Wang Baoquan determined Tianjin women’s volleyball home games lineup Yin Na return free


After the League ended, Tianjin women’s volleyball team prepare for and Excel training began last week, the first thing coach Wang Baoquan was clear lineup combinations. On balance, Yin Na, a veteran will return, as a free man, Yu 鋆wei and young takes two hands appear in the lineup of games.

“Now only 12 players of the team, said each team member must assume their own responsibilities. Too many older players on the team now, training intensity should grasp, and young players not only to upgrade their technology, but also through further confidence. “Wang Baoquan said. In late May of this year, Tianjin women’s volleyball team will travel Asia Cup women’s volleyball tournament to be held in Kazakhstan, which is an important training opportunity prior to the National Games, the whole team, “Asian Cup women’s volleyball tournament to achieve good results, but also to achieve the objective of training and Excel for further running team. ”

Talk about team match, Wang Baoquan said frankly: “Yin Na due to serious injuries, it’s hard to act as main, so position Spiker Li Ying and Chen Liyi partner. And Yin Na now restored, she will be then a free man, Wang Qian and Liu Liwen two free rotate on defense. Zhang Xiaoting and middle blocker position Wang Ning, Wang Jiamin also take her and increased understanding of the whole team. Yao Di setter position, there are veteran Wei qiuyue hold. And takes on the position of the second hand only Yu 鋆wei of one teenager, she is a left-handed player, fewer games before, so it’s time to focus on her for a full range of enhanced. ”

(Source: evening news reporters Xie Chen)

Weakness in Jiangsu women’s volleyball team unveiled at the opening ceremony of the games, Hui Ruoqi Zhang Changning


Beijing time on March 28, led by head coach CAI bin, just the first League title, qinhuai district, Nanjing city, Jiangsu women’s volleyball Group appeared for the first session of the games opening ceremony, warmly welcomed by the audience, becomes the focus of attention.

The weather in Nanjing today is very good, very suitable for outdoor sports. Dressed in a red coat, Jiangsu women’s volleyball girls enter is exuberating, pretty excited. Coupled with the enthusiastic response of the audience, the scene is very exciting.

Subsequently, the Rio Olympic champion three members of Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu also invited to activities at the local tax department platform. Perhaps because it is too hard, Hui Ruoqi and Zhang Changning weakness show on the stage, were quite distressed by fans.

It is understood that Zhang Changning and Hui Ruoqi had just come back from Hainan attended the event in Nanjing, while Gong Xiangyu brother sister was invited to return to his alma mater and learning exchanges, trips are very busy. Although tired, but three are very patient to satisfy the spectators and fans demand.

(Source: from media sports Lady)

Zhang Changning playing opportunities abroad than Ting Zhu, Jiangsu release are less likely to


Stringers in Tin Sum reports

Ting Zhu Waki banks Garner, a stunning show with his “world’s first major” label. Of course, she could go abroad to play, is a multilateral efforts to bring about a result. Lang ping’s matchmaking, atmospheric release of women’s volleyball in Henan, and so on.

There will be “the next Ting Zhu”? Lang ping “hand-picked” Zhang Changning promising you? Of course, this depends on whether Zhang Changning willingness to go abroad to play, also depends on the Jiangsu women’s volleyball release.

Henan, Jiangsu women’s volleyball and women’s volleyball team is quite different. One is holding good cards, five final journey finally paid off a League Championship; one is stumbling, still mired in the relegation mire difficult to extricate themselves.

Henan team, Ting Zhu’s personal values to full play, even though she has a knack for volleyball is a team sport, after all, one can’t. Thus, Lang Ping Ting Zhu only highly recommended in the environment to a higher level volleyball league abroad “gold plating”. Way to connect with world top level volleyball League, in order to broaden their horizons so that they are more comprehensive. Ting Zhu “West” effect in the present day by day.

That often? She knew, of course, to go abroad to the benefits of high levels of League play, if you choose a high level team, Zhang Changning and enhance their abilities and values is not a problem. But clearly, as the Jiangsu team absolutely major, winning teams, may release in the atmosphere, after all, need in Jiangsu Province Zhang Changning.

Three Olympic champions are most reliant on the Jiangsu team’s trump card, Hui Ruoqi was beset by the body causes hard from start to finish, and she often played the team’s spiritual leader, or say, CAI bin will always be replaced at the crucial moment, she was given the “born to turn” mission.

Gong Xiangyu, although young, while Rio had been through Olympic baptism. But by League performance can tell, her ability to play ball with the wind than the ball strong against the wind, anxiety situation, slightly immature Gong Xiangyu real stir up the beam, you also need a road. Occasionally the fluctuation of her people who are unable to be most dependent on the Jiangsu team. Compared to them, Zhang Changning playmaker role in the team is shaken.

If Zhang Changning, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team lost the backbone. In this case, new League may release Zhang Changning chances are low. Who wouldn’t want to at the time of the colour of the line, win several League champions, start their own dynasty? But once the Zhang Changning, lose the backbone of the team as last season of offensive firepower also slam it?

Fortunately, the younger Zhang Changning, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, the next few years she also continues to grow. While waiting for the fully fledged, and then went abroad to play never too late. So, take advantage of the holiday, Zhang Changning is one of the athletes most in need of rest, after all, she almost didn’t stop after Rio. When the body is stretched too tight, and is prone to injury problems, this is the trouble restricting a player.

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247 competitors vie for the Asian Championship and Zhang jike led Malone played in Wuxi


The morning of March 29, 2017 Asian table tennis championship event was held in Wuxi, the game will be held from April 9 to April 16 in Wuxi Sports Center gymnasium. Race Director of Ping Yu, China table tennis association, Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province Sports Bureau, the people’s Government, organised Sports Management Center, Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province Sports Bureau to host, CCTV’s sports channel will broadcast live games.

Asian table tennis championships since its inception in 1972 in Beijing, held once every two years, is Asia table tennis competitions at the highest level, and this competition is also a qualifier for the 2017 world table tennis championships. Asian Association on this competition very seriously, game set up groups of men and women, men and women’s singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles all 7 items, a total of 29 countries and regional teams, 247 athletes.

Director of Ping Yu, Deputy Director of the Center, County ping pong Association Deputy Chairman, news of the Asian table tennis Union chairman Liu Yi said, “we expected the Asian table tennis championships will be held, at which time all players participating from all parts of Asia, the Chinese team will also send include Olympic champions, world champions, play first team, event size, high level, strong antagonism. Meanwhile, China Central television produced and aired the race covering together to create this great social influence of table tennis feast. ”

Hosts China will dispatch include Zhang jike, MA long and Xu Xin, Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen, most team play, 8-day competitions will be staged frequently brilliant against world-class players.

Wuxi has a deep foundation of table tennis, CAI Zhenhua, defeated is Tin City talked about, proud of the meritorious rank, “life can have several return to fight the” spirit of table tennis is more for branded ganpin daring in Wuxi city imprint. “I, on behalf of the Asian table tennis Federation, Director of Ping Yu Center sports, the Chinese table tennis association, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi City Sports Council for the Games bid and the efforts made by the preparatory and positive contribution to the development of table tennis in Asia, to express my sincere thanks! “Liu Yi said.

In addition, the Asian Athletics Championships will be held during the Asian table tennis Union Executive Council meetings, Congress of the Asian table tennis Union.

Wuxi Sports Center gymnasium the main Pavilion, the Museum has 7,155 Auditorium, has conducted three national championships as well as the international women’s volleyball elite match, World Junior archery championships, the Asian Fencing Championships and a series of international sports events. Doorstep watching in order to better meet the public’s enthusiasm, the Committee specifically set ticket of Huimin from preliminaries to finals, every game has sold a number of tickets for the price of 10 Yuan (sold out).

It is worth mentioning that this sub-pingsai medal by huanglong jade origin–in longling County, Yunnan province, provided by “gold mounted jade” in the form of jade specified as the only official Medal of the competition, which is sub-pingsai and the first collision and amalgamation of Chinese jade culture. (End)

All delivered the qualifying partner Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning on combination more innovative


Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, March 28 (reporter Zhang Yifei)-the night of 28th, the 13th games of table tennis women’s doubles second round qualifying match at the Olympic Center Stadium started in Anshan. 16 battle, cross-unit portfolio showed strong competitiveness, in addition to Tibet, Hao Hao and Guangxi provinces lost to Liaoning Wen Jia/Chen Xing Zhao Lin combined with external, other units have made going to Tianjin to attend the final opportunity.

In order to improve the athletic level, preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the current national provisions, doubles can be cross-unit combination. Women’s doubles match the most compelling way Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen of “Beijing Yue match.” The two players know each other very well from the national team, is the combination of right hands match, show a strong game on the pitch control. On Tianjin’s Liu Yalin and Ziffi fame far better than rivals, but played very strong, at the beginning of each game can be made ahead, but the strength gap will still make their 0:3 loss to Ding Ning/Liu Shiwen.

“Mainly to opponents are not too familiar with it,” Liu Shiwen, speaking after the game is the first of three game behind said, “before his opponent played, opposite a bar, so uncomfortable. ”

Ding Ning believes that as it was our first game, so enter the State and some slow, but are difficult to prepare, both adjusted well.

Referring to whether combination undermines the competitiveness of the game, Ding Ning think cross-unit combination is to prepare for the Olympic Games, but also help some lack of good high level players in the province. “The combination is designed to enhance the game’s confrontational, more innovative, and players are the same for each of the provinces, she will have more choice. Especially the doubles, mainly by two people together. This system actually increased in some provinces and cities win the good opportunities to score. ”

As Ding Ning says on 28th evening successful combination of 16 to qualify for the national finals only Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Beijing and Liaoning combination is two doubles pairs from the same unit, other 11 is combined across all units.

She’s such a beauty! Ran Ying ying pigment yan do public offered love


China Foundation for poverty alleviation in recent days on Twitter posted a group Ran Yingying Zou wife with his two sons in the mountainous areas of Guizhou province to do public service picture, picture Ran Ying-ying turned “class” to teach the children of mountains, break playing with the children, although her face without make-up, but she looks beautiful!

Ran Yingying wrote in his micro-blog: “doing calisthenics with kids, did not expect the entire playground singing together: Thanksgiving with you … … My tears wow does not live up to expectations, a cameo appearance to “class”, for the classmates in grade one classes, long time no Blackboard, but every time my kids gave me a warm round of applause in response, feeling very memorable … In this way, longing for loved ones, we are just modest, you, we are not alone “

Ran Yingying kids meal

Proud and kids classes

Do public service Ran Yingying and her two sons love

Ran Yingying kids meal

Ran Ying-ying turned “class” give kids a lesson

Ran Yingying and the kids doing calisthenics

Ran Yingying love

Liu Shiwen as down as possible smile flowers this year, Guo ping shining ladies


Sports + reporter Li Ting reported

In Liaoning Anshan, Liu Shiwen to victory of record end has himself of 2017 years games preliminaries of Brigade, despite due to team overall strength poor, victory of Liu Shiwen cannot in team game in the solo saved main, Guangdong female team still didn’t can escape missed games final circle game of fate, but this year August of Tianjin, Liu Shiwen also is retained in singles, and doubles and mixed doubles three a single in the rushed gold of hope.

Why be so sure? For now, Liu Shiwen was all women athletes in the national team, from the end of 2016 to now played one of the most stable in all domestic competitions. The domestic game, Liu Shiwen “game a negative attitude” which is international game by coach was suspended for a period of time, time from last October to January of this year, but during and after the suspension, her performance was praised in the domestic. Chinese table tennis Super League, through racing only stay undefeated players … … Liu Shiwen proved himself.

Again returned to Anshan of games preliminaries in the, first held of groups preliminaries, even Liu Shiwen himself can ensure as long as play on took points, but also only see with young of small players are one by one was “abuse”, Guangdong female team eventually missed August of final circle game, Guangdong team of coach think Liu Shiwen play is excellent: “she do has as long as play on can ensure two points, each points will race of spirit is young players are learning of example. ”

After the mixed doubles competition, Liu Shiwen and Lin Gaoyuan partner qualify for the top 16; end of the women’s doubles competition last night, Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning strongest Olympic champions also qualify for the top 16. Tianjin National Games in August, Liu Shiwen in addition to singles events, also strives to champion in both doubles.

Women’s singles, after the ups and downs of Ding Ning from the pass-through of the Olympic Games since the State has been warmer, but Liu Shiwen status online, is the most formidable rival Ding Ning. Young Zhu Yuling, Chen Mengjia Liu Shiwen was posed a threat, but not enough to really affect her position. And, in doubles, she and Lin Gaoyuan just won the national championship last year, the Guangdong team won the first national mixed doubles gold medal in 40 years, coupled with the National Games Malone of the trials due to injury, gave up his and Ding Ning of the mixed doubles competition, Liu Shiwen/Lin Gaoyuan in the national finals competition is greatly reduced. But she and Ding Ning in the women’s doubles is without a doubt, both at home and abroad in any game, is the most powerful champion contender.

That three-month suspensions for Liu Shiwen is a snag, she would like to have just retired, but eventually adhere to them, and do it better than it was before. May have been hoping to youth, and now Liu Shiwen to their best condition to the May World table tennis championship in August and the National Games March.

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Malone: back injury has not recovered back to the top takes time to adjust


Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, March 28 (reporter Zhang Yifei)-the night of 28th to attend the 13th session of the National Games table tennis men’s doubles second round qualifying Ma long and Xu Xin beat combination Wang Peng/Yin Jianbo, Hainan 3:0. After winning this game, talks about his back injury, Malone said, is still in the recovery stage, back to peak some time to adjust.

Although playing hurt, but facing Wang Peng and Yin Jianbo combination world champion Ma long/Xu Xin to win effortlessly. Hainan combined 3 innings total of 7 points. Ma long/Xu Xin and 11:3, and 11:1 abortion battle. “Similar to that of the game and our game preparation, and Xu Xin paired this time, I’m very cherishes this opportunity. “After the game, Malone said.

But when his back injury, Malone admits are troubling. “Now every day in training and competition, instead of a full recovery so quickly. Although it has no effect on force, but moved, when batting, also in muscles of consciousness or feeling a little stiff, not as natural as the past. ”

Malone’s partner Xu Xin, seemed to relax, Xu Xin without singles qualifying rounds directly into this competition finals, mixed doubles no registration, only doubles are required to qualify. “After this to go directly home, still feeling a bit of a rush. Back main task is to prepare for the next Asian Championships in Wuxi. ”

The night of 28th, 16 pairs entered the Tianjin National Games finals in men’s doubles combinations have been decided, in addition to Ma long/Xu Xin, a combination Zhou Yu/Fan Zhendong, Yan an/Lin Gaoyuan, also all breakout success.

Ms Liu WINS Olympic champion gymnastics team went out early to plan effectively


Sports + special correspondent reports ensued

Broken halberd Rio last year after the Olympics, Tokyo to the Chinese gymnastics team Olympic cycle, “bringing in, and going” operational planning, as a solution to the past four years, “retreat to prepare for” player spot caused by treatment of problems with referees. Following last December’s dance teacher invited Australia women’s team player choreographers, male and female members of the team to the United States after visiting the Olympic champion nastia liukin Gymnastics Club Exchange, at the beginning of the 2017 season, Chinese gymnastics team is back on the international scene. So far this season, five stops on the gymnastics World Cup races, China’s figure, which includes both shangchunsong, Wang yan and other first-tier main, many Ms Liu, Zou Jingyuan Tokyo cycle focus on training, such as object.

China’s performance in the five races are remarkable in the just concluded Doha race last weekend, the Chinese team is more metal record perfect ending of one silver and two bronze, won balance beam, free two gold medals of the women’s team youngster Liu Ting Ting became the brightest star on the field. In Melbourne, Ms Liu has to overcome the Rio Olympic balance beam champion, the famous Weavers of the Netherlands won a gold medal on the balance beam, in the Doha Grand Prix last week, she beat another Olympic champion, Romanian star Catalina Ponor won. Ms Liu on neat wooden movements, innovative power connection by all alike, Catalina Ponor hailed her as “stars of tomorrow”, the international gymnast magazine reviews Liu TINGTING in the social media interaction action “unique choreography, skill diversification”.

A year ago, had never taken part in any international competitions of Ms Liu “Airborne” Rio Olympic list, her improvisation and even age eligibility controversy and critics. As Palm fracture, Ms Liu’s trip to Rio does not make the trip, but passed by with the Olympic Games to sharpen your today’s Ms Liu, it is not a bad thing, cycles in Tokyo “go” under the strategy of her through the race to gain experience and “brownie points”, and verify their actions is consistent with the International Gymnastics Federation sets the direction advocated by.

In two races have accounted for gold medal, Liu TINGTING harvest experience and prestige, but also show good football temperament, also are likely in the next contest will be bigger. Show results at the beginning of this article, “leveling the game” road, is also preparing for the Chinese gymnastics team in the last Olympic cycle as the missing link.

Rio do poorly on the Chinese gymnastics team at the Olympics, a lot of people nostalgic for 2008 that the race of the championship team, and at the time of the Chinese gymnastics team is also composed of a series of back-to-back, “uphill battle” accumulated is a genuine “title character”. Into a Tokyo Olympic cycle, bottomed out of the gymnastics team finally opened the gate of battle training. Although the real effect remains to be world test of training, but each of the smaller international competitions, it is already a good start.

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Japanese Olympic champion retired 200 frog pattern or change in Shi Jing-Lin by 1 point


Sports + stringers mighty reports

Recently, the Rio Olympic Games women’s 200 m breaststroke, Japan Jin Tengli painted suddenly announced he would quit national championships and World Championship trials that began in April, not entries equal to surrender this year World Championship qualification. Earlier this year, Kanafuji has revealed his retirement thoughts.

26th, Kanafuji as one of Nerima, Tokyo half marathon special guest, said: “the exact direction hasn’t been decided, are still active players. I’m feeling a little lost, with mixed feelings. “The Japanese media can keep Kanafuji going have been pondering reasons, Ogiwara guests and same day Kenji (Nordic combined Olympic champion) will urge the Gold face to face Ivy” just keep swimming, champions again in the Tokyo Olympics. ”

At the Golden vine position not to participate in the trials after, aspiring coach jiatengjian will also suffer greatly. After losing Olympic qualifying four years ago, Jin Tengli painted and jiatengjian records had a big fight and intended to retire, but the volunteers hold down by jiatengjian and finally in the Rio Championship dreams. But Kanafuji the most realistic is: she is 28 years old, to Tokyo will be 32 years of age. Her great loss, seems to have been off the drag and drop her off at once.

Kanafuji at the edge of retirement, against 200 other frogs players is a big positive. Kanafuji in 2016 in 200 frogs score surprisingly well, other players and she is desperate. Rio Olympic Games she won with a result of 2 minutes, 20 seconds, 30, 16 years than her best score 65 2 minutes and 19 seconds slower, but sufficient to ensure winning 97 runner-up aifeimowa was only 2 minutes and 21 seconds. She wanted to quit, Effie Hana sromova became a number-one hit in Russia. But hold on, the Rio Olympic 200 frogs third, Shi Jinglin of China is also a hot candidate. She was in the Olympic final with a result of 2 minutes and 22 seconds, 28, and Effie Hana sromova, if Kanafuji leave, 24 year old Shi Jinglin opportunity here!

Of course, Rana Japan Women’s 200 service name, Satomi Suzuki took the Olympic silver in London, Kazan Watanabe sweet son took world champion, now a people rising, she is Asian champion Aoki Rei thread tree, when she defeated Shi Jinglin. But Shi Jinglin is always the world series (World Championships and Olympic Games) players Championship do not indicate what the problem is.

In short, go Jin Tengyi, women’s 200 frog pattern will not change, and we are the optimistic point of view, Chinese team another gold.

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