Business torts to apologise to Liu owe sincere apology is rubbed against the heat?


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On March 15, international consumer rights day, and a good use of time hot electrical businesses, continued in the morning, blasted out a letter of apology over the network, which has just ended in Beijing a few days ago two “flying man” Liu about.

Things also to from April 7, 2015 Liu retired day said up, this not only led to a audience of concern and sigh, also caught has many brand keen of commercial vision, they are take with Liu retired of big hot, to on Liu tribute of way, interspersed with with himself of products advertising, but was regrets of is, this which of most and no get Liu I of authorized, can understanding for “rub heat”, and in legal Shang actually constitute has violations portrait.

As a representative of Chinese sports star, Liu Xiang, to the repeated violations of domestic sensitivities are also top of the, so it will be an August 2016, an Internet software by taxi and bicycle brand in Taiwan to court, and electrical contractor in October last year mentioned above failed to escape the eye.

On March 9, 2017, the e-commerce reached a settlement with Liu, and today sent a letter of apology, just prior to this letter, the store is much too much to justify himself, but feels the lack of good faith. Because the infringement is the fact that rights are not a matter of time. Also, back above the software even by taxi is about Liu Xiang to court, hype, Liu claims 1.26 million Yuan, also said mistaken attitudes in good faith.

Liu Xiang’s rights concern, of course, and his 110-meter hurdles Olympic champion and world record holder is inseparable from the great glory. But other athletes are also human rights struggles on the road holding, who have far better than flying trapeze player names are also victims of torts, such as London’s Olympic women’s EPEE champion Sun Yujie, were violations of the portrait “tortured” and battered.

With the development of networks developed, star pictures spent pinching, easy fame marketing encourages manufacturers to take athletes chances. With enhanced people’s legal awareness, celebrity activist more courage on the road. Liu’s fame is being used this time, but his rights according to law and to the majority of players make a good model, give those enterprises that want to abuse, I would like to take advantage of a heads up and want to do better, or to go the right way.

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