27th to watch for: Ding Junhui, mark the world’s first non-invincible


UK local time on April 27, entered the 13th day 2017 of the snooker world championship at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield started the semi-final stage of the competition. Phasing out “rocket” O ‘ Sullivan after Ding Junhui will face another big BOSS, is now ranked first in the World Championship defending champion Selby, in the face of big hot Leicester jester, Ding needs to work harder; another game “witch” Higgins and Hawkins assassination.

April 27, at 20 o’clock Ding Junhui VS Selby (semifinal stage 8)

1/4-finals Ding Junhui beat five-time world champion 13-10 o ‘ Sullivan, made out on a career of victory, also made rockets at the Crucible Theatre lost in the third round for the second time in three years, two hug scene is impressive after the game. Throughout the “Ding” in praise, including British media this is a high quality game. But for a career third, and Ding Junhui who burst into the World Championship semi-finals for the second year in a row not to celebrate when, because the start of the semi-final is going to be a tough battle, but also a war of revenge, because hui’s opponent is defending champion Selby.

As the world’s first, strong performance this season of Selby, in the performance of this year’s World Championships in the same laudable, according to participate in the contest, hoped he would gradually adjust it out. Especially in the 1/4 final Marco Fu, Selby is a bloodless sweep 13-3 extremely strong fifth World Championships four times, and even he says that game played a near-perfect, Selby both said they have had in the semi-final and final fight preparations.

This semi-final will be the 26th battle of Selby and Ding Junhui career after Leicester clown with 13 WINS and 1 draw 11 held a slight edge, in the World Championships 2 confrontation both sides win. 1/4 2011 World Championship finals, Ding was 13-10 out of Selby, the jester from Leicester’s season is also good, but here at the Crucible Theatre could not cross the small bright one. But the previous World Championships two of them meet again in the finals, with the result that Selby won for the second time in three years, also shattered Ding Junhui’s World Championship dream.

Selby now is very good, but not unbeatable, for Ding Junhui still need to find feel like against Sullivan as soon as possible, the first stage of the fight for superiority start, not only to lay the Foundation for the game after also put some pressure on the opponent. According to past experience, the recent three World Championships semi-final ahead in the top 8 players ultimately won, behind in the first stage comeback Hawkins, recently again in 2013, when he is lagging in the first eight innings 2-6, ultimate 17-14 beat Leach-Walton.

Although difficult to play the game, but Ding is very confident, especially firmly believe that if you do yourself, play a level, you have a chance to win, “I don’t think Selby in the bag, he is the world champion, is the world’s first, very skilled on the tactics used, with subtle changes in the backward situation. This season at the Shanghai masters and international championships have been played, the win, semi-final is very important for all of us a heavyweight match. ”

April 28, at 2 o’clock in the morning Higgins VS Hawkins (semifinal stage 8)

This is also a former world champion and looking forward to this historic breakthrough in the dialogue between the players. Previously at the Crucible Theatre four times to win the “witch” Higgins, in the finals was beat Karen 13-6-1/4 Wilson, Hawkins is the 13-9 out of Maguire broke into the World Championship semifinals for the fourth time in five years. After two confrontations 14 times, record each win 7 games, but in the 2010 FIBA World Championship ended each duel won by Higgins and Higgins wins the 2011 Player Tour Championship before. Hawkins, of course in recent years to improve strength and won the last 3 on both sides, only three games are short. (Amber)

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