Out xiaote Iranian boy car dream Liang wenbo: he is the man


Beijing time on April 1, 2017 snooker China open semifinal contention, four and one of the many strange faces – Iranian boy-Wafi Al-Hussein. This is 94-born youngster play for the first time in season four.

Wafi is a Iranian history as the only a professional snooker player, currently ranked 76th in the world, but this clearly does not reflect the true level of his. Because he entered the professional game has been delayed, because the British Embassy in Tehran two years ago did not give him a visa, leading to qualified professional training he was unable to go to the UK.

This contest, Wafi played very well, hit the top ten in the first round to Joe Perry, but he 5-2 easily won, followed by successive elimination Wollaston, MacLeod. One-fourth met trump in the finals, thought he’d ended with a crushing defeat of the China trip, but 5-3, the last laugh is his. Beat Judd to create best result of his career, earned him a lot of attention.

Liang wenbo in the microBlog for cheer Wafi, and shared some of his story. Wafi took the two-time World Amateur championships and Asian Championships. He got a lot of eligible to play in the British occupation, but because it was the Iranians, the Embassy did not give him a visa, Visa effects should have been 2-3 years, playing for two years before they can go to England. He made some money in Asia before the game, but in order to play in the pros, he sold his car, some deposits are almost always enough … …

Liang wrote: “I just want to say he is a hero. Let us work together to realize their dreams. ”


Guo ping received awards of World Chinese Zhang jike: dream-no shortcuts


On March 31, the world champion Ma long, Zhang jike, Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen at Tsinghua University “2016-2017 affecting Chinese Festival of the world” award on behalf of the Chinese table tennis team.

“World Chinese Festival” is a public service, sports and have made outstanding contributions in the fields of culture and art of Chinese tribute event. Rio after the Olympic Games, the Chinese table tennis team in China Red again, regardless of the popularity or fame, has reached unprecedented levels of heat. Games, players documentary, fans of comics-related information is crazy forwarded by fans on the Internet. Not only the players, even the coach’s latest issue of fan concern; in addition to take the national team to the great, the Chinese table tennis team has also become a new era of “net red”, attracting countless young fans. But head coach Liu guoliang to see farther, he thought when the Red does not mean star. As a player and coach, in addition to win honor for our country, there is an important responsibility–promotion known as the national sport of table tennis, let more people, especially young people fall in love with the sport, and participate.

Awards, Liu guoliang was unable to attend for some reason, Captain Malone on the Chinese table tennis team and the ‘ net red ‘ a new interpretation:

‘ I think we are not net of red, I think everyone can see our efforts and get the achievement. Although the attention so much, is to do a good job, not only on the field fighting, can also make other contributions to society and other sports people. ’

Zhang jike said that dream there are no shortcuts, no end. This is after he is from small to large including, as an athlete trying to giving people a message of true sportsmanship.

Referring to high world level of the Chinese table tennis team ‘ hard ‘, as well as other countries catching, Ding Ning believes that not only is the pressure, is dynamic, allowing higher self, showing his better side. Liu Shiwen certainly Corona pressures on athletes, but she says as an athlete, besides the goal is to continue to fight for the victory and the Championship, is also hoping to win at the same time, we can show your personality, meaning and spirit:

“Through the efforts of our generation so that more people like table tennis. “(ITTFWorld)

Happy Ding 30! Stripling you have more play



Also during the snooker China open, top Chinese player Ding Junhui celebrated his – is Xiao Hui 30 years birthday today, is a pity, he knocked out last night, hadn’t been able to win gave himself a birthday gift. The old saying goes: 30 instruction. Once the big boys in our eyes, it is inadvertently stepped into a mature what had been the. Used Billiards “Prodigy” to today’s top snooker players, along the way, Xiao hui’s grow does not run smooth.

Open English Dictionary, “had been” represents the man was 30 years old and mean. This age is the age of self-reliance, education, self-reliance, independence of personality. Ding Junhui, a successful career now wife in his arms and nature meet the above conditions.

Grew up in his father’s training to concentrate on billiards training Ding Junhui 15 years for China to win the first Asian Championship title and become the youngest Asian champion. The same year, he won the FIFA World Youth Championship, becoming China’s first snooker world champion, and then emerging on the world stage. In 2003, at age 16, he turned professional player, China ranked first on the throne at the same time, went on to become masters are invited to compete in one of the youngest players in history.

Said Ding’s career, it will have to carry this on his birthday which took place before and after the China open. Due to annual of game are in April 1 before and after for, so for small Hui birthday into has successive events of special link, and here also left has small Hui or HI or sad of various memory: 05, spent 18 age adult ceremony of he in here beat billiards Emperor Heng enrichment, won career first Crown, fame; 09, first round lost to Xiao of he contains tears has spent has bitter of 22 age birthday; 10 and 11 of birthday meets card has he of two field victory; 12 is lost to Elberton, but also created When the 2nd season of its achievements; 14, he once again dominated the Chinese race, and last year out of the qualifying … …

Performance on the ups and downs of the game in China, Ding Junhui is not a career microcosm of smooth all the way. In China in 2005 first ranking event title game began, 12 years, Xiao Hui harvested 12 tournament champions, 4 small tournament champions, 4 non-ranking event champion and 1 representative of the national team played a World Cup champion, champion of 25 large and small. On December 8, 2014, Ding went on to become the first Asian player in throne of climbing the world’s highest. Result can be described as rather brilliant.

However, the overall brilliance behind the process was tortuous, and fame, lots of news but also go all the way. 07 Wembley master game Hou, suffered site fans not friendly treats, lost ball of small Hui also unbearable grievance sad tears; 08-09 season, State downturn of he suffered has up 40 months of champion shortage, that was suspected he is modern version of “injury Zhong Yong”; 09 China game upset negative Yu Xiao, broken civil war not defeated gold body, year-end ranking fell out Qian 16; 2014 China game Hou, he again experience 29 months of champion shortage, short 16 months in world ranking from 1th fell to 17th, no End of the name-calling and accusations are also on the rise … …

Men’s development always go through various trials and tribulations of baptism. From used to divert, ignorant young, through UPS and downs, have suffered alienation after the mature men, is now standing on the field in China, Ding Junhui is different of composure. In a trademark event, Xiao Hui can adjust, solidly against each opponent.

Former boy genius, for his young contributed the price of Fame, his tears fell, hit his head, the ball rod … … Poor results depressing, not to be understood of the sad, derided by unprovoked anger, the 30-year old man who has experienced, feel.

Within the game, he was Phoenix’s top player, outside the competition, he was no longer being accused of “not gone to school” children. In 2006, he entered Jiaotong University Business Administration Undergraduate. At the time of graduation, is rumored to have a domestic brand-name University would like to invite him to the school to teach. Xiao Hui is grateful to the University for recognition and love, but expressed hope that the first graduate, is more full then consider various aspects such as thing as a teacher.

Careers, academic achievement is not satisfactory, in 2014, said Ding Junhui in the show, he had married his girlfriend get a card, though there is no baby plan, but his girlfriend care gave him a more outstanding play on the field. At the Spring Festival this year after mother’s pain, Xiao Hui said he would fight for his family, hard to comfort the mother.

30, marks the maturity of a man aged 30, is an important watershed in life. Game continues, we witness him step by step growing footprint. Happy Ding 30! On the road ahead, we will stay with you for the ride, the wind and rain.


China Williams black 5th 6-1 win Iran into final


Beijing time on April 1, 2017 snooker China open semifinal battle, King played by the left hand mark Williams in the opening semi-final stability played three 50+ and breaking a multitude to beat Iranian players-Wafi Al-Hussein 6-1, the fifth into the China Open final, quadruple achievement and as a key step forward.

Afternoon’s first semi-final between two world champions Williams and Iran’s young players Wafi, the former 5-1 in the previous round sweep with world champion magician, Sean Murphy, feel good, which is a round 5-3 knocked out defending champion Trump, and morale were in bloom, the clash met both sides in the competition for the first time.

Match begins at two o’clock in the afternoon, 11 6 WINS. First Council by Williams kickoff, several round defense post-war Williams adventure will red ball heap beat accidentally left has end of bags mouth near red ball of far Taiwan attack opportunities, Wafi started get 26 points Hou into defense, Williams back ball mother ball stopped in has coffee ball and yellow ball between of small gap in the, w low red ball mother ball fell bags sent 4 points, then Williams started get 28 points interrupted, two people continues to defense war, several Rod Hou Wafi with blue ball made Republika Connaught grams, Williams solutions ball foul leak opportunities, Wafi in red but lost the simple black balls, Williams several times after a long period of struggle started end 77-48 won the first Board.

Second start by Williams long offensive started with 24 points after the pink bag of simple mistakes, Wafi took over into only 6 points after defending, attacking angle after a period of stalemate Wafi adventure red ball bag at the end of the missed opportunity, Williams got the winning score 2-0 with 63-6 Super points. Wafi tries long offensive failures after the third tee, Williams scoring the thin red one red and one black ball bag at the end of the send opportunity, start Wafi 56 break in play, a thin ball of black balls interrupt the attack, then Williams through a combination of the ball overhand 62 break in play win score to 3-0. Directorate IV Williams caught in her opponent’s mistakes into the red ball bag to use directly after winning 103 break in play to extend the score to 4-0, with four huge lead into the break.

Fifth Council kickoff Hou Wafi long Taiwan attack side library near red ball succeeded Hou won 26 points into defense, several round entanglement Hou Williams started, have 11 points Hou attack difficulty is unlikely to of red ball end of bags appeared simple errors, Wafi a rod defense Hou Williams even attack with keep thin into red ball end of bags then with coffee ball made Republika Connaught grams, Wafi is solutions to ball but left has in the bags attack opportunities, Williams started played single rod 52 points completed Super points, score came to 5-0. Sixth tee Williams away after the attack succeeded, 11 points back of red ball bag-sent opportunity Wafi has taken over 98 break in play, win a face-saving one.

Seventh Council Wafi made wrong will mother ball left in has Xia half Taiwan, Williams playing into red ball and directly with bulk red ball heap go to black ball bit into Council, single rod 69 points completed Super points Hou using frame Rod attack errors interrupted has scored, Wafi slightly for entanglement Hou scored red ball but missed black ball then towel, score fixed in has 6-1, Williams broke into final, will and Selby and Wilson game of WINS who compete for this China game champion. (Drag the shadow)

Kung Fu led Almighty first Grand Prix champions Bartels opened a printing or


May 8-13th all-around second national Kung Fu Grand Prix will be staged in Beijing sport University Stadium hot, national elite fighting extreme challenge to the throne to Kung Fu.

National kungfu Almighty Almighty Grand Prix sports College, formerly known as the 2015 national Kung Fu Grand Prix when the “bloodthirsty hunters” Liu Xiaoyang and “stop-Kings” Lu built wave, “Prairie Wolf” battle, “” down little man, “Zhang Kaiyin,” “beyond the gallant” Qing Gele champion won five levels. Unfortunately, this competition, five championship due to various reasons out of the tournament, missed the title in advance.

Liu Xiaoyang

“Bloodthirsty hunters” Liu Xiaoyang is 60 kg class champions, memories of the 2015 Championship road, Liu Xiaoyang remembered, “fracture of the first game first hand, to final victory turned into a black eye, just like it happened yesterday, very impressive game experience. ”

Liu Xiaoyang sidelined more than six months after the race came back after the “heavyweight unification wars” title, becoming the Almighty bokesen Kung Fu teams signed player, enjoy the guaranteed salary of 180,000/year, because at the end of 2016 time injured in World Cup warmup, so far has not healed, not participating in this national effort all-round skill Grand Prix.


“Stop-Kings” is 66 kg class defending champion Lu Jian wave, when the cool way to many appearances left a deep impression on fans. Lujianbo said I had the once champion, proved his strength, Xian Institute of sport there are a lot of very good young, against people should be given more opportunities.

Mengke bateer

“Prairie Wolf” Battelle is 70 kg class of the defending champion, won the battle after feeling the young spirit a shortage at that time, did not give him sufficient threat, want young people to grow up quickly, carry the burden of fighting China. Bartels said in an interview that he would not use member’s identity in order to participate in the May race, but may in his capacity as coach travel.

Zhang Kaiyin

“Down little man,” Zhang Kaiyin is 77 kilograms of the defending champions, when Zhang Kaiyin is a graduate student at Beijing sports University, Zhang Kaiyin now has the capital Institute of physical education as a teacher, in an interview, Zhang Kaiyin led clear in his capacity as coach to participate in this contest.

Green Grid

“Beyond the gallant” Qing Gele is 85 kg class champions three games that year, he was a KO, two TKO easily won. In the Kung Fu tournament in January this year, Qing Gele defeated France “competitor” gold sash winner, but he detected rib fractures after the race. Qing Gele remain sidelined in recent months, there is no systematic training. Green expressed regret in an interview out of this national effort all-round skill Grand Prix.

All five defending champions missed the competition, this means that each level will have a new champion, who can become the new King of it? Let us wait and see. China Internet TV will be broadcast throughout the event, so stay tuned!

Kung Fu all-around skill Grand Prix highlights: most aggressive KO the most bloody hero


Second national effort all-round skill Grand Prix will be held May 8-13th at the Beijing sports University gymnasium, current physical education and Social Club actively sign up to prepare for this time, and what are some celebrity contestants? Which rookie to look forward to? Who will surprise fame? Suspense waiting for answers.

Almighty review in 2015 the first Kung Fu Grand Prix, between games only in sports colleges, bokesen company to new business models will have a home game, an influential event new media + live, to full media coverage, to the China Central television broadcast, good game feast not only wrestling fans, the network also reached extremely high search popularity.

Let us recall some wonderful games:

Most aggressive most obscure: cold punch KO Ding Qiupeng Dong Xin

Xian Institute is the first time all the biggest winner of the Grand Prix, they get the 5 level 4 champion, can only make the men’s 77-kg class champion passed, and at this level, Xian sent by the Institute is excellent in strength and experience, “Jade Dragon” Dong Xin, aimed at “imposing little man,” Zhang Kaiyin.

On Dang everyone looks forward to this one zhenjianduimaimang of game coming of Shi, ring Shang is occurred surprise of a scene: 1/4 final, Dong Xin engaged Hebei Institute Ding Qiupeng, Dong Xin using body advantage and fist leg combination soon occupy prevailed, however on in first round is end of Shi, Ding Qiupeng first Qian hand pendulum fist was Dong Xin escaped, due Dong Xin out fist of when, Ding Qiupeng right hand out fist acting, a fist Middle Dong Xin of Chin, Dong Xin directly fell. KO!

This game has become the biggest upsets in the first event, audiences not only after the game, users also talking in the video on demand, this game to tell you: don’t be afraid of any opponent and stick, ring where anything can happen! And this is where combat sports charms.

The bravest most inspirational: Zhu Kangjie nearly picked fall battle

“Prairie Wolf” Bartle and “down little man,” Zhang Kaiyin was the first of the game’s most dazzling star, to work with them is a dream of many players, Guangzhou institutes of Zhu Kangjie encounter such opportunities.

Directly with the Bartels PK, Zhu Kangjie no stage fright, he was “young” brave and battle fierce fight, fist leg attack led to battle back, almost world champion picked off the horse. Thanks to “Prairie Wolf” experience, finally turn things around, but Zhu Kangjie through the game gains more confidence, experience and future goals.

More fighting players took to the ring, play confident and playing experience and become more powerful, and matches one of the goals of!

The most handsome of the most bloody: “model workers,” Li Belle Chase

Kung Fu fight players to people more of impression is aggressive, but also has many guy type, especially in Kung Fu Almighty technical Grand Prix of ring Shang, Shenyang Institute of sportsman Lee he is which of leader, he not only can playing, and long have handsome, laugh up special charming, through first game, he also poly Range Rover has many of fans, certainly more of is female fans, each one game go Xia ring, total was came being, is seeking photo, is seeking added friends, popularity bursting.

But Li was a “model worker”-type player, he spent four days playing four games in a row, and every game is played in three rounds, and even fight to hang on in the face color, but boys don’t worry, he wanted the ring to represent himself.

It’s people like Li he’s young students, dare to dare to fight, the courage to challenge the positive attitude, declaring: this young man to be, it’s no wonder, the Xinhua News Agency after the game praised: “Kung Fu all-around skills training a bloody hero! “We also expect, in this year’s competition saw more of courage and a good man.

Most popular the most domineering: XiTi exploded the night of Champions

Champion of night was blood, game site packed, Xian Institute of fans composition has a support huge of cheer mission, whole late game cheers sound heard, strength extraordinary of Xian Institute team also no let fans disappointed, they got five a level in the of four a champion, “bloodthirsty Hunter” Liu Xiaoyang, and “stop-King” Lu built wave, and “Prairie pale Wolf” Bartels, and “beyond gallant” green Gele four people success coronation.

However, Xian Institute of the champion is not easy, and Liu Xiaoyang also got lot of fists, eye swelling, into a lovely “Panda”; after Patel stepped down from the ring, too tired to sit on the ground, and sustained for a long time to be interviewed.

Now, with the domestic fight heat, more and more players emerged and began to grow, Xian Institute of advantages even more a challenge, this year’s competition, they can also defend the glory?

Top ten contestant list announced boertexiaowei the top 10 social media value


Sports + correspondent reported Le VLO

The popularity is one of the best F1 drivers in the racing world. Then, when they arrive in the international sports arena, and a number of sports stars than when a popular, and how? Forbes top 10 most social media value of the newly released list of athletes that we look in the mirror.

In the 10-man list. 10th place was Nico Rosberg–which had just won the F1 world title last year, has announced his retirement a few days after people. Such a legendary life experiences may be small Rothenberg a lot of powder, his popularity appears to be in F1 could not enter the top 3, but with surprisingly retired, but one of the sport’s top 10. Little Nico Rosberg’s fans than the former did not fall but rose before, sitting on 3.7 million followers, media value of $6 million. This one prove his retired “value for money”.

9th people with small Rosberg is unusual, it’s his former team-mate, one of life’s biggest rival–Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton has 9.9 million fans and the media value of about US $6.7 million. Of course, this is in large part because he is still active on the field, as well as his highly personalized rider character.

In this list, other F1 drivers do not have better results. This also reflects the F1 events in professional sports today, people have distances in terms of football, basketball, moving farther and farther away–even more popular are tennis, track and field and other items behind me. 8th place Real Madrid Bell tennis Queen Serena Williams, 7th, 6th best m legends usain bolt, 5th place Real Madrid and j-Lo, 4th Barcelona neymar, the charm of more athletes than the F1 world champions.

Top 3 Player, Messi, Courie, and Ronaldo is well deserved. Ronaldo in particular, its media value of $175 million, with 214 million fans. Of these, more than many F1 drivers combined. F1 in sweeping reforms in how drivers “down the aisle”, and fans-and even other items on the sports fans to interact more and more exposure, already is a top priority. You know, there is no “star quality” of a professional sports event, in itself, is not professional, but will never be able to survive for so long.

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Baic volleyball Star: Lee instructions carefully often give themselves special treatment after the game


Text/Cui Hansi (app public: Volleyball Dialogue)

If you look back at the last year broadcast footage of the Beijing-Shanghai showdown, one interesting detail is that we noticed when you sit behind the bezel, carefully looking at each ball, watching his team-mates on the pitch. Is there a year later, he would hit a National League finals in his capacity as the main?

Jiangchuan: in fact, this year’s play, which is also the basis of skills training and physical reserves last year. I remember last year when the finals themselves have been training with the team, and also keeps the State ready to play. Sitting behind the bezel, I want more is that if on the pitch, the ball would how to play, what to do with. Most of the time, at the bottom is also improving.

Is a week or two from the finals in the past, talk about the four finals, in retrospect, how to evaluate their own play in the final? My personal feeling is that you play on the whole is quite eye-catching, although sometimes subdued, key points there have been mistakes, but you have to be withstood.

Jiang chuan: I think this high strength, high quality games in the finals, exposed more flaws, whether technology or a State of mind. Technically, my net is confronted with two levels of main: Argentina’s star player, the other are members of the national team for many years. Also reflected in the four games, they gave me a great deal of testing, his play has its ups and downs are normal. I think the key to such a high quality match, especially when their own fluctuates, how to adjust is critical. Attitudes, their main League in the first year, another young player, and first-year standing in the final game, more is going to play. Lee guide told me that the League was the first year for me to play with no pressure, it was a little experience in life, you want to enjoy the game, enjoy the process.

I noticed this in the final four, you often on Argentina star Bruno Conti. Tell him, is not so strong in the regular season, but the final manifestations of what people see is the star, and some people even think that he is the MVP of the League. And he played six times, what’s in your harvest?

Jiangchuan: Conte was a very “oil” player. He handled the ball very strong skills, ball has a variety of ball play. He pulled the ball speed, bad ball handling ability. One time, before he could get the jump on your block to start, or you can wait to see you blocking hand select the line. We all said that volleyball is 6 people playing a ball, in fact, Conte stopped anti-we are 6-to-1. Because of his short straight track, it is difficult to prevent, speed is very fast, so we are more the blocking his line, to free a slash and two major defensive ability of people to control. Then the front middle blocker then judged, some 3, 4th choice. Few balls down, I stopped his attack is more on wits, I can learn a lot from him.


This year, the Shanghai team played overall, but two foreign aid is also very prominent. Just Conte, also takes Groser, guide words on the pitch with the Lee “raw”. Including his last scoring 36 points in the final, Beijing cannot suppress. As the top domestic cohesion, not enjoy watching players you have in mind?

Jiangchuan: actually I like Italy get Zaitsev. Not just technology, his style on the pitch and temperament required me to learn. He also has a lot of physical fitness, but also from the volleyball family. Includes Team USA takes Anderson, his skill is worth to learn. Anderson, I think he might be on quality not as explosive as Zaitsev, but he is relying on the whole play, into the system, is a system player.

Indeed, many volleyball players are learning Zaitsev as its role model. He played for a number of years, not just technology, the game experience is also quite rich, so have games three consecutive jump last year helped Italy to reverse America’s performance. And for you, volleyball the road may have just begun. From the youth team and was good, to make national small age group champion, later experienced injuries, return to action, beat Asian Cup last year, had just finished a whole League this year, now your volleyball is not a new insight?

Jiangchuan: in October 2013, after the operation, I can still stand on the field, and once again in the final game, it is a great encouragement to me. Rehabilitation surgery when I didn’t even dare to think that I can stand on the field, only to return to action as the goal, every day trying to recover. He recovered from the surgery so I can survive under difficult conditions, I believe that any trouble that I can meet up! So for me, my attention is focused more on protecting the body, injury recovery, and on the play. After all, I’m an athlete, was an experienced surgery, fit-again players, probably more than anyone else on the pitch playing opportunities.

As you wrote in the circle of friends, back from such a serious injury, and along the way thanks to a lot of people. But I still want to ask Li Mu for you help, I can see that he is very dedicated to your care, and sincerely hope you achieve all you can reach the heights. Saying he is just what kind of image do you have in mind?

Jiangchuan: we saw it. Lee guide will be on the sidelines during each game, especially for me to guide and advise. Including after his game and after the game, he also came to me the first time, I simply summarize the game. Lee guide is also one of the more awesome in my mind coach, but off the Court he also for us is very much concerned about.

I remember once watching training guide Lee in a lesson on service to each of your reviews will be conducted, where the disadvantages the how we can improve. It can be seen that he was a very meticulous coach.

Jiangchuan: Yes, Lee guide service to remind me the most is when my physical strength is not very abundant, ball what to send, including I threw the ball good, coherent and complete action, stop trying to force. Life he was also concerned about us, especially League held in winter is most of the time, intensity, physical fatigue, decreased immunity are prone to illness. Lee reminded everyone to wear clothes to keep warm, there is injury, or the old player Lee also will take great care, make them more rest and recovery, along with some more health products.

Many people view you as a future Chinese men’s volleyball team a sharp–regardless of your height, bounce, power, including your current skills, industry insiders and fans for your evaluation and expectations are particularly high. You how to balance the expectations of you? How to evaluate his level?

Jiangchuan: you think I good talent, good condition, in large part, that is because my first year flagship League, everyone I’m not familiar with do not know, plus I have in this team to hide some of my weaknesses. But my faults in the final game is emerged, including physical distribution, the play of stability, in each other’s key breakthrough capabilities under the marking, these need to be strengthened. Various technical details I have to improve, especially for this high quality in the final movement of the details can be decided a game. Saw your these deficiencies, in other words, I still have great potential to dig up there.

Tell me something about life under, besides volleyball what hobbies do you have? In life, it is a relatively quiet person?

Jiangchuan: extracurricular activities during the training period, we seldom actually. Training finished, after the end of the massage therapy it was late. In order to better train the next day and have to be early in the evening. Usually, sometimes spelled spelt LEGO, reading a book or movie. I feel I am of quite different on the pitch and off the pitch. On the field I’m young, technology may have awkward, more emotional requirements lead technology, it was possible to play well. Field itself is relatively static.

All teams are currently preparing trials. Team for Beijing and Shanghai, because I just played League, leave you with very limited time to prepare. How to defeat in the League in a short time, is critical for you and your team. What adjustment?

Jiangchuan: Yes, preliminary guidance here attach great importance to Li. After all, once every four years, no foreign aid also participate in, so play more as a whole. The League played, and heat is so close, we prepare now is preliminary and not immersed in a League defeat. After words, is trying to prepare after the League, fighting for from me played better than last year.

(Source: Volleyball Dialogue, public)

Men’s volleyball league qualifying first-day 3-1, 3-2 Shenzhen, Liaoning, Hubei, Hebei


19:30 March 31, 2017, 2017-2018 volleyball League of China men’s volleyball qualification tournament in the city of Xiangyang, Hubei Province Stadium pulled the machine. Skill was held before the game, there was a brief opening ceremony. According to League competition rules, this men’s volleyball qualification tournament in Hubei, Hebei, Liaoning and Shenzhen between 4 teams competed, the game using a single method to decide the placing of the Robin, score the top 2 teams will receive the Chinese volleyball league 2017-2018 qualifying.

Opener between Hebei and Shenzhen teams. Shenzhen 3:1 beat Hebei team. First section game, Shenzhen team into game rhythm fast, first to 25:21 won first Council; second Council, Hebei team strengthening defense rhythm, score make alternating leading, eventually Hebei team to 31:29 tenacious pulled one back a Council; third Council, both playing have exception stalemate, Shenzhen team with two name foreign aid of excellent play, to 27:25 won victory; IV Council, Shenzhen team more war more Yong, 28:26 again Xia a city, made first game of victory.

The second game against Liaoning, Hubei. Hubei with a 3:2 win over the Liaoning team. First section than cold, Hubei team help home of potential, first scored, Liaoning team defiant, weekend, to 25:23, and 27:25 even Xia two city; easy side again war, Hubei team hold array angle, change tactical, buckle hanging combined, steady, to 25:19, and 25:22 even pull two Council; winning Council, young of Liaoning team slightly explicit urgent dry, Hubei team is in home audience of cheer sound in the, more war more Yong, to 15:12 made last victory. This game was nearly 2.5 hours, the match is so wonderful, wonderful scenes one after another, won the cheers of the audience.

Day prepared, organized and safeguards in place, the game smoothly. Tomorrow (April 1) competition schedule for Hubei VS Liaoning VS Shenzhen, Hebei.

(Xiangyang, Hubei Province area, Xiangyang city, Sports Centre)

Video Golden left hand planting on the big black horse 19:30 Selby rushed final


On April 1, the snooker China open semifinal contest, against two-time champion Mark Williams 14 o’clock in the afternoon Wafi 19:30 Selby Wilson against eliminated Ding Junhui. SINA sports continue to live video!

2 o’clock in the afternoon will first opened Shang half district of semi-final, Mark-Williams engaged this game maximum dark horse–Hussein-Wafi, since 1999 China open birth up to now has through has nearly 18 years of history, back past 16 session China game 4 strong list, Asia players only Ding Junhui 1 people into had 4 strong, and this China game, appeared has 2nd bit scored China game of Asia players, however this personal actually is from Iran of Wafi.

In the evening, world ranked Selby will play Karen Wilson, who played 5 times in the past, Selby 4 WINS and 1 losses dominate, two people there is similar in style, playing pace is relatively slow, defensive skills and deep, but Wilson plays more aggressive than Selby and surrounding the ball on the smoothness, the world’s first significantly better than Wilson. Tournament Wilson has maintained most of the time a far higher success rate, by contrast, Selby far success than Wilson, this is after the player an advantage. But only by this a advantage may not be can in Selby body accounted for to too more cheap, because this China game, world first and once return to himself old road, once feel bad, Leicester clown opened himself magic–mill control strategy, with destructive play and partial slow of out Rod rhythm to suppressed opponents continuous scored and momentum, in tug in the find more opportunities, this sets system against many young after the players often very works.