Capital combat upgrade war April 8 foreign players too strong the country avoiding war


The afternoon of March 13, 2017, was held at the Metropark Hotel Beijing 2017 “fighting along the way Beijing International boxing match” Press Conference. Events produced party announced that the Asia–Pacific Broadcasting Union, China Publishing Association and the Beijing Changping District people’s Government hosted, Changping District, Beijing Sports Bureau, Beijing will be at fighting investments are contracted fully upgrade this year.

Last September, Beijing wrestle in Beijing’s Changping Stadium for a game, when field rendering is very good, large number of visitors, stage set up and so on very high level, but the boxer’s strength is more general, overall defensive ability can only be described as middle and lower level of competition and even challenge those placards from the former Soviet Union long waist thin legs girl attractive.

Has been adhering to the “real” fighting Yang Yanjun, founder of Beijing in the lessons of last year’s tournament experience, began to study abroad. For example, at the end of last year to Japan watched the God of Thunder game, seeing how the world level events operations, after the race had an intuitive recognition of the dignity, home start decorating the event overall upgrading plan.

Fighting in Beijing this year will be fully and Russian Martial Arts Association and KOTC King of the cage in the company of the United States, and the introduction of foreign players to the referee. According to fight Zhang Xu, General Manager, said the opponents from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia’s Foreign Legion, is has a number of gold Girdle of strength players.

But at the press conference, did not formally announce the pairing list on both sides, Zhang said this is mainly because foreign players too strong, there are currently some players heard about the opponents situation, unwilling to fight, until now only Muay Thai rookie Zhang Chunyu and MMA mixed martial arts new generation star nuerdebieke appearances, and other domestic players on the sidelines and consultations.

Matches will be held on April 8, stands arrangement with 3 combat MMA mixed martial arts fighting, 4 field. Yang Yanjun, from the creation of fighting started in Beijing, requires “true and fair” put an end to scandal within the event, so this competition in addition to superior judge and referee for the Chinese, all referees are from the United States and Russia, which the referee from the United States, Jason, famous referee of American MMA events.

“Beijing combat” after testing the waters last year, will be in full swing this year, will invite 65 countries fight for foreign players along the way duel, MMA, kickboxing, boxing-oriented events. Competition will be divided into the first round, the annual Championship, Championship. Proposed six to eight times a year the first round and an annual Championship, preliminary round group of six to eight per game, the first competition cycle plan for 15 years.

Meanwhile, “fighting in Beijing” will also cooperate with the national “along the way” strategy, all events will be along the “Silk Road” along the trajectory of the country, driven by fighting game and promoting “along the way” along the country’s cultural and sports exchanges. Hope that after a few years, “Beijing fight” into a real Chinese martial spirit and martial arts culture events on the domestic fight brand for China fighting contributed to the cause. (Zhou Chao)

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