CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng Li Junhui Liu yuchen denies idols temperament is the goal


Beijing time on April 27, 2017 badminton Asian Championships in Wuhan, started the race second round contest, the “twin towers” combined Li Junhui/Liu yuchen under adverse conditions in a row two of the earlier lost a set, combination of 2:1 to win Malaysia Zhang Yuyu/Wang Yaoxin, through to the last eight. Is height above 1.9-meter long legs small meat, has its own characteristics, Li Junhui handsome, Liu yuchen cute, as is getting better on the international scene, their fans more and more. This tournament, there will always be fans in the stands holding blue posters, they are for “twin tower” combination of cheer.

Li Junhui tall, but his attack is very powerful in the backcourt. His small eyes can send out a different kind of charm, and when he looked at you, and you can clearly feel. Some of his self-love, when the last plane, in order to “show off” your new hairstyle also took many pictures from different angles. And, according to one female team-mates broke, Li Junhui was “the Lone Ranger”, he often likes to be alone, as if it would fit a lot of idols in the actor’s art.

Different from Li Junhui handsome, Liu yuchen is a cute boy. Remember once a TV station to thinking the room to visit, Liu yuchen is to live in the same House with a cute glass brush their teeth, it seems Sun is handsome, and he types do not match. Said ball talk, chat fans, he let the cat out the color of self-consciousness, “now first play his own ball, when power strong, there will be more fans like us. “Asked if he thought he and Li Junhui is now strength when combined with the idol temperament both the men’s doubles, Liu yuchen softly replied:” I think it is amazing! ”

If I know the fans will come to the scene for himself and Liu yuchen come on? Li Junhui said: “before the game, fans want to go to my contact, said the contest will all cheer for me and Liu yuchen. “The competition, Li Junhui received some gifts from fans, he treasures these gifts, gifts with beautiful packaging, see fan’s intentions,” it is an affirmation to me, I don’t want to disappoint the fans, letting them see my excellent performance. “The same question asked Li Junhui,” do you think now and Liu yuchen is strength and Idol qualities both combinations? “He was shy and a:” Idol quality I don’t know, but we certainly want to be excellent doubles combinations like CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng. ”

(Dong Zhengxiang from Wuhan)

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