An Qiaosi: I felt like home to Singapore


UFC in China over former UFC Lightweight champion Rafael Gómez-An Qiaosi (Rafael dos Anjos) will be held in Singapore on June 17, Beijing time the UFC Fight Night non-diyin 111 against Turek-sub (Tarec Saffiedine). But you might not know, for the Brazilian people, Singapore is not a strange place.

“In 2008 I travelled to Singapore for training, I went here at least 10 times. My Evolve boxing Museum here has 3 branches, and there is a solid foundation of fans. After I had my first UFC victory, I had training in Singapore for more than a month’s time, but in 2010, I and my family lived there for 3 months. Also preparing for my last race with almost half of that time in Singapore, so it’s like home to me. ”

It is easy to see, for An Qiaosi, sub non-di is tantamount to acting in Singapore in native Brazil or training game in Southern California, and he is very excited for the event, which apart from the relationship, also means a new start of his career because his welterweight debut.

“I feel this game is like a new beginning. I successfully completed their journey in 155 pounds, and became champion, now is the time to start trying new challenges. I decided to up to Middleweight, which has a lot of good for my health, I would not be affected because the weight loss thing again, I’m very excited about this. ”

Over the years, An Qiaosi lightweight is a big player in the 155 pound weight control is the ultimate challenge to him. In July last year was Eddie aerwaruizi (Eddie Alvarez) first round KO lost the lightweight title was also poor state due to excess weight before the game.

“A few months before the game, now I no longer need to carry physical and psychological pressure to lose weight. Up and another advantage is that I can put more training, and even though I was not a big player, but my combating forces will be strengthened, more natural because under the weight of my body, I will do three or five rounds of world war preparation. ”

Despite the distance challenge welterweight title still has a long way to go, but before An Qiaosi said success in lightweight giving you a big star. Although already 32 years old, but Brazilians believed their golden age is yet to come.

“Lightweight is one of the most competitive level, there are a lot of good players here, and I have always been one of the top players here, and also won the Championship. I’m very healthy and very strong, I believe that previous experience will cause I was 170 pounds to succeed again. ”

“At least I can play again under the current state of the top 5, I think that even at 37 years of age, you are still able to maintain a very good state. I was very careful to take care of your body, I rarely even injuries. There are a lot of challenges in front of me, I know I will again be a UFC champion. “(UFC tough, China)

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