Badminton coach core level determines: Xia Xuanze, Zhang’s doubles coach


Li yongbo the Chinese Badminton Association official website the outgoing coach, to enter the Chinese Olympic Committee, after the Committee of experts, on the coach of the national badminton team adjustment has been cause for concern. Recently, the Director of Ping Yu Center officially announced, through the China Badminton Association coaches Committee recommended, after investigation, by Xia Xuanze, Zhang worked as national badminton singles groups and doubles Group Manager, Wang Wei served as the second head coach. On the coach of the national badminton team core level OK.

According to the Director of Ping Yu Center, main coach of the national badminton team and the current system be adjusted, in order to implement the reform of the State General Administration of sport on the strengthening of the Tokyo Olympic Games preparations measures and requirements, and ensure the completion of the Tokyo Olympic Games tasks.

There are several changes in the adjustment. First, shortened front, concentrated preparing for, established sound team within competition mechanism, badminton team established national a team, concentrated energy preparing for Tokyo games; second, will currently national II team and national youth team merged, became national II team, full selection training young players, both for national a team training conveying top players, promote a team formed competition, while for 2024 games training reserves talent; third, from currently national badminton team coaches actual and bear Tokyo games task need starting, No longer established head coach and the national team under head coach position, setting up group singles and group doubles head coach position, former Deputy coach Tian bingyi, Zhong Bo as a consultant. Finally, after the new coach of the national badminton team, closely to finish the preparations of the Olympic Games of Tokyo setting, strengthening team building, team education and consolidation, improve team rules and regulations, preparation of the preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games working actively to implement the programmes, advocacy, and ensure the team a new look and mental state to do the Tokyo Olympic Games preparations.



Xia Xuanze, and Zhang as national badminton team singles group and doubles group coach, Wang Wei served as II team coach, a is they Prime, has is strong of dedication, willing to for national badminton team of development pour full; II is they are had is world top players, retired Hou and has been served as team coach, especially respectively in men’s singles coach and men’s doubles coach post work has two a Olympic cycle, on team of players status, and team of main opponents status and World Badminton movement of development trend familiar understand, Leading national badminton team to complete the Tokyo Olympic cycle task conditions and capacity.

Xia Xuanze, 39, former national badminton team in men’s singles first, won the 2003 World Championships, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games men’s singles bronze medal. After retiring, he left coaching. London cycle, he was the men’s singles coach of the national badminton team, trained a group of players at the London Olympic Games and the Olympic Games in Rio is the men’s singles title.

Zhang, 40, was a good national badminton men’s doubles and mixed doubles player, won the mixed doubles world champion multiple times, and even at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2004 Athens Games claimed the mixed doubles title. After his retirement, Zhang to stay in coaching, has been responsible for doubles training. London cycle begins as the national badminton team, a team of men’s doubles coach, cultivate a large number of top players, in London and Rio Olympic Games were harvested on a mixed doubles gold medal, the two men’s doubles gold medal.

Wang Wei, 38, a former national badminton team good doubles player, made good results in many international competitions. London Olympic cycle, entered the national badminton team coach, has served as the men’s doubles coach, Zhang’s Assistant, for men’s doubles won two Olympic champions made a great contribution. (End)

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