage debut is to meet with Sullivan, when Xiao Hui is lop-sided score with 2-10 Finish.

In this game, bookmakers give odds, Sullivan WINS sparring was 2/5, up from 15/8 Ding Junhui. 8 o ‘ Sullivan’s leading odds for the first stage of 10/11, Ding Junhui is 3/1.

Ding Junhui vs Sullivan schedule (in three phases), 13 out of 25 sets

April 25 17:00 Ronnie O’sullivan VS Ding Junhui

April 26 02:00 Ronnie O’sullivan VS Ding Junhui

April 26 21:30 Ronnie O’sullivan VS Ding Junhui


Coach Shi Hairong Rio cycle only holdover is a learning opportunity


Yesterday, the new issue of Chinese men’s volleyball team camp announced, coach candidates to become the largest bright spot, Argentina laoer·luosanuo as history of Chinese men’s volleyball team’s first foreign coach.

Besides Losano and his aides, as well as a physical trainer, there are 4 in the Chinese men’s volleyball team coach coaches of the Chinese side, they assumed the task of helping Losano, on the other hand, also bear the burden of experience of teacher learning to. 4 the Chinese coach, Shi Hairong from Jiangsu, is the only participated in the Rio Olympic cycle coaches coach.

Marshal 5 eventually selected candidate Losano

Chinese men’s volleyball team employed teach messages came in February this year. New volleyball Management Center director Li quanqiang visits to the United States due to injury of Lang ping, Lang ping Twitter recorded this, Twitter dispensing a picture leaked away, picture, Li quanqiang sat at the table and what records, Li quanqiang hand on the table, there is a programme of the Chinese men’s volleyball team to hire foreign teachers.

Later, Li quanqiang also confirmed the incident, he said, the Chinese men’s Volleyball “unprecedented” foreign teachers focusing mainly on two aspects. Is to allow foreign teachers with new ideas, helping the team in a few years to break through bottlenecks, impact Asia top; second, hopes that teachers will promote local coaches to improve coaching skills, change the backwardness of China men’s volleyball team coach there, coaching philosophy.

It is understood that in determining the appointment after foreign ideas, pipe Center formed by Shen Fulin, Zhu Ling, the old coach, old team, consisting of experts selected handsome group of experts at the end of March overseas candidates. They visited 3 European countries within 9 days, initially selected 5 candidates. , And further narrow the scope into Argentine laoer·luosanuo and before the Italian men’s volleyball team head coach annasitaxi PK.

Two PK, despite Italy’s Anna Stacy is so famous, and has led the Italian men’s volleyball team won the world men’s volleyball league champion and the World Cup, the Olympic Games the top three, but the Group eventually chose to lead more experienced Argentines.

4 national teams

Losano had claimed the World Championships runner-up

Losano was born in 1956, is 61 years old. He was a setter of the Argentine national team, but his achievements in volleyball is coached after the. He has held four national team head coach: during the period of 1994-1997 and 1999-2000, he served as Spain’s national coach, led Spain Nineth place in the Sydney Olympics; 2005-2008, he served as the Polish men’s volleyball coach, led Poland to the 2006 World Championships runner-up and Beijing Olympics fifth; 2009-2011, he served as the German men’s volleyball team head coach, led the German team to the 2009 European men’s League champion, 2010 FIBA World Championship eighth in 2016, Losano served as Iran’s men’s volleyball coach, not only led the Iranian team’s first foray into the Olympics also finished fifth at the Rio games well.

Losano’s CV is not difficult to see, he has been active in the world men’s line, with Poland and Germany is the world’s top teams; Meanwhile, Losano has led the Asian team experience, men’s volleyball team of Iran into the Rio Olympics and achieved success, and Losano is closely related. Losano rich coaching experience and leading the Asian team experience, made him stand out in the competition with Anna Stacy, became the first Chinese men’s volleyball team teachers.

In any case, Losano coming trough in the Chinese men’s volleyball team will bring new weather, will bring more attention to the Chinese men’s volleyball team.

China coach team of 4 young coach

Jiangsu Shi Hairong only holdover coach

In the list in the new men’s volleyball coach, foreign coaches 3, Losano bring an Assistant and a fitness coach. In addition there are 4 Chinese coaches, namely Shanghai men’s volleyball team coach Shen Qiong, Fujian men’s volleyball coach Teng Maomin, Jiangsu women’s volleyball coach Shi Hairong and Chiang Kit from Tianjin, Jiang Jie is a translation and coach.

The top 4 coach of the Chinese side, generally young, age of around 40 years old, young. Pipe Center’s purpose is clear, on the one hand, they assumed the task of helping Losano, on the other hand, also bear the burden of experience of teacher learning to.

4 the Chinese coach, Shi Hairong from Jiangsu, is the only participated in the Rio Olympic cycle coaches coach. Pipe Center selected Shi Hairong, partly because he is young, energetic, honest, hard working, earnest and, on the other hand, Shi Hairong at the Rio Olympic cycle, once helped coach Xie Guochen, the team participated in the three competitions, comparative understanding of volleyball, whose continued service, help the team’s cohesion, help new coaches familiar with the situation as soon as possible.

Last night, when reporters contact Shi Hairong, he was packing.

“I am today received formal notification will report to Beijing tomorrow, so get settled at home. “Shi Hairong said:” national team to pick me and my trust. Arrival of foreign teachers, for me, is also a good learning opportunity, I will do my best to do my job. ”

In addition to Shi Hairong, Zhang Chen, Jiangsu, Yu 垚chen, Fang Haoyu three players also made the roster.

Yangtse evening post reporter Yin Xiaoping