Praise for the audience! applause liberal puffed up after the cheering warm Ding Junhui


Beijing time on March 31, 2017 World Snooker China open continued at the Beijing University students gymnasium. China Star Ding Junhui in day and night 1/4 final, unexpectedly lost to ranked his 10th to 1-5 after the youngster Danny Wilson. In this game, the audience showed higher qualities: Unfortunately, but still lost the game, when leaving the little sunshine shouted a cheering, while Alex Wilson was very tolerant.

From CCTV live on-site, prior to the 6th tee, the audience even clapped for Xiao Hui of the then 1-4, and shouting “come on! “To cheer for him. After the end of the game, Xiao Hui lose the game when leaving, the audience still as he shouted “come on! “To comfort him.

In addition, in this game, after the teenager Wilson has shown momentum after 90 children have. On offense accurate ball and dare to play difficult to spell. Final moments of the game, in the case of already holding the victory, Wilson rolling staff exerting force will end on the edge of the red and the black ball and play red ball after playing a hit black ball line that runs in the same direction, directly into the end of the right side of the bag. The unexpected goal scene includes explanations are a scream.

At this point, Wilson first opened her arms and placed his left hand in the ear after listening to cheers. This action shows the 90 children’s play. And demonstrated once again the high quality of a live audience, instead of booing, but don’t hesitate to praise gave him a round of applause. Because this is a game, Wilson’s play was worth the audience clapping for him, even though he beat Ding Junhui of the person. Snooker in China booming, fans of quality is also rising, can learn to accept winning or losing, with a calm state of mind watching is very important.

Ding Junhui, entered the last eight already is very good scores, eight in the four-match encounter TOP16 opponents, winning or losing is normal, why do some extreme fans to impose abuse on Ding Junhui? Even Sullivan, and Trump are lost to ranked much lower than their players, when lost in foreign names, and some people better able to understand the cruelty of sports and uncertainty.

Turns 30 years old Ding Junhui, snooker prodigy turned out over the years to today’s pace of development slows, but he always in the first ranks of superstars. Even if not eventually reach o ‘ Sullivan, Mr Hendry’s high, but we can have a Ding, is undoubtedly the luckiest, as Liu Xiang to athletics, Li Na in tennis, Yao Ming in basketball. Alone carry the banner of the Chinese snooker, like many other British players against Ding Junhui needs is support, not blame.

Fans watching, the most important thing is to focus on the game itself. Respect the efforts of every player on the field, caring games, objective look at players and the game, cheering for players with our sincere encouragement, with our warm applause in response to player every performance.


Indian feather games mixed doubles four powers new sharp again captured the Olympic men’s doubles the second runner-up


Beijing time on March 31, 2017 Indian open ended one-fourth the World Badminton Federation Super Series final, the Chinese team broke into the top four for the two projects. Li Junhui/Liu yuchen WINS Olympic runner-up Miss Koon Wai-Chee Sheng/Chen Weiqiang entered the men’s doubles semi-finals, Lu Kai/thought/Chen Qingchen Andrew Cheng Huang Yaqiong top mixed doubles semi-final.

Li Junhui/Liu yuchen did well in the men’s doubles one-fourth finals, most of the time they are in a leading position, they took 33 minutes to 2:0 (21:15, 21:17), eliminated top seed Ng Wei sheng/Chen Wei of Malaysia is strong. This is Li Junhui/Liu yuchen beat Rio Olympic silver medalist for the second straight time this year, before the all-England open. Li Junhui in the semi-final against Indonesia’s kalandasuwadi/pulatama/Liu yuchen. The other semi-final against Petersen of Denmark in Indonesia, Ji Diang/sukamuqiao/Colding.

Huang Yaqiong/Tang Jinhua regret stopping women’s doubles one-fourth finals. Japan youji/Kwong Tin flowers, Huang Yaqiong/Tang Jinhua first game facing uphill battles, both sides drew many times, China to seize the opportunity to score after 29 flat to 30:29 win the first game. Combinations work better in Japan but the rest of the match, leading most of the time they 21:18, 21:15 even pulls two Directorate in order to beat Huang Yaqiong/Tang Jinhua 2:1. The game 1 hour and 18 minutes. Shen Sheng Zan, Japan’s top seed Zheng Jingyin/fuwanshangzi/and he and walnuts also entered the women’s doubles semi-finals.

One-fourth finals in the mixed doubles, Zheng thought/Chen Qingchen in charge on the pitch, they 21:12, 21:16 straight sets win over Japan’s number yejiantai/liyuanwen tone. Lu Kai deleiming/dimowa/Huang Yaqiong against Russia, Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong pulled away quickly with 21:8 quick victory, second-inning play more close, Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong 20:16 lead Russia combined race, Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong won 2:0 to qualify. In the semifinals, Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong will face England’s Chris Adcock/Gabrielle-Adcock.

Men’s one-fourth final, 3rd seed fighting asaiersen after 1 hour and 5 minutes to 2:1 (19:21, 21:14, 21:16) beat Chinese Taipei’s Wang Ziwei, Wu Jialang Soegiarto 2:1 victory over Indonesia, Zhou Tiancheng eliminated Denmark Ting Hass of dimensions 2:0.

In the women’s singles final one-fourth, Marin 2:1 (21:10, 20:22, 21:14) beat Japan with walnuts, shankouqian 2:1 in the Japan Derby (21:13, 11:21, 21:18) defeated teammate Okubara hope. Indian Derby, sindu 2:0 (21:16, 22:20) out of teammates ‘. South Korea Cheng Chixuan to 2:0 (21:16, 22:20), beat Thailand’s latechanuo. Semifinal limalin against shankouqian, sindu and Cheng Chixuan confrontation.


Ding Junhui opponents hang open as alarm CCTV: absolute after the game


Beijing time on March 31, 2017 World Snooker China open continued at the Beijing University students gymnasium. China Star Ding Junhui in the final 1/4, unexpectedly lost to ranked themselves to 1-5 the lower 10 bits after the youngster Danny Wilson. CCTV commentator song Cambridge and explaining Yuan Cheng guests wonderful reviews of this game.

CCTV live broadcast of this game is from the beginning of the 5th, Ding Junhui has been 1-3 down. Explain the surprised guests Yuan Cheng on this score: “Hui of the 5th State to see since childhood, and should not be 1-3 down, this status is good. ”

However, 2 explanation of Wilson’s play feels surprisingly: “Unlike most of Wilson’s play after the player, more conservative, because he is practicing with Elberton, defensive ability is very strong, the pace slow. However, in terms of overall defense, offense, surrounding the ball worse than Ding by at least 10%. Also play the game, it seems that today (Xiao Hui) play is not ideal. 1-3 and others, if 1-4 is dangerous. ”

In fact, in today’s game, little fai luck remains poor, spin placed on several times narrowly escaped falling bags. In the 5th inning play was sailed to take time, white balls once again stopped in the Pocket. The ball has little chance, Wilson is also aiming for a long time, just when everyone thought he would be defensive, he had a precise force, red balls into his pocket.

The ball really had 2 explain no little surprise, even exclaim aloud. Yuan Cheng, said: “everyone thought he was defending, but he did not expect was scored, it seems that he is a very attacking player. “Song of Cambridge came up with” iron King “, joked,” this should not be under the influence of Elberton, Elberton is certainly not play. “In this regard, Yuan Cheng said:” in fact, alongside professional players usually are in practice, which helps to keep the levels. When you have a certain level, then, try to find a little higher than the own opponent, if you always look for soft touch squeeze, not good for your ball up. ”

Since then, both offensive and defensive conversion, Wilson also seize the chance to win the game. Score becomes the most dangerous of 1-4! In this regard, 2 explanation is frustration. Yuan Cheng said: “in fact, Xiao hui in the 5th are already adjusting their status. “Song of Cambridge, said:” the game is not the end of the case, anything can happen. “When the audience with applause and” go go go “cheer shouts as Xiao Hui.

At the beginning of the 6th inning, Yuan Cheng cautioned: “when Ding Junhui in the defense, do not leave opportunity for Wilson because Wilson long is very accurate. “Volleying, Wilson shot made a precise pass to score. Song Cambridge exclaimed: “even the passes so Ah! Game accuracy guarantee, if any, mostly will win the game. “Then, when Wilson unexpectedly rushing balls, he again expressed surprise:” the ball off by this time?! This is after the game, if normal, shouldn’t play this. ”

Wilson hit 57-6, the song of Cambridge said Xiao hui had no chance: “today’s opponent, Wilson played really good, dared to attack this block is indeed commendable. “Yuan Cheng says:” today during the game show that Wilson make up, some players faced players tactics be changed, talk to Elberton is certainly not this type. ”


National women’s throwing the shot put Bian Ka won the World Championships in London


Beijing time on March 31, 2017 national athletics throwing event-group in Sichuan xipu ended the match second leg contest, only player to achieve world standards of this site. PLA female shot put player Bian Ka 17.91-meter broke through the World Championships 17.75-meter’s standard lines, became the second World Championships standard of Chinese female shot athletes in London. The group with two points and five players reached the World Championship of London pass line they are Liu Shiying and Lv Hui of the women’s Javelin, women’s hammer throw, Zheng Wang, Feng Bin of the women’s discus throw and the women’s shot put Bian Ka. The two names in the world, Gong Lijiao (women’s shot put) in Germany in January to 18.95-meter successful compliance is in an indoor match, Zhang Wenxiu (women’s hammer throw) no race this season debut.

Throwing World Championships results calculated from October 1 last year, and July 23 this year, women’s shot put results is 17.75-meter. First player Guo Tianqian nearly won the title of 17.7-meter, Hebei, Bian Ka of the Liberation Army’s turn to play well, her fifth throw throw 17.91-meter won the Championship and got the World Championship tickets in one fell swoop. Runner-up Guo Tianqian site to 17.44-meter.

Rhona first leg of the women’s hammer throw, Heilongjiang team won the Championship, but only 68.94-meter, Lorna wing great, she again won the Championship based on 70.66-meter, although 34 cm from being 71-meter the results, but in the game in April or May, Rhona was optimistic about getting the World Championships ticket, Zheng Wang in the same 70.66-meter of targets first runner-up. Women’s discus throw, Feng Bin 63.06-meter the first standard of the PLA team won the Championship again, and her eighth-place finish just like the Rio Olympics. But other players are still substandard. Shandong’s Li lingwei 58.83-meter won the women’s Javelin title.

The men’s side, the Liaoning team Wang Shizhu 71.75-meter won the men’s hammer throw title. Beijing Liu Qizhen 78.83-meter won the men’s Javelin throw title, Wang Guangfu, Henan team 19.29-meter won the men’s shot put event. All three of them are the two wars are, and have a different rate increase, a step toward compliance. In addition Tan Kun to the Shandong team 57.91-meter won the men’s discus title.