45 An Jiajie advantage and no one on the women’s volleyball team is essential to the stability


Lang ping as head coach, Lai Yawen as leader and coach, An Jiajie as Executive coach, does not seem to be too many surprises in this framework, is the unanimous choice of a list.

Lang ping had previously said this year’s main task is to rest the body, but also will participate in the work of the women’s volleyball team, coach is a good choice. In addition, the Administration has deliberately before head coach in charge, namely head reporting directly to the Director of the model, thus head coach Lang ping this post is also in line with the current administration of the staffing principles.

An Jiajie, 45, a player was the main force of the Chinese men’s volleyball team takes, currently serves as women’s volleyball coach, Shandong, the Shandong women’s volleyball Yang Fangxu, Wang Mengjie, Qian Jingwen, Du Qingqing, Yang Han jade list five people selected for training.

An Jiajie were in 2014 by Lang ping named assistant coach, Lang ping and cooperation is also the ANZI’s biggest advantage is more than two years, his coaching philosophy of Lang ping and technical play recognition, China Women’s volleyball players are more familiar than others, features familiar to these people. An Jiajie as Executive coaches, to maintain the stability of women’s volleyball, continuation of Lang ping’s technical and tactical is the best choice.

2015 Switzerland women’s volleyball elite match of the women’s volleyball Grand Prix finals and June 2016, An Jiajie were on behalf of Lang ping rate team, Lang ping An Jiajie in the concept is an important part of the national team, only led the young coach $literal independent, will have room to grow. Lang ping was not out on everything, of course, Switzerland women’s volleyball elite match during the last year, in the case of jet lag, Jenny Lang ping will also put forward its own proposals to help An Jiajie address team issues.

With the season over, it’s women’s training camp is about to begin, for head coach Jenny Lang ping and executive coaching An Jiajie, the published list is only the first step, followed by training, the next game is big. New Olympic cycle began, whether lang was An Jiajie, and women’s volleyball the girls are faced with new challenges over the next three years of time, everything is new to them, Halo has been permanently fixed in the summer 2016.

(Ting Yuan)

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