Calculate probability 324,900/11 baseball game fans to pick up the ball


In baseball, if the ball is hit the stands, then picked up the ball fans can permanently retain the baseball, as a Memorial, if the ball is a fielder home run, it might be more memorable.

Ongoing WBC world classic tournament game, there have been a lot of very interesting outfield catch.

On March 14, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico game, there is a rare scene, a fan in hand the ball twice in the same place, and the incident was considered only after I have worked one of 324,900, is rare.

Is in the second round for the first time, Dominican Kurrus played ball in the middle on the right side, sitting in the outfield of men hand picked up the ball, the action field playback, last call for home runs.

Fourth round 1 outs 2 base, this time in Rosario in Puerto Rico the right to play, after a landing, and picked up by the same men, of course, this time because of landing is 2 home runs.

According to the hit probability, each 570 home runs, 1 on the ball near the stands, and simple terms, if a person is simultaneously with two stands a ball in a game, this is one of 324,900 probability.

After the game, the man and his son who is a ball, a commemorative group photo, but on the United States over the sports section of the newspaper.

In the WBC in the classic, a war against Cuba, Japan also appeared as a teenager in the outfield to catch ball event. When Japan’s lagging players Yamada shot directly off the outfield wall to fall, it’s hard to say whether home runs when, near the impact point of a Japanese teenager reached out and picked up the ball directly.

The whole uproar, eventually by video referee consultation, decision is second base instead of home runs, that boy because his actions gave Japan a trouble, upset and scared, can only be used in the field of clothes wrapped head, crying out. (Zhou Chao)

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