Add Kickboxing tournament to be held in China masters challenge


CNS,, April 26 (reporter Yu Ruidong)-2017 “martial arts style” added in the first Kickboxing tournament to be held on May 16 in the city of Mississauga in the greater Toronto area, Canada debut. Local time on April 26, several fighter for Canada against competition in the media in front of the camera shirtless, open frame, to challenge China’s fighter.

The event by the Canadian new media group, China Henan television, and Canadian Council of Kickboxing sport cooperation. New media group, said the event named “East versus West zhanlong summary”. By then, 10 Chinese martial arts expert will travel to Toronto, the name da Lei and 10 Canadian combat against competing for 10 trophies.

It was also “martial arts style” that mainland China well-known martial arts programs and arena fighting games for the first time in Canada “start”. This reporter has learned, to come to Canada “playing Hall” Chinese boxers, including Yang Zhuo, Liu Qiliang strong.

Canada free fight movement Council aspects introduced, due to “martial arts wind” rules Xia of events is first into Canada, free fight game of related regulatory institutions in approval Shi is carefully, on each link for has carefully of research and argument, and watch has “martial arts wind” game of large video, eventually finds “martial arts wind” rules does meet guarantee entries who security of added party related requirements, to achievements this a events in Canada of first debut.

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