World Championships-Ding Junhui break Selby 5-3 Pak closeout semi-final first stage


Beijing on April 27, 2017-start of the snooker world championship semi-final, long Ding Junhui, China and defending champion Mark Selby in the first stage of the competition the stabilizing, making five-bar 50+ Bai to lead 5-3 Council, and a broken, second stage of the competition will be conducted in the next game on both sides.

The Crucible were welcomed at noon at the first semi-final of the World Championship, both sides was the defending champion and first runner-up of the World Championship Selby and Ding Junhui, after both sides played 26 times, Selby 13-1 win and World Championship two games against each of them win 2011 finals Ding Junhui won in the war, and last year’s world final sale beat Ding Junhui won the Championship. This season, the two have met in the finals, namely the Shanghai masters and international championships, with each victory, the met is both played for the third time at the World Championships and also the third game of the season vs.

Game started at eight o’clock in the evening at the Beijing time, with 17 out of 33 sets, divided into four phases. First Council Ding Junhui kickoff, several round wrapped around bucket Hou Selby will mother ball posted died top library and seal live has back ball line, Ding Junhui was forced to select non-general way solutions red ball into passive, Selby further control accounts ball fell bit, Ding Junhui thin ball no thin to sent out 4 points, Selby then far Taiwan attack succeeded, single rod 45 points zhihou go bit errors into defense, a entanglement Hou Selby errors leak in the bags attack opportunities, Ding Junhui started single rod 76 points reversed win next Council.

Second Council start stage defense war Ding Junhui back ball left separate a star red ball in middle, Selby decisive select attack red ball end of bags succeeded, single rod won 68 points Hou go bit errors into defense, but no deliberately of to do Republika Connaught grams, Ding Junhui back ball back defense initiative, Selby defense line bad was forced to attempts to far Taiwan attack missed, Ding Junhui then long Taiwan playing into side library red ball started, won 22 time-sharing appeared attack errors interrupted scored, long time standoff Hou Selby continuous two rod turned bags all succeeded got 9 points Super points win, Leveled the score 1-1.

Third Council kickoff Hou Ding Junhui long Taiwan attack errors target ball play to has top bags mouth, Selby started have 5 points Hou interrupted, continues to several Rod compete for Hou Ding Junhui back ball will a star red ball hit has end of bags mouth, Selby playing into bags lipstick ball again started have 19 points attack end of library black ball partial out sent opportunities, Ding Junhui took over Hou played single rod 83 points will score rewrite into 2-1. IV Ding first errors left in the bag wide angle thin ball, Selby 99 break in thin red ball to start playing again equalised.

Council between rest Hou both returned to field Shang began fifth Council, start stage Ding Junhui has defense of is closely, Selby also is far Taiwan low Rod playing into side library red ball started, get 15 points Hou k ball effect bad into defense, two round compete for Hou Selby defense leak ball, Ding Junhui aimed at shipped Rod Shi accidentally met mother ball foul, Selby then playing into red ball but go bit poor again defense, more long a time of Defense competition Hou Ding Junhui line appeared deviation leak ball, Selby started have 24 points appeared attack errors sent out opportunities, Ding Junhui took over 32 points break, Selby then attack started receiving lightening red balls, Ding Junhui in the balls for the unexpected bag into the yellow ball into a passive, Selby times snooker by chance after Qing CAI to fan the ball ahead into the score 3-2.

Sixth Council Ding Junhui will mother ball posted live red ball heap, Selby shipped Rod Shi hand met has red ball foul, zhihou of continues to defense in the Ding Junhui attempts to thin red ball very thin of thin side two times no met ball, in third times hit must met red ball of pressure Xia Ding Junhui modified playing side library red ball results leak opportunities, Selby started, but only get 8 points on appeared attack errors, Ding Junhui then playing into red ball distal top bags started single rod 52 points Hou attack black ball partial out, Selby took over but soon interrupted, A red ball when Ding Junhui defensive error left far left chances to opponents, saierbiqing to green ball break after Ding Junhui by snooker took the initiative several times, Selby a thin coffee ball sends out a free ball, Ding Junhui equalised then started to 87-53.

Seventh Council Selby in start stage defense in the leak end of bags lipstick ball, Ding Junhui punches attack playing lost red ball sent out opportunities, Selby playing into red ball is shortly thereafter playing lost black ball will opportunities returned, Ding Junhui started played single rod 50 time-sharing mother ball and red ball phase posted, helpless into defense, Selby shortly thereafter on appeared defense errors, Ding Junhui thin into big angle red ball end of bags again started completed Super points, Selby does not gave up, but a rod back ball Hou Ding Junhui through long Taiwan attack and once started win, 4-3 again made leading.

Ding Junhui, drawing the defensive start to the eighth inning put the cue ball coffee make snooker ball both sides, powder and sent the ball to the ball accidentally solution saierbiyiku solution opportunities, Ding Junhui started 110 break in play to extend the score to 5-3, Ding Junhui leading Council concluded the first stage of the competition, both the second phase will take place in Beijing on 28th at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Technical statistics of the first stage of the competition on both sides, scoring success Ding Junhui 90%-Selby 90%, longest goal success rate 50%-Ding Junhui Selby 79%, safety ball success Ding Junhui 84%-Selby 75%, we can see that the first stage of Ding Junhui defensive stability is better than Selby known for both offensive and defensive.

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Lindane chenlong Asian Championships in straight sets through South combination through to the last eight


Beijing time on April 27, 2017 badminton Asian Championships in Wuhan, the end of the second round of the competition, a number of players of the Chinese team into the quarter-finals. Chenlong and lindane is 2:0 won, they and Shi Yuqi entered the men’s singles quarterfinals. Chen Yufei and Alice Ho Jo in the women’s singles competition to win clearance, Sun battled three were eliminated. Three doubles pair got the victory in China, including pair Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan again on the Asian Championship.

Changshan Lin in the second round against Japan too, the two had not met, Chang Shan is currently ranked 45th in the world. Draw the first two times, 10 flat changshan do too after winning 3-point lead, but Lin Dan will soon respond to 4 points ahead. 16 flat lindane rallying after the lead, his advantage with 21:17 for making. Chang Shangan too quickly in second lead, but Lin Dan realization in 6:10 down even 6 hours ahead. Chang Shangan too stubborn tie, lindane is still better, 14 draws a wave of offensives after run 4 minutes to pull again, icing on the cake after he did not give the opponent the opportunity to 21:15, he 2:0 to win promotion.

Chenlong second-round opponent is Japan’s Ueda Takuma, chenlong is in the course of two game with pulled away to establish superiority, he 21:11, 21:14 beat opponents in straight sets to enter the quarter-finals. Shi Yuqi round with 2:0 (21:10, 21:7) win over Thailand’s feitepulada promotion. Top-seeded Lee Chong Wei in the second round is 2:0 pass, with 22:20, 21:12 WINS two out of Western Japan, the efforts are too. Sun Wanhu, and Zhou Tiancheng, Wu Jialang and other seeded players in the second round to win finals. One-fourth lindane in the finals against Sunday, against Wu Jialang chenlong, Shi Yuqi challenge Sun Wanhu, Lee Chong Wei and Xu Renhao fights.



The Chinese team in the women’s singles second round of joy and sorrow. Alice Ho Jo took 35 minutes to 21:13, even two city defeated Thailand’s 21:16 Qiao Chuweng. Chen Yufei took 1 hour and 9 minutes to 2:1 (19:21, 21:10, 21:9) reverse Rin Satsuki SATO, defeat Japanese incense. Sun met South Korea’s Li Zhangmei, Li Zhangmei upset the first round eliminated the Japanese name Okubara hope. Sun in the race some slow early in the first game behind lost. Second Sun successfully fought back, in the tiebreaker fell behind her most of the time, last-minute continuous losing saved two match points to escape the fate, with 1:2 (16:21, 21:11, 19:21) lose out. The game 1 hour 23 minutes, this is the Sun for the second successive time lost to Li Zhangmei.

Women’s singles second round, Zi ying, shankouqian, sindu and other seeded players to win into the quarter-finals, Cheng Chixuan suffered upset 3rd seed South Korea, with 0:2 (16:21, 18:21) lost to Thailand Jin Dapeng. One-fourth-finals Chen Yufei challenge Chinese ying, Alice Ho Jo against sindu.

Have four pairs of men’s doubles of the Chinese team broke into the quarter-finals. Fu Haifeng/zhangnan control of the situation on the pitch, with a 21:13, 21:19 even two city defeated Chinese Taipei’s Lu Jingyao/Yang Bohan. 6th-seeded Li Junhui/Liu yuchen earlier missed a rebound in adverse circumstances, they turn two 2:1 victory over Luo Quan-Sheng/Zhang Yuyu in Malaysia, three game is 13:21, 21:17, 21:15.

Chai Biao/Hong Wei after a 53-minute battle with 2:1 (21:17, 19:21, 21:19) win over Indonesia’s mountain/saputeluo. Huang Kaixiang/Wang Yilv has performed well with a 21:19, 21:16 even two city beat Olympic runner-up Miss Koon Wai-Chee Sheng/Chen Wei of Malaysia is strong. One-fourth Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan in the final against Japan’s Hiroyuki Sonoda, enlightenment/jiacunjianshi, Li Junhui against Chinese Taipei’s Chen Honglin//Liu yuchen Wang Qilin, Chai Biao/Hong Wei met with Thai Kedron/puwalanukeluo, Huang Kaixiang against Japanese baomuzhuolang/Lin/Wang Yilv I.

There are three women’s doubles pair, China entered the quarter-finals. Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan only 31 minutes to 2:0 (21:11, 21:19) Pan Leen/Xie Ying, Hong Kong, China beat the snow. Locke wins/Luo Yu in the first game by opponent’s stubborn resistance, but they are still well down, and their 2:0 (22:20, 21:12) Wu Yong瑢/Yuan Qianying beat Hong Kong. Huang Dongping/Li Yinhui 2:0 (21:11, 21:18), beat Chinese Taipei’s Cheng Yujie and Hu Lingfang.

Huang Yaqiong/Tang Jinhua after having first game to not hold the advantage, they lost two lost to Malaysia’s 1:2 Xu Jiawen/Wen Ke, and three game is 21:16, 14:21, 16:21, the game 1 hour and 14 minutes. Other Mei Shimizu Saki/Gao Qiaoli loose friends in China, Zhang Yina/Li Zhaoxi and other seeded players into the quarter-finals.

Women’s doubles one-fourth finals, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan met South Korea’s Kim, Hye-rim/Liu Haiyuan, win Locke/Luo Yu Zhang Yina/Li Zhaoxi will challenge.

China occupies four seats in the mixed doubles quarterfinals. Top seed Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen as 2:0 (21:19, 21:15) defeated Hong Kong, China’s Deng Junwen snow/Xie Ying, Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong 3rd seed took only 26 minutes to beat Singapore’s two 21:10 dannibawa/Wang Jiaying. 7th seed Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui took 39 minutes to 2:0 (21:14, 21:12) against Izarra/amitela in Thailand, Wang Yilv/Huang Dongping are 2:0 (21:18, 21:13) win over Chinese Taipei’s Lin Jiayou/Wu 玓rong.

One-fourth the final, against 6th-seeded Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong contacted Chen Chien-ming of Malaysia/Lai Peijun, Daniel Zhang/Li Yinhui against Hong Kong’s Li Jinxi, China/Zhou Kaihua, Wang Yilv/Jordan/Huang Dongping challenge 5th seed Indonesia Su Sangtuo.


Ting Zhu: the market season played 50 minutes more to win the Turkish League champion



Xinhua News Agency,, April 26 (reporter He Canling)-last September, Ting Zhu joined the national Chinese women’s volleyball team of Turkish wajifu, opened his first market season. During the seven-month period, Ting Zhu learned a Champions League Medal with the team, but unfortunately missed she wanted most to take the League title. Now the market is coming to an end in the first quarter, but in the past, is a prologue, and market experience in the first year would be her an invaluable asset for the future.

For Ting Zhu told Xinhua in an interview transcript below:

Xinhua News Agency reporter (hereinafter referred to as mind): first of all, congratulations for this season’s European champion in women’s volleyball Champions League. Final wajifu after the Bank got the match point, your opponents mistakes caused by a record Spike and won the game, look at your mood and feelings.

Ting Zhu (hereinafter referred to as ink): this is the first time we are close to winning, pull the ball I was looking forward to get to, the game ends as soon as possible. (After opponent blunders) we are very happy, the whole team, boiling, everyone congratulated each other, saying we are the best.

Note: the four matches in the Champions League semi-final and final wajifu Bank was 3:0 victory, that is different than many games before the team’s performance, so why the semifinals and finals to play well?

Julia: I think first of all is to start League semi-final defeat, ten days from the Champions League last four match when we began preparations. In Istanbul, they were watching a lot of videos and imitation training, went to Italy until after doing a lot of training. I think this is the cause of our four race to win easily.

Note: semi-final play e (aizhajiebase), have a big deficit but in the end you still pull back, was suspended when coaches tell you what?

Chu: coach says we don’t give up, after all, the League one home before we fell behind but eventually reversed, we have this kind of turnaround experience. (Laughs)

Remember: this is your first champion and most valuable player at the Club level, Champions League of difficulty and competitiveness with the World Cup, the Olympic Games be any different?

Julia: I think the Champions League is very strong and should be considered top events of the volleyball community, gathered a lot of star players, the intensity and competitiveness than the match between national teams.

Note: wajifu team has played in 44 Games this season, so intense the race you have never experienced before, how do you make physical adjustments of the season?

Julia: sure. There are some problems in the middle of League my energy, many fans said Zhu you look a bit white, jumping up. I was very upset and my physical strength is not in itself very well, and the League cycle is long. So I spent a some time to rest and ease.

Reporter: tell us about your most memorable game this season.

Zhu: most memorable one is winning the Champions League final, and before that was the reverse beat aizhajiebase match.

Remember that game you 0:2, 10:20 big in the third inning and fell behind, but in the end you get a reversal, coach Francesco Guidotti said this is the “baichang” game.

Julia: I thought after leading each other might be a bit loose, and we have been together before the game ends.

Remember: this game can be with you e a watershed confrontation of the season? World Cup before you lose them, but after the game you play e all won. Third-place play-off game next to confrontation, is more confident?

Chu: surely, confidence will be a little, but both teams have known each other their tactics.

Note: training system in Turkey is different than home, has been here for almost a season, what is it?

Chu: harvest is self-discipline. Here is different than domestic, domestic coaches and team control, demands discipline here is quite strong and requires a commitment.

Note: when you first came to Turkey last year English is not very good, but now you coach teammates are now not too much of a problem, how do you in addition to training and competition to improve his English?

Chu: I called the online teaching courses, take the time to learn. Not recently, because behind the game is important to focus on.

Remember: this is your first time playing live in a foreign country, after returning to Turkey, if your friends ask you how, what are you going to respond?

Zhu: (laughing) I’m going to tell them my own experience, this place is pretty good. Istanbul is a very beautiful city, and who is also very good.

Remember: we know the Champions League semi-finals match lang also came to Treviso Guide, and games did she give you any advice and guidance?

Julia: she gave me some advice, said the opponents ‘ play, let us note something to overcome something.

Note: lang said in an interview in Tokyo hope before you can take on more responsibility in the Olympic cycle, played a captain’s role, what do you think of this to look forward to?

Julia: first of all, I will try my best no matter what task team to me, I will try and fight for good. Four years ago when I was a child, is a small player, four years later I was growing up, I had to take on more things.

Note: Finally, your first Turkey abroad season points.

Chu: 50 points. Although champions of high gold content, but I want to win the Turkish League champion.

CCTV: Ding Junhui won in the first-phase defence and on the attitude to the opportunities


Beijing time on April 28, 2017 World Snooker Championship semi-final in today’s fight. Ding Junhui Selby in the first phase of a 5:3 lead. CCTV host Jiang Yi and commentary Pang Weiguo wonderful reviews of this game.

Pang Weiguo Ding Junhui at the opening to win must be: at least not lag behind, he hopes, “Ding used his spear to Pierce his opponent tenacious defense”, while Ding Junhui managed to do that.

Game start, commentary and commentators have praised first Selby’s recent State of the world, he feels really good, “really good, Selby to Yes, so at every opportunity. For several years is sitting on the throne in the world rankings. “” Used to be called saierbimowang, now is the “demon king” of magic, Selby has the ball is too hard, “said Pang Weiguo.

But first, Selby first won and then lost, Ding Junhui in the down, 0-45 cases realized reversed, “up to a reversal, a good start. “The third set, Ding Junhui again came from behind in a backward,” councils were reversed, on the opportunity. “Jiang Yi said.

Four, both sides took the two municipal councils. “The first four games against each other, offense has not been a sign of weakness, and very confident about Ding Junhui is on offense. This semi-final win. ”

5th, Ding Junhui in the last games accidentally hit the white ball, explaining shouted, “should not”, for this mistake for Ding Junhui was sent to four minutes, he had no choice but to smile. But this did not affect the mood of Ding Junhui.

In subsequent games, Ding Junhui gradually mastered the initiative, he finally took the lead with 5:3. “Win, win on defense in mind. “Pang Weiguo Ding Junhui was leading the first-phase of the key.


Ding played Selby 26 losing the tug and avoid getting involved in


April 27 at 8 o’clock Beijing time, 2017 will reach the semi-finals of the snooker world championship contest, Ding will be defending champion Mark Selby for the top half of 1 final, semi-final will take 33 17, divided into 4 phases (8-8-8-9), a total of 3 days after.

From Ding Junhui participate in career began, he and Selby has puzzled of fate, 2002 in Shanghai held of China open, Ding Junhui holding outside card entries, this is Ding Junhui first times appeared world career Republika Connaught grams ranking game, he of opponents just is from qualification game breakout of Mark-Selby, and in past of 2016 years II people more is three times in ranking game final in the met, Ding Junhui 1 WINS 2 negative, worth a problem last World Championships final, Selby in final in the 18-14 beat Ding Junhui 2nd times holding up World Championships champion trophy, into 2017 zhihou, two people of trend almost completely similar, Qian 2 months II people performance some bad, all game are is early out and ended, into March zhihou II people State began has has upgrade, Ding Junhui in players Championship and China game made 1 times 4 strong and 1 times 8 strong of results, and Selby is in Beijing won personal 11th a ranking game champion, ahead of lock has year-end world first. Before this year’s World Championships and the two men continued to exploit the advantages of smooth realignment with the semi-finals.

In Kasai Qian, Ding Junhui compared Selby has a potential of race advantage, China Dragon in playing finished 2nd round game Hou has valuable 2 days rest time, zhihou only into 1/4 final, and Selby is will faced from times round up to final continuous 10 days do game of test, more alone in 8 strong war in race arrangements Shang, Selby theory Shang also to than Ding Junhui late end, however reality is some different, Selby this World Championships State continued higher, from first round to 8 strong war, World first won almost all at minimal cost, three games for Leicester clowns lost only 11 games in total, Searle is in the top 8 in Ding Junhui ended the game early, because he only uses two stages to beat Marco Fu, while three games before Ding Junhui and Liang wenbo up one station lost 12 balls. From energy reserves as well as fatigue, Ding advantage no longer exists.

In turned had has Sullivan this seat big mountain zhihou, Ding Junhui of morale natural will has a upgrade, World Championships won future suddenly became light up, but is fair, Ding Junhui 1/4 final can break 11 years ranking game be Sullivan of circles, how many and opponents competitiveness serious fell has is big of associated, back and Sullivan of showdown, Ding Junhui over 75% time in, he of into bags rate insufficient 90%, and far Taiwan success rate always didn’t can breakthrough 60% mark, China Dragon key ball errors some partial more, Sullivan of old and too radical of play how many some cover has Ding Junhui this weaknesses, compared with, Selby in 1/4 final against Marco Fu of game in the show is high of standard, he of into bags rate, far Taiwan success rate and defense success rate performance are to is better than Selby, now Selby in career career most gold stage, its overall standard and in table Shang by reflected out of competitiveness has strong had 42 age Sullivan, if Selby continued against Marco Fu of performance, For Ding Junhui is a huge challenge.

But Republika Connaught grams game sometimes very weird and magic, Shang a round super strong hot of feel sometimes may not be can continued to Xia a round, such of experience for Selby, does not strange, 2011 World Championships Selby in 2nd round against Hendry game in the performance loophole, single field dedication 6 Rod broken hundred, 4 times 50+,13-4 won has victory, however to has 1/4 final, Leicester clown Qian two stage completely no Qian a round of feel, although in third stage back has feel, But eventually 10-13 lost to has Ding Junhui, if such of stories again appeared, that for Ding Junhui, is a big Gospel, but now Selby and 6 years Qian has huge of differences, Selby has a let many players headache of mill control system–that in himself feel bad of situation Xia, through reduced game rhythm and powerful Defense capacity to control game situation, suppressed opponents continuous scored capacity, in tug in the get more started opportunities, Ding Junhui to as reduced this situation of appeared, If, after all, was dragged into a long tug-of-war for a long time, for its own plays and momentum will have some impact.

Shortly after the Selby to win the semi-final, British gambling companies have updated the final odds, Ding Junhui WINS odds of between 2.375-2.80, Selby’s odds of winning between 1.44-1.57, and in terms of the score, most bookmakers three score of the game 17-12,17-13,17-14 is most likely, apparently slightly bullish on Selby to win bookmakers. And two historical record 26 times, Ding Junhui 12 WINS and 1-13 losing slightly negative.

Selby and Ding Junhui against record (Ding Junhui 12 WINS and 1-13)

The 2002 China open wild card round: Selby 5-2 Ding Junhui

2004 Masters tournament first round Ding Junhui 5-4 Selby

2005 Welsh open qualifying third round Ding Junhui 5-3 Selby

Selby 5-2 2005 Irish masters qualifying third round Ding Junhui

Group stage of the 2008 Jiangsu classic Ding Junhui 2-0 Selby

2008 Jiangsu Classic-Finals Ding Junhui 6-5 Selby

2008 Super League group Selby 4-2 Ding Junhui

2008 World Series semi-finals Ding Junhui 4-2 Moscow station Selby

2009 champion Ding Junhui Snooker League 2-2 Selby

First round of the 2010 masters Selby 6-1 Ding Junhui

The 2010 China open second round Ding Junhui 5-3 Selby

2010 Super League tournament Ding Junhui 4-2 Selby

2011 German Championship finals Selby 5-1 1/4 Ding Junhui

2011 China open semifinal Selby 6-3 Ding Junhui

The 2011 World Championships finals Ding Junhui 13-10 1/4 Selby

2011 Wuxi elite semifinals of Selby 6-5 Ding Junhui

2012 the Welsh Open final Ding Junhui 9-6 Selby

2012 2nd round PTC finals Selby 4-1 Ding Junhui

2012 European tour 2nd leg of 4th round Ding Junhui 4-1 Selby

2012 Premier League tournament Ding Junhui 4-2 Selby

2013 Champions League group Selby 3-1 Ding Junhui

2013 German Masters 4th round Selby 5-3 Ding Junhui

2013 the European tour of Belgium stand Selby 4-1 1/4 final Ding Junhui

2016 Championships finals Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

2016 Shanghai masters finals Ding Junhui 10-6 Selby

2016 international tournament finals Selby 10-1 Ding Junhui

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National anthem published original composition, a Professor of the Tianjin Conservatory


After public and expert review process, the 13th Games Organizing Committee recently determined the glory and dreams for the current national anthem, and officially released.

Song of the glory and dreams of Feng Guolin Professor of composition Department of the Tianjin Conservatory of music Tianjin senior teacher Hu Yulan lyrics. Experts agree that the glory and the dream melody high in the atmosphere, the words concise and powerful. “In Republic of flag Xia, boiling universal fitness of marine”, fit has 13th session games “full shipped Huimin health China” of theme, meaning national masses shared full shipped, passed happy; “and sea adjacent of land Shang, we faster, and more high, and more strong” expression has on national sports athletes and masses project entries who in Jin sell Earth Shang again create brilliant of better blessing.

National anthem in expanding the national impact, enhance the host visibility, played an important role, along with the emblem, mascot form the basis for a first-level image of the games. The 13th games started January 1, 2016, for the national song contest, call for to March 31, 2016 deadline were received from Liaoning province, Hunan province, Beijing, Tianjin and other 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, song lyrics and score 407, 51 submitted works in Tianjin.

Review is divided into primary, selection and final selection in three stages. Primary filter is mainly to collect the lyrics. Selection phase, by the Tianjin musicians ‘ Association and the Tianjin Institute of music literature expert judges select 5 finalists lyrics and music works. In the final selection stage, and Tianjin by China expert jury composed of experts, identified in the previous phase of the 5 finalists for final selection, and eventually full brewing discussion and voting of the jury experts, was established by Feng Guolin composer, Hu Yulan lyricist of the glory and dreams for the 13th session of the national anthem.

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Live snooker world championships semi-finals Ding Junhui VS Selby


April 27, at 20 o’clock Beijing time, Ding Junhui will face Selby (first phase of the semifinals 8 innings), when Sina sports will bring you live wonderful graphics and text, so stay tuned

Career third, also for the second consecutive year, burst into the World Championships semi-finals Ding Junhui semi-final is going to be a tough battle, but also a war of revenge, because hui’s opponent is defending champion Selby.

This semi-final will be the 26th battle of Selby and Ding Junhui career after Leicester clown with 13 WINS and 1 draw 11 held a slight edge, in the World Championships 2 confrontation both sides win. 1/4 2011 World Championship finals, Ding was 13-10 out of Selby, the jester from Leicester’s season is also good, but here at the Crucible Theatre could not cross the small bright one. But the previous World Championships two of them meet again in the finals, with the result that Selby won for the second time in three years, also shattered Ding Junhui’s World Championship dream.

Bookmakers offered odds stand at present, although Selby WINS compensation in 1.52, but this data is far from likely to be upset, Ding Junhui have every chance to reach the finals! (New)

Company is one of the longest thick conrack poignant confessions of Lang Ping Ting Zhu


In Italy, the time is too short, silent company, size of thorough according to brush, to the Champions League to his disciples support of Ting Zhu, lang remembered the 2014 FIBA World Championship battle. Three years ago, she and the girls spent a memorable time in Italy, as a disciple of Ting Zhu once again.


Company is one of the longest love confession, along the way, mentoring support and accompany people moved in silence. Body in the rehabilitation period, led the Chinese women’s volleyball team training, Lang ping is still disciples came to Italy to help out, before the game she bless you with a bowl of China as a disciple, Ting Zhu with a victory back to mentor. The Champions League this spring, a small bowl of noodles, thick, teachers and students.


In order to meet this mentoring, master of love accompanied Cook fine home. To Ting Zhu hotel, I saw a table full of Chinese food, Cook, sister to the DIY side of Ting Zhu’s favorite, to master two snacks.

This reminded lang of Rio last year, champion road of tears laughing, she and the girls also in the southern hemisphere on Rio noodle love Chinese food. After the game, Ting Zhu wearing flag scene, more people feeling, like we’ve gone back to the exciting moment.


Five months ago, in Turkey, we witness Ting Zhu’s wajifu Bank beat yisaqibaxi, spent most of her life unforgettable 22 birthday. On that occasion, the same company, delicious Chinese food company.


California sunshine in Los Angeles three months ago, lang began his road to recovery after the operation, every day she took the master chef prepare meals to rehabilitation gym.

A porridge, is the most simple yet most long companionship. Every important moment of their life in their luggage, are hosting a love of Chinese enterprises.


So there is not common – transnational celebrates birthday, Cook on mission close company, tailored nutrition plan. Let people feel the sincerity of the master and detail.

Ting Zhu in Turkey in the refrigerator, and have a special nutritious diet. She loves to eat noodles, master from vapor to Ting Zhu domestic shipping for all tastes, to maintain the percentage of body fat, so she is every chef moves on the table her gastric feeding China. But Cook said sister, Ting Zhu’s new DIY love the master, chewy! In her mind, it is precisely such meticulous care, gave her strongest backing. Lift the Champions League trophy, win the MVP, the girl from her career a step closer to the Grand Slam. Behind all this, people feel the sense of a report from the Chinese company.

 ( 厨师姐姐每天照顾朱婷的一日三餐,保障营养均衡)

Italy before the Champions League semi-final, Lang Ping Ting Zhu’s training for war. “Muscle is stronger than before,” she noted that small changes in the student body. Volleyball is a lifelong undertaking, requires constant practice and maintain their fitness and honed technique, maintaining a healthy diet, dribs and drabs of accumulation and effort for soundless changes.

Accompanied by forward–along the way, teachers and students, the fans love and support domestic enterprise with, let them walk more steadily stronger. A season in 44 Games, Ting Zhu for his performance playing 50 minutes. In her opinion, although the high value of the Champions League, but she “wants to help the team win the Turkish League Championship. “Next month, Ting Zhu will return to competition at the National Games, the national team training camp underway, for their future, she said she will take on more things. “No matter what task team to me, will try, when I grow up, to take on more things,”

Win together, lose together carrying, convinced that Lang ping, Ting Zhu and volleyball the girls will always have the most solid backing.


CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng Li Junhui Liu yuchen denies idols temperament is the goal


Beijing time on April 27, 2017 badminton Asian Championships in Wuhan, started the race second round contest, the “twin towers” combined Li Junhui/Liu yuchen under adverse conditions in a row two of the earlier lost a set, combination of 2:1 to win Malaysia Zhang Yuyu/Wang Yaoxin, through to the last eight. Is height above 1.9-meter long legs small meat, has its own characteristics, Li Junhui handsome, Liu yuchen cute, as is getting better on the international scene, their fans more and more. This tournament, there will always be fans in the stands holding blue posters, they are for “twin tower” combination of cheer.

Li Junhui tall, but his attack is very powerful in the backcourt. His small eyes can send out a different kind of charm, and when he looked at you, and you can clearly feel. Some of his self-love, when the last plane, in order to “show off” your new hairstyle also took many pictures from different angles. And, according to one female team-mates broke, Li Junhui was “the Lone Ranger”, he often likes to be alone, as if it would fit a lot of idols in the actor’s art.

Different from Li Junhui handsome, Liu yuchen is a cute boy. Remember once a TV station to thinking the room to visit, Liu yuchen is to live in the same House with a cute glass brush their teeth, it seems Sun is handsome, and he types do not match. Said ball talk, chat fans, he let the cat out the color of self-consciousness, “now first play his own ball, when power strong, there will be more fans like us. “Asked if he thought he and Li Junhui is now strength when combined with the idol temperament both the men’s doubles, Liu yuchen softly replied:” I think it is amazing! ”

If I know the fans will come to the scene for himself and Liu yuchen come on? Li Junhui said: “before the game, fans want to go to my contact, said the contest will all cheer for me and Liu yuchen. “The competition, Li Junhui received some gifts from fans, he treasures these gifts, gifts with beautiful packaging, see fan’s intentions,” it is an affirmation to me, I don’t want to disappoint the fans, letting them see my excellent performance. “The same question asked Li Junhui,” do you think now and Liu yuchen is strength and Idol qualities both combinations? “He was shy and a:” Idol quality I don’t know, but we certainly want to be excellent doubles combinations like CAI Yun/Fu Haifeng. ”

(Dong Zhengxiang from Wuhan)

Ding took the painful history make him stronger in those years aoshaliwenshen the rod


Sports + special correspondent Wang Xiaodou reported in Sullivan WINS in 6 years, Ding finally ushered in the name of revenge, 13:10, strong promotions. This scene took place on April 26, 1/4 snooker World Championship final, as last year’s runner-up Ding Junhui in challenge five wangaoshaliwen, in the case of unfavorable factors, he has achieved a breakthrough, out of 3 break hundreds, 10 50 +, strong defeated Sullivan, made 11 years second win of the tournament. Over the years, Ding Junhui’s fastest-growing for more than 10 years, and Sullivan became the lingering shadow of his career.

If the 2006 Northern Ireland trophy finals, 19 year old Ding Junhui beat Sullivan 9:6, a new generation of Supernova, after 11 years, Ding Junhui’s tournament defeats nightmare opening. Starting from 2007, the masters and the World Championships, Ding Junhui and 3:10 respectively 2:10 fiasco, masters for the audience insulting words to stimulate him, tears.

2012 masters first round, Ding Junhui debut as defending champion, but was defeated by the o ‘ Sullivan; 2013 Crown 1/4 Crown finals Ding Junhui in the 5:3 lead when holding a match point, Sullivan reversed, missed the top 4, 2014 Welsh Open final Ding Junhui 3:9 fiasco, in single ranking event of the season five when Wang Wei, still unable to break the spell of Sullivan.

2014 Crown Crown in semifinal, Ding Junhui Sullivan once again, this time he still destiny end losing streak, 4:6 watched the rocket promotion. Time 2.5 years thereafter, the two played no more chance, until this year’s World Championships, tournament predecessor killed half of two others, already prepared for the dialogue again, who would have thought, but this time into Ding when the curse-breaking.

In the past more than 10 years, although Ding Junhui, Sullivan was an overwhelming advantage, even is a saoluoye advantage in the score. But this does not affect the couple’s intimacy, from 2007 Masters scene, Sullivan held one, two committed people to forget. For several years, while Ding Junhui rarely beat Sullivan, but the latter rockets and help in the training and competition are a minority. Ding Junhui hit bottom in his career, Sullivan personally encouraged to believe in themselves, who appears uncomfortable moments, including he himself is no exception. Encounter goes wrong when off the pitch, Sullivan is on his side to support him, even if it is and the Taiwan Solidarity Union in the world to do. World Championship win, Sullivan has long been bullish on Ding Junhui a breakthrough, not only this time it is perfect, he paved the way for him.

Ding Junhui and Sullivan, are both rivals and friends, called good, perhaps it is this truth. Ding Junhui was suppressed by Sullivan for more than 10 years, but it has also grown, one day, the goal really is to achieve a breakthrough. When Sullivan walked down the aisle at the moment, Ding Junhui took his rod and began to build a new “Ding.”

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