World table tennis championship entry list released Zhang an nominated veteran Wang Chen of the United States defeated


29th International table tennis Federation news, the United States on March 26 in Morrisville triangular table tennis table tennis national team ended a 3-day team selection, players in one round of intense competition in the play list of the 2017 Liebherr world table tennis championships in Dusseldorf.

After the March 23 qualifying tournament, players carefully in the face of the United States following the match, because this assessment relates directly to the World Table Tennis Championships May play in the team squad.

Now 20, has participated in two Olympic Zhang an of the United States, are trying to impact to the individual world table tennis championship for the 8th time. In 2009, Yokohama World table tennis championships on the world stage for the first time, and over the next 6 years on behalf of the American team. As the team in the singles top seed, Zhang an 1th round 4:2 thrilling victory in the women’s singles final Wang Chen, the first outlet, access to world table tennis championship tickets.

The Rio Olympics, Zhang an’s teammate Wu 玥, 27 years old, qualifying 2nd in the team defeated Guan Shan 1th, take 2nd World table tennis championship tickets. This will be the first time in her career for the United States against the world table tennis championships. 1th Guan Shan on the 3rd day of the match, becoming the 3rd person to join world table tennis championship women’s player of the playing squad. Final places by beating Wang Chen, Wang Xiu accepted.

Man Group, ageti (Adar Alguetti), bright eyes, beat top seed in one-fourth final Djaha (Kanak Jha), and finished in straight sets in the final 3 innings to hand Europe (Nicholas Tio), lead to eligibility for the world table tennis championships played. Kou Di (Kunal Chodri) and Djaha on the 2nd day of the race battling 7 innings, successful Sally. 3rd day, Djaha battled again in the final 7 innings, finally succeeded, which took 3rd place. The last places in Europe to accept the.

At this point, the war for 2017 respectively of the United States of the world table tennis championships: women’s group Zhang an, Wu 玥, Guan Shan and Wang Xiu Yi; the men are Djaha, ageti, Kou Di and l. They will be good debut after 62 days in Düsseldorf, Germany and countries competitive.

Infrequent 5-0 Ding Junhui made even aggressive resentment? back


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 World Snooker China open continued at the Beijing University students gymnasium. China Star Ding Junhui in the 2nd round of the China Derby, beat teenager Zhou Yue 5-0 Dragon promotions. 5-0 WINS 2 consecutive game, let people see that unlike previous Ding Junhui, hit fast, far from precise attack, more choice offensive … … What to Ding Junhui was so aggressive, so “crazy”?

People watching the first three games, should be easy to spot, Ding played very different. Xiao Hui playing rhythms are more stable in the impression, not of type shots quickly, pursuing the line and defense. But starting from the match against Shawn Sullivan, Xiao Hui obviously makes people smell a anger. These three games, Ding every field has a single pole breaking hundreds and a win, although weaker opponents is one thing, but Ding Junhui offensive improvement was obvious.

Perhaps that was delayed due to costume problems and penalties in the match it’s not obvious, but over the next 2 days in a row in 2 5-0, Ding showed one side of the domineering side leakage. With explanations guests Cai Jianzhong was quoted as saying CCTV today, Xiao Hui batting tempo was faster than it was before a lot, fast, playing very strongly. While we are wrong, but most chose to attack successfully, especially in well maintained a fairly accurate level. But his offensive awareness is very strong, some difficult he chose to attack the ball, instead of the usual defense.

Ding Junhui why performances in this competition was such a “crazy”? Perhaps is a trademark event is to blame. Penalties for Tsu, Xiao Hui expressed it “mad”, “angry” mood. Guest commentary for the 2nd game Qin Zheng was quoted as saying, in a number of ball-handling, he played “some emotional.” Until last night, Ding also claims to want to send it to the Taiwan Solidarity Union lawyers.

Of course, 2 game, he faced opponents strengths were not very strong, but 5-0 seems to be venting Ding Junhui suppressed in their inner dissatisfaction. Ding said: “I want to win the game, you didn’t let me go, I just want to play well and win as much as possible. “Change of heart led to a further change in style. In fact, Xiao hui’s batting style has changed before, but after a period of time the ups and downs of the adjusted, this time we really saw a shot in the game more and more like “rocket” him.

Ding with a bit of “gas” to play previous rounds is allowed to sail, more behind the contest will be more difficult, still want to Ding Junhui in the stay aggressive at the same time, also can keep a good frame of mind. Even though there are many unhappy talk sure is the best response.


Sullivan lost still did not forget to play Bao Ding you? I’m sorry


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 on the third day of the World Snooker China open match race. In the second round of the Sullivan 4:5 to Joyce, out of the third round, which also makes his clash against Ding Junhui, tomorrow’s went up in smoke. At a news conference after the game, Sullivan treasure such as gold, when answering a Word when asked why, he resumed his whims, “because I’ve been party to a fine, so I’m going to keep quiet. ”

Because expect Sullivan clash against Ding Junhui, so Sullivan lagging, many reporters standing on Sullivan’s side support him, I hope he can win. However, they ultimately failed to get Sullivan’s victory, he appeared in the final mistake, only reaching out to shake the towel. After the game, Sullivan came to the press conference room, with a smile, seemingly lost in the mood, but, facing reporters ‘ questions, he remained unfailingly style.

“How are you today? ”

“Averge。 (Quite satisfactory. ) “A Word, o ‘ Sullivan in a slow rhythm of account for each syllable.

“Losing the game will stay in Beijing for a few days to Cook? ”

“Meeting. ”

When asked yesterday why the vocal support when Ding Junhui, Sullivan finally unless the “one word answer” rhythm, “I like to Ding Junhui, loved it. Chinese Ding Junhui, England who loves Ding Junhui, we love to Ding Junhui. “With that, he is not said to reporters in Chinese” by acclamation “and then, reporters began to applaud.

“Not and Ding Junhui hit the game, what do you think? ”

“I’m sorry. ”

Then, Sullivan left the briefing room. Watching his back, many journalists have some sadness of love, next time you see o ‘ Sullivan would be when?

(Dong Zhengxiang)

Taiwan Solidarity Union responses: on Ding’s comments disappointed Sullivan also said the wrong


Beijing time on March 29, 27th, 2017 snooker China open qualifying, Ding Junhui identity problems because the chest was in trouble, the game was delayed and therefore was also fined 1. Although the pace of the episode did not affect him, but Xiao Hui still has a considerable impact on the mental, after the game, he sent a long article on the microblogging express dissatisfaction, also said in an interview after the match will send letter to Tsu. Today, the Tsu also responded on its website.

The Taiwan Solidarity Union said in a statement: “Ding said of the proposed ‘ excessive ‘ requirements, we are disappointed and shocked. The truth is, Ding was a trademark conflict with the tournament title sponsor, and he would like to go directly to the game. ”

“All players must sign and agree to abide by the contract rules and regulations. These rules clearly states that all trademarks should receive the World Snooker company (hereinafter referred to as WSL) approval, and no player logo with any WSL partners (that is the title sponsor) conflict. ”

“This is done to protect the rights of our business partners, and forms part of our contractual commitments to them, otherwise we would be a violation of the agreement. Eventually, the Tsu (WPBSA) and the WSL to maintain the project’s future with all professional players had signed such an agreement. ”

Official statement also said that so far, it has not received Ding Junhui’s lawyer’s letter.

In addition, after Ding Junhui comes in, like fighting the official “rocket” o ‘ Sullivan to help Xiao Hui vocal. In interview with Sina, he shied away out of view on this matter: “I think the world Taiwan Solidarity Union not too professional. Ding is a gentleman, he is not a troublemaker, who immerse themselves in the game. He did the right thing, he is a real professional. ”

In this regard, the Tsu has not forgotten the Sullivan’s comments were criticized: “with Sullivan’s criticism on the contrary, we believe that we are dealing with this matter was fully professional, and completely according to the execution of the contract. Denying this is obviously wrong and misleading. ”


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Zhang jike exposes childhood buttocks were swollen will not let my son play for practice


From Shenzhen satellite TV and great knowledge and innovation joint production of the second season of shining father good to continue broadcasting. Dream team Zhang jike came to Shenzhen last week caused quite a surprise. Zhang jike and Flash this week father Francis, white outline with children continues to tour Shenzhen, also takes this opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Known as “Tibetan Mastiff,” said Zhang jike, the face of innocent children is very relaxing, the show not only showed a rare playful, is the case open and Flash dad talk about things when I was young and broke: “table tennis as a child practiced well, butts will be father ‘ cauliflower ‘. “The childhood of hard training Flash dad was feeling, as we all know, when won table tennis champion Zhang jike in the 2012 London Olympic Games, he also became the Chinese table tennis history to win the” Grand Prix “at least if the table tennis player, time before and after a year and three months.

Get behind all this glory is unimaginably difficult. Four and a half when Zhang jike started table tennis practice, dad was his first coach, as the father’s father Zhang jike has no loose, but more strict requirements. From the enlightenment to the “Grand Slam”, winning 24 champion road, Zhang jike has been undergoing intense training, which he could not help in the program: “play table tennis too hard, will not allow my son to learn table tennis. ”

Zhang jike grew up in a strict environment, however, on the show and the kids was very warm the heart, let the children automatically “sticky” him, not only that, Zhang jike and “encouraging education” into Flash in the dad, four Flash Dad’s educational philosophy became more diversified.

Zhang jike encourage introverted shy brave Peng last week to take the first step, not only gain support from users, also received the Guangming daily blog “called” praise: “be strong dominance, nor compassion charity, respect for the child, equal exchange, to face the difficulties together with their children, to warm my heart boy like”. Zhang jike in the week and the kids get along in the process and what will warm the heart move? Stay tuned on Saturday Shenzhen TV’s second season of shining father 21:10, with Zhang jike we dream for the children. (China entertainment network)

Zhang Changning need not go abroad to play the four factors that determine the time is not ripe


Sports + special correspondent zhaoyunlong reported

Recently held in Hainan’s “Boao Forum for Asia sports night”, the host Zhang bin quoted lang as saying Zhang Changning after Ting Zhu, the most promising of active national women’s volleyball team became the second country to play. Zhang Changning and her family seems to be not too keen on the market. From the following objective situation, Zhang Changning abroad playing time is not ripe now.

China League level of world class

Zhang Changning 21, Tokyo Olympic cycle is one of the backbone of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, young players for her, the past few years to develop is critical. If Zhang Changning is to go abroad, you need to consider whether to get exercise and improve, but countries now see not too many better than Jiangsu women’s volleyball Club, leagues rarely higher than the US women’s volleyball league.

Turkish women’s volleyball League matches this season, 22 games of the regular season Ting Zhu only played 15 times, and why? That three National League teams, wajifu Bank encountered dishes, virtually with Ting Zhu of world’s top attack, kill the chicken to use a sledgehammer.

Income doesn’t appeal

Let players play abroad, in addition to outside training, income is also key. Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is the national champion, regular treatment is not bad.

This year, Jiangsu women’s volleyball history to win the League, games bonus of 1.8 million, Changzhou Municipal Government Awards 2 million on the spot. NEC of Japan to win women’s volleyball team on the same day the bonus is only 15 million yen (about 920,000 yuan). Jiangsu women’s volleyball team and won this Championship, there will be reward for provincial sports authorities. Ting Zhu played in the Turkish League, annual salary of 1.1 million euros, she was women’s volleyball training of Henan province, Ting Zhu gets as much as parent Club during a cut, so far there is no clear reports. As an Olympic champion + newly crowned national champion, the commercial value of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is also on the rise.

Personal family conditions

Zhang Changning family very well, she grew up in his parents ‘ home, she played volleyball has to eat a lot, Zhang Changning mother reluctant daughter suffering can be understood abroad, in China at least facilitate the family take care of her.

From the exercise and development of young people, completely playing into an unfamiliar environment like Ting Zhu, their exercise of linguistic skills, self-care skills, is necessary. In the year Zhang Changning and play volleyball instead, just graduated from high school, she received an invitation to American colleges and universities, and willing to give her scholarship, her mother Jiang Qiuhan is supported. But Zhang Changning and later in indoor volleyball venue soon showed great talent and ability, in 2014 and enters the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Zhang Changning parents thought their daughter should now have better career planning.

She needs this year turned over “home”

Zhang Changning and her mother temporarily not considering going abroad to play, also relevant to this year was a special year. Games of year, like Zhang Changning, current national champion, needs to fight for hometown, even Ting Zhu in Turkey after playing back quickly after the game over there, help the Henan women’s volleyball games.

For the women’s volleyball team, and is mainly national games this year. Chinese women volleyball team and the 2018 season definitely shengzhang soldier, in September next year the World Championships. If at the beginning of next year after the end of the domestic season, Lang ping to help Zhang Changning linked to a short-term effect of the League, where neither Turkey nor the League may consider Zhang Changning went out to try to go abroad.

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Henan star? Ting Zhu Junior is coach regarded as talented girl


Beijing time on March 28, the largest volleyball Forum, one name is not familiar to the women’s volleyball team Nova became a fan discussion Center. She is Han Wenya, pipes, of Henan province, Cheng Shenxiu and Ting Zhu coach Zhan Haigen, Director of the Center as the “Ting Zhu II” girl genius.

1998-born Han Wenya, height has reached 1.98-meter, PF focus on her technology, has a good pass and defensive ability. Although absolute force, her attack was criticized for “too soft”. But on behalf of the youth group and Excel Henan team finish after the race, she will be promoted to the senior team, believe that trained the weaknesses will improve.

Outstanding physical condition, and have a good basic skills, impatient even look forward to Lang ping will give her personally recruited into the new session of the national team set-up, developing her offensive capabilities.

However, Han Wenya is currently under 19 years of age also need to size U19 and U21 teams demonstrate sufficient potential and capacity, it is possible to complete like a Ting Zhu and Yuan Xin玥 “triple jump”, became a member of the national team.

(Source: media I love tennis)

Zhang jike rejected son followed his father yiwanaoshaliwen to coincide with him


Sports + stringers also view reports

In recent days, confide in when Grand Slam champion Zhang jike participate in variety shows, said the road from primary school table tennis too hard, will not let his son play table tennis. And Zhang jike, like their mentor Liu guoliang didn’t choose for my daughter to play ping-pong, Liu guoliang in the TV show had slightly teasing to explain why her daughter choose to play golf rather than table tennis, because the children at the table tennis World Championships in table tennis, no precedent as a world champion. And Liu guoliang he likes to play golf, when our daughter play golf, he can also be the opportunity to rub against the ball.

If Liu guoliang has a bit of “selfishness”, Zhang jike thoughts is relatively pure, he is simply do not want their children to suffer, because he knows from a yellow-hair in children to the world champion takes a much different from ordinary people’s efforts need to withstand criticism. And there is a world champion’s father, outside expectations only more not less, all of these factors are like a double-edged sword, is Zhang jike don’t want to don’t have to bear these risks, so he didn’t want their children to do professional table tennis player is understandable.

And Zhang jike has also idea of sports shot is by no means minority, Qian woman tennis world first, and French champion Ivanovic in talked about whether willing to future let himself of children engaged in tennis movement Shi, head shake have like rattle General, “I completely not agreed so do of, learning tennis on means with children not has a full of childhood, that too hard has, I didn’t want to himself of children so hard. “Ivanovic said.

Coincidentally, Alice snooker chuaoshaliwen also hope that their son will sport snooker, it is because he lost faith in the sport snooker result. “He wanted to go to a race car play tennis or do something else, I will help him, but if he wants to play snooker, it can only rely on their own. “O ‘ Sullivan said snooker sport polarized too serious, snooker player and even at the bottom of the food and clothing problem cannot be solved, for a sport that cannot guarantee player, O ‘ Sullivan tended to let his son stay away.

And Sullivan, as Selby in the world do not want their daughters to play billiards, preferring to let her daughter play golf, “Billiards pressure is very large, very upset, and I don’t want my daughter through this. And women’s Billiards is essentially no prize money, the support of her future life. “Selby said.

Career sports circle, child bearing in his father’s footsteps often will was biography, but, now has increasingly more of Olympic champion select let himself of children engaged in other sports project or fundamental not engaged in sports project, Tian Liang Let daughter learning tennis, but also just is as interest hobby; Li Xiaopeng, and Li, and Zheng Jie these sports name in talked about children future of education problem Shi all said to “left children himself select”, and not will parents of wills imposed in children body.

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Higgins on the schedule: nothing Ding Junhui rockets game this afternoon is more important


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 on the third day of the World Snooker China open match race. In the second round, Higgins beat Mark Davis, 5:2 to, and qualify for the third round. After the match, Higgins took part in the press conference, but according to my observation, WINS after Higgins was not the usual joy of my excitement, could it be because their performance is not satisfactory?

Look out, Higgins is clearly well prepared for this game, he played in the match is decisive, and grasp the opportunity, locked the victory. For this match, Higgins said: “the game itself is very difficult, I lost a lot of games in the first round, against Mark Davis and I haven’t beaten him, my performance was not very good, but can win the match I was very happy. ”

Many times I see Higgins win are expressions easily came to the press conference room, attended the news conference, reporters or other people’s signed request, he would have readily agreed. Higgins came to the press room today face some coagulation, eye brow to see his joy for the victory. But Higgins said he had never noticed that, “this thing I don’t realize it, but playing well I will definitely play the game out, I am the have any emotions can show the player, may be because played today did have some struggles, but this does not affect my happy to win victory. ”

This game, Ding Junhui and Sullivan matches were arranged on the night, Higgins never had played in the night game. This also makes it impossible for his fans in the days to come to watch the game this afternoon. In this regard, Higgins of the view? “I’d love to see fans came to cheer me, for fans in China, Ding Junhui and Sullivan’s game is more important, so I put my game in the afternoon, I have no objection. “Higgins continued:” I wish I could play a little longer in the competition, in this case, in which fans can see the game. ”

(Dong Zhengxiang)

Saitelumupu 5-0 Tian Pengfei massacre Higgins into the top 16, China


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 snooker China open into the second round of the competition, Judd-Judd, Sean Murphy, John-Higgins and Mark Williams easily winning their opponent by a large margin to qualify. Player Tian Pengfei of China in the case of 1-3 down in the match against Gould won four to assure turn to advance to top 16.

Ushered in the afternoon sessions of the match defending champion Trump, the opponent is ranked 96th in the world of Scottish players-Eden Sharaf. Match begins at two o’clock in the afternoon, Judd started the first innings 65 minutes to complete over break in play, Sharaf to countertop 30 break in play to warm up after the first game ended. Start to the second phase of the defensive Trump make the snooker, Sharaf solution ball missed opportunities, Trump hand-scored 10 points after poor defending, Sharaf and then into a red ball bad but also the defense, after a period of stalemate Judd through a combination of the ball into the far ball bag lipstick started to 75-1 score 2-0.

Third Council kickoff Hou Sharaf light push far Taiwan end of bags mouth near red ball partial out left has perfect hands opportunities, Trump repeatedly around black ball attack get 40 points stepmother ball and red ball phase posted helpless interrupted, thereafter of saw in the Trump two times scored red ball are didn’t can continued scored, entanglement several round Hou third times associate into far Taiwan red ball started won 29 points completed Super points, score expanded to 3-0. Directorate IV Sharaf tries long offensive mistakes left the red ball bag at the end of offensive opportunities, Trump hand-scored 25 points back just slightly object ball stops at red balls in the bag out of his pocket, Sharaf had 13 points in attacking the black only when simple mistakes returned the ball, Judd 38 minutes to complete over break in hand again, and 4-0 got the match point. Fifth inning duo blunders tug of two people in a 43-43, green into clear color phase Sharaf lost ball has ruined everything, telumupuqing fixed in 5-0 by a 68-43 score, easily advance to the third round.

While for of other several game in the, stable Mr Murphy of opponents is now world ranking 44th bit of Gary-Wilson, Murphy 68-5 win next Council Hou and in second Council played single rod 113 points made 2-0 leading, third Council Wilson with single rod 50 points pulled one back a points, thereafter Murphy streak three Council win Xia has whole field game and last two Council has played single rod 56 points and 54 points, 5-1 promotion third round. Captain against Michael McAlister-Carter-White, Carter’s game didn’t win, Wright played three game victory for the 70+ to 5-3.

Two times World Championships champion Williams this round engaged assassin Michael-Holt, Holt 78-35 win next Council, Williams in second Council played single rod 59 points equalised score, third Council Holt in last of balls stage wins, shortly thereafter Williams in fourth Council played single rod 58 points again equalised score, Council between rest Hou Williams and played single rod 51 points and streak three Council will score lock in has 5-2. Wizards Higgins this round and Mark-Davis met, Higgins first Council played single rod 95 points and win Xia has next of two Council made has 3-0 of leading, Fourth Council Davis in balls stage wins pulled one back a Council, fifth Council Higgins single rod 68 points 0 seal opponents got match point, Davis tenacious of save a match point Hou Higgins in seventh Council again single rod 74 points 0 seal won, to 5-2 made has whole field game victory. Higgins and Williams in the third round put on 75 Jay vs.

China players Tian Pengfei also in afternoon appearances, opponents is now world ranking 20th bit of eyes man Martin-Gould, Qian two Council Gould feel hot, series played single rod 114 points and 52 points made has 2-0 leading, third Council Tian Pengfei last black ball ahead score to 67-62 pulled one back a Council, Fourth Council Gould single rod 84 points 0 seal opponents will score expanded to 3-1, Council between rest Hou game appeared has transition, Gould in fifth Council is played single rod 52 points, Tian Pengfei also played 56 minutes and narrowed the score to 63-53 to 2-3, after that scene into a stalemate, Tian Pengfei won three in the tug 5-3 to achieve the reverse, promoted to the top 16. (Drag the shadow)