Sullivan denied bonuses less intentionally hit 146: want to play black ball does not hit the


Beijing time on April 26, the end of the 2017 World Snooker Championship final 1/4, Ding Junhui beat Sullivan 13-10 to break into the top four. The game, Sullivan in the 20th with a 146 aroused a lot of controversy, so that people would think he was deliberately, and deny it to the rocket.

Sullivan’s 146 was the snooker world championship history on the third shot, he played the score took 6 minutes and 15 seconds, it is said that Sullivan was doing too little as repulsed by 147 points bonus. Because according to international solidarity Union 147 bonus system, this year’s World Championships, the single highest break prize is £ 10,000, making 147 minutes for £ 5000. In other words, Sullivan played 147 minutes, collecting £ 15,000. If 146 minutes, he had much of a chance of winning £ 10,000.

However, for small bonus speculation, Sullivan rejected, he said: “I want to play the black ball, but did not play, I don’t want to take these things too seriously. “He also said,” I’d like to entertain, I want to enjoy my game, in a very stressful environment, I want to make it (the tense environment) more interesting. “In fact, Sullivan really relaxed during the match, from his” hyperbole “smile can be seen.

The Wales open before, o ‘ Sullivan see the full score bonuses low incompatible with 147 worth deliberately abandoned, this matter has become one hot focus, and was criticized by Barry Hearn. When it comes to tonight’s 146 minutes, snooker Supremo Hearn had to say: “it was his personal choice, he can do whatever you like. “(New)

Men’s foreign coach for 4 years and 4 major tasks to be eligible for Olympic entries


Southern daily news (reporter/Jin Zhuxi) on 26th, the history of Chinese men’s volleyball team’s first foreign coach Losano officially signed a contract with tube Center director Li quanqiang, the Argentine coach signed with China a “2+2” contracts. If his results to achieve the desired, then at least you can lead after the Tokyo Olympic Games. At the meeting, Losano, want to bring change to the players physically and technically, he has confidence in his work, but it’s also a huge challenge.

Four years four great task awaiting Losano

After the reform and opening up with football’s first foreign coach, schlappner is lousy at different levels in Europe, first ocean shuailuosanuo of the men’s volleyball team has a very rich and prominent coaching CV. He has been active in the world men’s line, led Eastern powerhouse Poland won the World Championships runner-up. An Asian team in the lead when the Iranian team, led bositie Losano ride opened the door to Olympic Games for the first time, and one of the Rio Olympic Games quarterfinals. In addition, the Argentines are also excellent in club management. It can be said that Losano in volleyball circles almost equivalent to Lippi’s position.

Because led Losano has a wealth of experience, pipe Center, he can make of the Chinese men’s volleyball team strength and results have improved significantly. It is learnt that the pipe Center a 4-year contract with Losano, among them or not depending on the previous two-year contract two years after performance targets. Pipe Center gave Losano four tasks: 2017 Asian championship medal, in 2018 to enter the Asian Games final, the 2019 Asian Championship title in 2020 and eligibility for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

In accordance with China’s capabilities, status of increasing difficulty these four tasks are itemized. Especially the final task qualify for the Olympic Games, China’s men’s Volleyball Olympic tournament in Rio performances and strength at this stage, very difficult to reach goals. As for the Asian Championship, and again after the Chinese men’s volleyball team since 1999 also the taste. Losano, said: “I want the Chinese team lost things back, back to China. ”

Center director Li quanqiang said: “in the process of hiring foreign teachers, tube Center is the most valued foreign coaching experience. There are three reasons why we chose Losano, first of all, he has experience of coaching national teams, especially those with experience with Asian teams. Second, we value most is that he has a team from a lower position to bring out good results in the process, and has led the Olympic experience, the experience meets the requirements of Chinese men’s volleyball team. Third, he is Asian and the Volleyball World knew, have experience for our opponents to solve problems. ”

Teenager Chen Jiajie, Guangdong WINS training list

It is worth mentioning that, in the new issue of men’s volleyball in the 17-man squad, from Taishan, Guangdong youngster Chen Jiajie list. Chen Jiajie, Guangdong Province men’s volleyball devoting, PF free men. 2015 was first elected to the national second team, representative of China’s Olympic soccer team for the Asian men’s Volleyball Championships U23 fourth personal defense ranked third. Again in 2016 national second team, set off the Asian Cup Volleyball Championship in second place.

Basketball volleyball administrative center, Guangdong Province, Zeng Ji said: “Chen Jiajie 10 came into contact with volleyball, when the body has a lot of agility. The national team, as well as his years of working hard and that. As a free man, he has enough talent, which is very important. Now, our national team has led foreign well-known coaches, which of course is an opportunity for the young Chen Jiajie. Under the guidance of coaches, to help his growth. “At the same time, JI also pointed out:” Chen Jiajie wants to become the backbone of the national team, needs to seize the opportunity in the match to build up my confidence. ”

It is understood that Chen Jiajie 26th has been reported to the national team.

Qin Kai said getting married thing and Excel as a top priority to get married again


The Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhou Wanqi) yesterday, the Rio Olympic diving team, China is the most beautiful CP–Qin Kai He Zi airborne Guangzhou changlong water amusement park, the two men said in an interview with plans to get married again the National Games, two people appears to have been a good thing, people waiting to eat candy!

National Games held in August this year, Qin Kai Ho attitude expressed whether the entry depends on the physical condition, in fact two issues did not want to retire, most frequently because now is when to get married. He Zi coy says, “is, of course, the wedding plans, but asking him”; and Qin Kai said that the plan was “to get married again the National Games.” Currently two people yet, but said it will tell everyone when they register.

Hengdelizan Ding Junhui finally break the ice rocket hit 146 possible for less money


11 ranking be Sullivan once they break the spell, is also at the Crucible this temple, this victory is ice-breaking journey to Ding Junhui, even not very optimistic that this time he World Championship Hendry is also praised for his performance.

2005 China open snooker final Ding Junhui against Hendry to win, the game is considered by many in the future transfer of new and old King’s battle, but 12 years later, World Championship ice Ding Junhui has been unable to break. After crossing the mountains of Sullivan, Hendry admitted: “on such an important stage is a good ice breaker, Ding Junhui saw hopes. ”

2007 Ding Junhui Crucible debut, suffered in the first round is the “evil” o ‘ Sullivan, in the Wembley Masters final in a couple of months ago, Sullivan had 10-3 win over Ding Junhui. First came to the Crucible, Ding Junhui was slightly nervous, 2-10 defeat. This was one of the most painful game of Ding Junhui career since 2006 prior to the final of the World Championships 1/4 Cup finals for Northern Ireland by 2017, Ding has 11 years of time in ranking tournament victory over Sullivan.

This game of Sullivan’s performance varies, particularly a 146 minute caused great controversy. Both errors, intentional, this eye-popping 146 minutes, after all, this isn’t the first time o ‘ Sullivan played 146 points and also out bonuses complained before the match. Hendry believes Sullivan and not to a 147, on the grounds that “possibly because the bonus is not high enough.” While out, but that’s 146 minutes, or let the highest break in fire the teacher became contenders.

Ding Junhui, the semi-final will be Selby, Hendry says more than once Selby is now the most comprehensive and best snooker players, in a long-term situation of competition at the World Championships also has a unique advantage. Selby’s status by several adjusting has been gradually achieved the best, Marco Fu, decisive victory is proof of that. But Hendry was blunt, current state of Ding Junhui is also very good, but it must be in the first two stages held opponents to just go.

(Ting Yuan)

11 years after Ding Junhui wins again the rockets turned this mountain can airness


There is a saying called “ten years rubs a sword”; there is a saying, “revenge is ten years too late.” Today, both saying is Ding Junhui was fulfilled in him. 13-10 after defeating Ronnie O ‘ Sullivan, little fai once again achieve self-transcendence, perfect distillation.

Since 2006, Northern Ireland Cup final since Ding Junhui has been 11 years in the ranking tournament victory over O ‘ Sullivan. At that time, Xiao Hui difficult to reverse after Paul Davidson in the first round, even g 4 Top16 player (Hamilton, Higgins, Ken-Doherty and Stephen Lee) to advance to the finals.

“Rocket”, who would have thought 1-3 down the dragon to fight even under 4, and final 9-6 win. That is the triumph of his career 1th Sullivan, 19 years old, he looks so innocent, childish and naïve.

At the time, played the 3rd beat his idol, like Ding Junhui saw the FAI soaring hopes. But since then, the pitch and his appreciation of stars has become the nightmare of a Chinese dragon on the field.

I remember 10 years ago, the Wembley Masters final, perfect start Ding Junhui was defeated by Sullivan of aggressive displays, and audience move more of the uncivilized is Xiao Hui left a sad tears. Although Ronnie comfort, but that defeat was 20 years old, he lost, into a long downturn.

The same year, the Crucible debut Ding Junhui in the first round of the competition in the “rocket” mercilessly beat a 2-10. 1 year after the Premier League, Xiao Hui is being shaved. That is China’s “child prodigy” encounters a dark period.

However, the failure will also make people grow. With the increase of age, experience and experience, Ding Junhui out of the bottom slowly, he began to pick up the “ecstasy”. When faced with Sullivan in the game, though still rarely win, but Ding’s mentality has obviously become balanced.

London 2012 masters, even the plate 3 innings but eventually losing the Chinese Dragon, does not reveal the unhappy State and 2014 Welsh Open final, was “the rocket” at 9-3 after the blast, smiling Greetings can be considered Xiao hui to mature performance.

At the end of that year, Ding Junhui at the number one spot in the world ranking, became the party’s 11th World, is also the first Asian Player to be climbing the world’s highest.

Despite the career record against Sullivan just 3 WINS and 3 flat 12 (tournament only 11 years ago that only 1 record), but earlier this month just turned 30 years old birthday Ding Junhui will no longer be the same “fear” Ronnie. Chinese dragon has entered what had been indecisive struggle when playing out of the past, and now, playing the rhythm more crisp, more decisive moves Ding Junhui saw his debut at the beginning of the kind of vigorous momentum.

Snooker is in the golden age of Ding now plays both strength and ornamental, with Xu Xin Jian was quoted as saying, this is almost “peak performance”, and is at the stage of Xiao Hui and even space.

After 10 years, 2nd at the Crucible meets Ding Junhui and Sullivan each have played in the competition. Despite the “rocket” 146 in also played in the 20th Council of success, but play a more stable Chinese Dragon is also the first time in 11 years, 2nd in the tournament defeated their idols.

More perfect, more mature Ding Junhui victory was a vindication of their own growth. Now that he no longer is the lost ball will cry again, divert, had been washed away changing face, achieving a perfect revenge of the World Championship. Selby, his success again for revenge, and ultimately the individual snooker’s Grand Slam? All worth the wait.


Ding Junhui: Selby to win? disagreed with Sullivan to help me grow


Beijing time on April 27, 2017 snooker world championships at Sheffield’s Crucible continues to expand the 1/4 finals, Ding Junhui did well, with a 13:10 victory over Sullivan, semi-final. In the semifinals, he will face opponents in the finals of the world championship last year Selby. After the end of the game, Sullivan is celebrating uproariously in Ding’s ears, after the game, which also revealed what Sullivan says, “he said I didn’t look the same, my strength has become stronger. ”

For his performance in the whole game, Ding Junhui “great” to describe it, “I’m playing great, I keep the well from the first game to the last game, I played very well throughout the game, so Ronnie has a lot of pressure. “Previously, Ding Junhui in the deal with Sullivan’s record is not dominant, but this did not affect his State of mind,” I knew before I played the record for Ronnie is not dominant, before I have the opportunity I will think a lot, but this time, I keep it simple. Sometimes, I use only single rod 50, 60 points won the game, then I’ll move on, and this time I did a good job. ”

In the second phase after the end of the game, Ding a 10:6 lead. Score lead dings in a good mood, “I had a good rest last night, preparing for today’s game. I know his condition has improved, he is very strong. “Even in the third stage of the contest, Sullivan was narrowing the gap, but this did not let Ding Junhui irritable, he is just waiting for opportunities to come,” I did not want anything, just waiting for the opportunities to come. I know I can play well, I feel that although he is not in the best condition, but this State can still play the game. Just wait later, chance has come. ”

After the end of the game, Sullivan congratulations Ding Junhui won the first time, what he said Ding Junhui’s ear, “he said I didn’t look the same, my strength was stronger, he knows what I go through, before every time I play him, he does not feel, I am very grateful for Ronnie, he helped me grow. “O ‘ Sullivan after Ding Junhui in the bulls game in prospect, on the other hand, Ding has full confidence in yourself,” Ronnie, my family and the fans gave me the support I’m happy, I’ll do my best, and this is my childhood dream. Every time I stand here, I strive to win. Last year, I qualified for the final, I gained a lot of experience. This time, I have more confidence in themselves to achieve this ideal. ”

In the semifinal, Ding Junhui will face Selby. Last year’s finals, Ding Junhui lost to Selby, Miss champion. This time again, Ding Junhui against Selby what tactics will be taken? “When faced with opportunities to catch them, allow yourself to become more powerful, his good form, and I’ll do my best, and this is what I can do. ”

“A lot of people might think Selby is more likely to be able to beat you. “The journalists of this sentence, Ding Junhui indifferent response,” I don’t think so. He is the world number one player, playing very well right now, his top players in each entry is the title. This season, the game I had played with him twice, once in the Shanghai masters, I won; other international tournaments, I lost. The next round of the competition is for us is the heavyweight match. ”

(Dong Zhengxiang)

Weak world championship? into 4 Ding Junhui reborn this time for two consecutive years


Beijing time the night of April 26, 2017 has third World Snooker Championship qualify for the top 4 players, Ding Junhui beat five-times world champion Ronnie o ‘ Sullivan 13-10 to, for two consecutive years entered the World Championship semi-finals.

Ding Junhui, after entering the profession, o ‘ Sullivan long played the role of Ding, Ding Junhui 10 years ago successfully into the world championship race, but unfortunately lost a 2-10, and both played in the tournament for the last 1 time (2014 finals in Wales), Ding also was humiliated by Sullivan. Although Sullivan failed to win a Crown in the tournament this season, but before the game, including the BBC commentary guest (Hendry), as well as many Chinese fans are not optimistic about Ding Junhui out Sullivan.

Although history confrontation record for Ding Junhui is adverse, but Ding Junhui to has game Shang no any stage fright, Sullivan often defense appeared some slip, Ding Junhui always decisive shot into far Taiwan attack, mother ball impartial called to balls, to guarantee has attack continuity, and to has game last stage, dang Sullivan gradually back feel, will Council points chase near Shi, Ding Junhui also no relax alert, patience and opponents deal, and efficient caught opponents errors won has victory.

This year World Championships coincides with the Cruz Fort 40 Annual Memorial, is Ding Junhui campaign World Championships 10th a year, once upon a time, Ding Junhui in World Championships performance always let people criticized, China Dragon Qian 8 times World Championships of Brigade, except 2011 stumbled scored 4 strong zhiwai, remaining 7 times Basic is game also didn’t for to half will early out ended, many fans suspected Ding Junhui whether a to Cruz Fort on acclimatized, seems to poor playing World Championships such super long-term situation format.

But Ding Junhui 3 World Championship performances and results proved that he had broken free from a World Championship on weak fault. 3 years into the last eight in a row, at least the last two semi-finals, looking back over the past 40 years, a player scoring the Championship for two consecutive years top 4 examples are not uncommon, many world champion had been completed, even if without the world champion players, such as Joe-swell, maikemanusi, bond, Hawkins. But after in camp, 2 consecutive World Championships is not much scoring 4, only before Robertson, Selby had completed, with the rebound of recent sessions at the World Championships, Ding Junhui’s World Championships results in players of the younger generation are at a relatively leading status.

While breaking the cycle of 11 year winless rockets, but given the current Sullivan some get old, its attack on the table compared to the standard 3-4 years ago a small decline, so this victory does not mean World Championships after Ding Junhui won the path becomes very smooth. Upcoming top 4 battle, the opponent will be world number one Ding Junhui Selby, last year’s world final, Selby blocked Ding Junhui won the Grand Slam dream and last State Championship final, Selby is the 10-1 win over Ding Junhui. Now Selby at the height of career, his level of play in both ends of the floor better than Ding Junhui had encountered any opponent, Ding Junhui still requires being prepared for battle. (Han Yue Tian)

Ding Junhui won in reason after the age of 40 rockets have revealed old


On April 26 at 0 o’clock Beijing time, 2017 has third World Snooker Championship qualify for the top 4 players, Ding Junhui against the opponent’s back, and ultimately to beat Ronnie Sullivan 13-10, 2 years in a row into the World Championship semifinal, Ding Junhui semi-final opponent will be world number one Mark Selby.

Starting from the first premiered in 2007 Crucible, Ding played world championship race has more than 10 years, 10 years ago, Ding Junhui and Sullivan’s play, the rockets showed their standards, while Ding Junhui behaved a little young. This tender is reflected in attitude adjustments, since that match the first 4 months, Sullivan finished at Wembley almost explosive Ding Junhui, Chinese Dragon obviously under the influence of that fiasco, has yet to come out from the shadows, Ding eventually ate a heavy defeat.

10 years Hou Dang two people again in Cruz Fort met Shi, two people of situation appeared has is big differences, Ding Junhui regardless of is technology, also is psychological compared 10 years Qian has has is big of progress, he became has $literal has ranking game champion number up of players, and Sullivan although in this 10 years in the also made has remarkable of achievements, three contest champion number more is Chase flat has billiards Emperor Hendry. But after you turn 40 years old, Sullivan competitiveness on the table, but showed a declining trend, this decline is not reflected in control of low-level errors, but Ronnie Cosco and hemisphere difficult goal success rate than the past few years. Ronnie plays most of the time, unlike Higgins, Selby exquisite control, and his weakness is easy to use, and Sullivan in the tournament it is difficult to find a Crown this season largely because of this. Although this 10 years, Ding Junhui in the tournament not Sullivan had any victories, but the trade-off, Ding also ushered in the best of an opportunity to beat the rockets.

D Austrian will of most period within rendering of is a fast rhythm of open war, whole field game each Council average took only 15 minutes, Ding Junhui of out Rod time in 20 seconds around, Oxaliplatin paper out Rod time only 16 seconds, and in game Hou data statistics, two people into bags rate Oxaliplatin paper than Ding Junhui high 1% (92-91), far Taiwan success rate Ding Junhui than Sullivan 3% (55-52), Defense success rate Ding Junhui high out rocket 4% (84-80). Sullivan completed 2 breaking hundred, plus 8 50 +, Ding Junhui complete 3 Rod breaking hundred, plus 10 50 +, apparently from a data perspective, and Ding Junhui both ends of the floor did slightly better than the rockets, winning nature in reason.

Back whole field game, around game won key points has two a, one is first stage 7th Council, although Ding Junhui once made 3-0 leading, but thereafter Ding Junhui momentum has weakened, rocket even Chase three Council, key 7th Council, Ding Junhui once 26-69 behind, at table just only left 43 points, key moments Ding Junhui caught opponents far Taiwan no clear Taiwan will game drag into to Rob Black, zhihou Rob Black process in the caught rocket defense vulnerability win Xia that a Council, if that a Council Ding Junhui no resisted, let Sullivan made ahead Probably 3-5 down with the end of the first stage, Ding Junhui’s momentum will be greatly affected.

2nd a key points is 5 flat zhihou of 5 Council ball, this is Ding Junhui won of most key a elements, this 5 Council ball although Ding Junhui made has some errors, but Sullivan performance more bad, far Taiwan and go bit almost are played has career career worst of standard, Ronnie each 1 times errors left Ding Junhui of are is is good started of opportunities and spherical, Ding Junhui even Xia 5 Council made 10-5 leading, although into third stage zhihou, Sullivan State sharply upgrade, but helpless behind too more, eventually Ding Junhui won has game. Worthy of mention is the third phase of o ‘ Sullivan had a big rebound or 146 break in play but Ding was not intimidated by opponents back the momentum, during a changeover after the break still keep yourself focused, even after missing a match point, Ding Junhui mood has not affected in any way, this is a great progress Ding Junhui.

From 2007 for the first time since landing the Crucible, Ding Junhui in the holy sites was very weak, a 17-day schedule, no halfway, no sign of Ding Junhui, many fans criticized Ding Junhui up his World Championship performance and achieved many honors do not match of his career. But the last 3 World Championships, Ding Junhui made top 8, won the runner-up in last year on the basis of, this year once again into the semi-finals and this is a breakthrough for the Ding, Ding Junhui were also has the ability to play the World Championships. Win rocket shortly after Ding Junhui will face Mark Selby in the world, expect Ding Junhui to move on.

(Han Yue Tian)

Ding Junhui snuggling shoulder rocket teachings this hug melts you |


Beijing time on April 26, 2017 one-fourth snooker world championship finals, Ding Junhui beat Sullivan 13-10, advance to the final four two years in a row, will face Selby.

Phase two in a 4-4, starting from the second phase, Ding Junhui made the initiative in the game, until the last 12-9, first got three match points. Although Sullivan recover Council, final Ding Junhui a 117-perfect ending, won the victory.

For Sullivan, a win was significant, this is Ding’s career against Sullivan for the second time in the tournament, the last time was in 2006 and also at the World Championships for the first time in the 5 Crown, previous 2007 clashes, Ding Junhui 2-10 fiasco.

After the last black ball, Ding did not seem to be any celebrations, just very calmly to his former Idol, o ‘ Sullivan, greeted with a smile. They shake hands, then hugged.

Sullivan suddenly started at this moment, what to Ding Junhui kept saying, and Ding Junhui is listened and nodded, as the pupils listen to teachers teaching, he even buries Sullivan shoulder is tired, or he needs a crutch? The moment make people moved, the audience’s applause was prolonged … …

Looking back over these years, Sullivan was not only Ding Junhui’s Idol and opponent, in his great help on the path of growth. Not only is the 2007 Masters final comfort to Ding Junhui, Sullivan on many occasions were unabashed love of Ding Junhui.

Both played over the years, Ding Junhui from early collapse, now calm composure. Ding said before the match regardless of the outcome, they certainly won’t defeat, Yes, he did it, and the winner was his.


Snooker world championship Hawkins released the top four advance to the semifinals


The morning of April 27, Beijing time, 2017 1/4 final of the snooker World Championships final match, Barry Hawkins and Stephen Maguire is 13-9 over two consecutive periods of struggle, fight to key Hawkins won four councils win into the semi-finals, with Higgins for the final seat.

Hawkins and Maguire of second stage game in local time morning expand, Qian a stage horse qui, single rod 81 points win next Council Hou experience has even defeated five Council of bad start to 3-5 behind, second stage began Hou Hawkins a up on played single rod 86 points will score expanded to 6-3, horse qui, thereafter streak three Council and will score Chase flat, course has two rod 50+ of play great came from behind to of potential. 6-6 flat race into battle, Hawkins after two consecutive Council relied on piecemeal attacks to win 8-6 took the lead again, Maguire then recovered a 16th Hawkins to erode again won the second stage score was 9-7.

Afternoon period two people of game into last stage, a up Maguire on played single rod 135 points 0 seal opponents recovered a Council, shortly thereafter and to 65-11 will score pull into 9-9 flat, war to key of 19th Council Hawkins in pressure zhixia played single rod 126 points control live has situation master has active, thereafter Maguire always was suppressed again no achievements, Hawkins and streak three Council and in last a Council played single rod 77 points will score fixed in has 13-9, interval one years Hou again broke into has World Championships four strong, Will meet in the semifinals and four-time world champion Higgins, compete for the final seat. (Drag the shadow)