45 An Jiajie advantage and no one on the women’s volleyball team is essential to the stability


Lang ping as head coach, Lai Yawen as leader and coach, An Jiajie as Executive coach, does not seem to be too many surprises in this framework, is the unanimous choice of a list.

Lang ping had previously said this year’s main task is to rest the body, but also will participate in the work of the women’s volleyball team, coach is a good choice. In addition, the Administration has deliberately before head coach in charge, namely head reporting directly to the Director of the model, thus head coach Lang ping this post is also in line with the current administration of the staffing principles.

An Jiajie, 45, a player was the main force of the Chinese men’s volleyball team takes, currently serves as women’s volleyball coach, Shandong, the Shandong women’s volleyball Yang Fangxu, Wang Mengjie, Qian Jingwen, Du Qingqing, Yang Han jade list five people selected for training.

An Jiajie were in 2014 by Lang ping named assistant coach, Lang ping and cooperation is also the ANZI’s biggest advantage is more than two years, his coaching philosophy of Lang ping and technical play recognition, China Women’s volleyball players are more familiar than others, features familiar to these people. An Jiajie as Executive coaches, to maintain the stability of women’s volleyball, continuation of Lang ping’s technical and tactical is the best choice.

2015 Switzerland women’s volleyball elite match of the women’s volleyball Grand Prix finals and June 2016, An Jiajie were on behalf of Lang ping rate team, Lang ping An Jiajie in the concept is an important part of the national team, only led the young coach $literal independent, will have room to grow. Lang ping was not out on everything, of course, Switzerland women’s volleyball elite match during the last year, in the case of jet lag, Jenny Lang ping will also put forward its own proposals to help An Jiajie address team issues.

With the season over, it’s women’s training camp is about to begin, for head coach Jenny Lang ping and executive coaching An Jiajie, the published list is only the first step, followed by training, the next game is big. New Olympic cycle began, whether lang was An Jiajie, and women’s volleyball the girls are faced with new challenges over the next three years of time, everything is new to them, Halo has been permanently fixed in the summer 2016.

(Ting Yuan)

Lang ping is still the backbone of Chinese women volleyball team Lai Yawen wearing three hats really rare


Pipe Center announced the new coach of China’s women’s volleyball team, Lang ping became head coach, An Jiajie as an executive coach. While the leader Lai Yawen, coach Bao Zhuang, Wu Xiaolei and other coaching staff all the previous Olympic cycle, added the former national men’s volleyball major get-Yuan Zhi as accompanying coaches. Lang ping is still the backbone of the team and leaders, while An Jiajie were given the increased liability. It is worth mentioning that, both as team leaders, coaches and Lai Yawen pipe, Deputy Director of the three levels.

Lang ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the previous Olympic cycle has made brilliant achievements, won the Rio Olympic Games gold medals, the World Cup and World Championship runner-up, creating another peak period in the history of Chinese women volleyball team. In this case, it tube Center is no reason not to and Lang ping contract. In this coaching team, and head coach Lang ping’s position is, instead of the previous head coach. Although there is only one letter short, but there are obviously different.

Lang ping said earlier in an interview with CCTV: “to bring the Chinese team or quit. “This in fact implies that she will continue to coach the Chinese women’s volleyball team. There was speculation Lang ping will be the row during President or other officials, but Lang ping made it clear that his specialty is business and do the things they like to do.

Head coach Lang ping from became head coach, mainly for her body to consider. In February this year she had hip surgery, but asymmetry, also need an operation on the other side. After the surgery, you also need some recovery time. So this year, she may not be able fully to the cause of Chinese women’s volleyball team training and competition, then there needs to be an executive coach to perform her training plans, the game plan.

Lang ping is the de facto leader of this team, just the routine of training and competition this year may be performed by An Jiajie. Judging from the coaching staff, coaches all of the previous cycle, post of leader Lai Yawen also continued to serve as leader. Bao Zhuang from accompany coach was promoted to assistant coach, Wu Xiaolei, Yuan Shu in unison, and Yu Fei, Tong Li, who continue to be accompanied coaches. Increased national men’s volleyball team’s main supporting Yuan Zhi with the coach. Other foreign doctors, physical divisions, Rehabilitation Division is on a cycle of “the old man”, who followed the lang fight together for a few years, is the result of practical test of professional experts. All of these people, also shows that Lang ping still have absolute say over the team.

Lai Yawen was promoted to the pipe, Deputy Director of the Center, but still became the leader of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and coach. She and Lang ping was a team-mate, later head coach Lang ping of China Women’s volleyball team, she is the captain. Women’s volleyball coach Lang ping return to China the previous cycle, she is the team leader and coach, is the right-hand man of Lang ping, in communicating with the players, do ideological work did a lot of work in this area, and won the trust of coach Lang ping. “Promotion” still chose to follow after lang continued to fight on the front lines, China Women’s volleyball Middle blocker short-handed, she could transfer of technology and experience to new players.

An Jiajie one Olympic cycle was the Assistant coach on this team very well, and lang and his coaches with the years, mutual trust, good implementation of Lang ping’s overall arrangements and plans. He is young, energetic, dynamic, is a career best when, as Executive coach is appropriate. By the Assistant coach was promoted to coach of location has changed, have greater responsibilities than before. Led on a cycle he had directed the 2015 and 2016, 2016 Swiss elite Grand Prix finals match, there are some individual coaching experience, but experience is also lacking. This year, Chinese women’s volleyball team will take part in the Grand Prix, Championship, Grand Champions Cup matches, An Jiajie, daily training is a test of the present command.

Although there is no world series this year, but middle blocker, pass, get placed into the new people who need to improve in training, to take over as soon as possible. Especially the Middle blocker position openings, how to improve the level of these new players, a subject is placed in front of An Jiajie.

(Winter season)

Nine hero of the Olympic Games women’s volleyball team a new nine new star finalist for the first time


New Chinese women’s volleyball team roster released head coach Jenny Lang ping, An Jiajie as an executive coach, Lai Yawen as leader and coach, has long been a concern of the women’s volleyball team temporarily paragraph fazed. Tokyo Olympic period starting squad is adjusted accordingly. 9 people in Rio Olympic champion Squad, but 3 veteran Wei qiuyue, Hui Ruoqi and Yan Ni not selected Diao Lin Yu, and Gong Meizi, Du Qingqing, Michelle Wang, and Yang Han Yu, Gao Yi, Qin Siyu, Qian Jingwen Wang Meiyi 9 rookie first finalist; Li Jing and Wang Yun蕗 both return to the squad; League performance good Wang Chen玥, Yang Zhou, Liu Yanhan, Wang Na, Chen Zhan, who missed the new women’s volleyball team.

Head coach Lang ping eat fitness coaching framework remains stable

Since the rate after Rio won the Olympics, coach Lang ping will Olympic cycle to stay in Tokyo are the focus of attention, news talk about her contract. Lang ping said this year should rest the body, will also participate in the formation of the new session of the national team in the past. The Lang ping of China Women volleyball team head coach will appear in the list, not only continued to led the sending positive signals for the Tokyo Olympic cycle, concern of the Chinese women’s volleyball team fans also be reassured. This year will be led by coach An Jiajie played, but the head coach to grasp the general direction of Lang ping that mark, have reason to look forward to in this Olympic cycle team continue strong.

Although Lang ping became head coach, but the coaching framework is stable, individual coaching ranks. First Assistant An Jiajie as implementation coach, will bear more training and game task; has is pipes Center Deputy Director of Lai Yawen still will fought in line, who leader and coach; package strong by accompany playing coach was promoted to assistant coach; accompany playing coach Yuan consonance, and Wu Xiaolei, and Tong Li and Fei Yu all left team, in about Olympic Qian had joined sparring of Qian volleyball national champion Yuan Zhi official as accompany playing coach. Doctors, physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists with Lang ping after many years. Coach women’s volleyball team that the stability of smooth transition and logistics.

Rio gold medallists 9 people named Hui Ruoqi, 3 people temporarily out

Succession is the new Olympic cycle the team challenge, many young players of Chinese women’s volleyball team plays in this regard difficult is relatively small. Rio’s Olympic champion team of 12 players on this 9 were selected, three senior Wei qiuyue, Captain of the poor health of the Olympic Games Hui Ruoqi and Yan Ni are the oldest in the team is not in the list. Nominated 9 Olympic champions in addition to veteran Middle blocker Xu yunli older, more injuries outside, another 8 people or when playing years, or still larger room at the Tokyo Olympic cycle will still constitute the main framework for the team.

Rio Olympic Games 12 will have 3 failed to enter the list. Wei qiuyue and middle blocker Yan Ni the second older, have expressed intention to retire after the games. Hui Ruoqi was Captain when the play of the year, but her heart is always hidden temporary rest or otherwise considered reasonable. 3 skills and experience both belong to the General. Is the contest of this year bye year inspection new, national team in the future if necessary, does not exclude the possibility of their return.

9 rookie League finalists are left unrecognized Shandong 5 will be selected for criticism

The total of 9 young squad for the first time. Addition to setter Diao Lin Yu, a free man outside the main du and Gong Meizi cleared, another 6 people is a middle blocker and get-away. 2/3 from these two locations of the forces nouvelles, objectively shows that relatively weak national team Middle blocker and takes talent, need to expand the scope of selection to meet the shortfall. 3 Middle blocker Michelle Wang, Yang Han-Yu and high body condition excellent, 3 takes Wang Meiyi, Qian Jingwen and Qin Siyu also features. Older Chinese middle blocker line, takes place only Gong Xiangyu prize. Whether more forces nouvelles in both places, means a lot to continue strong in Tokyo Olympic circle.

Li stage state League strong, Wang Yun-Lu Yong, and the two men return to the squad. But this year’s tournament a number of eye-catching performance have not been called up for the national team players, Wang Chen玥, and Yang Zhou, Wang Na, Chen Zhan, Li Yingying, who failed to interview.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang, 4 League championship squad, managed to avoid relegation in Shandong province there are 5 people named, Middle blocker Yang Han-Yu in the League is only played 2 games. Such contrast makes the same coach from Shandong An Jiajie controversial. Shandong is the reserve force is relatively good team, Qian Jingwen, Yang Han-Yu and Du Qingqing nominated mainly for trips new people. Total years each team has its own considerations and eventually stay and talk.

A new list of Chinese women’s volleyball team has some surprising places, but given the particularity of Quan Yunnian and third tournament bye year this year in the selection of players, there’s no need to list too tangled. Recall the beginning of 2013 recaptured women’s volleyball coach Lang ping command, players eventually participating in the training camp for the first time only Annabelle Lau, Yan Ni, Hui Ruoqi and Xu yunli had 4 people on the Rio Olympic arena. Tokyo Olympic period has just started, there is a big adjustment in the future space. (Caucasus)

Lang ping of China Women volleyball team head coach Division of glory again


CNS, Beijing, March 29 (reporter Yue Chuan)-Association of China Women’s volleyball team was announced on 29th 2017 training notifications, Lang ping will be the head coach position, An Jiajie as an executive coach. Because of Lang ping and the original contract had expired in late September, which means around the discussion of her contract or not, and finally had the answer in six months.

Last summer’s Olympic Games in Rio, Chinese women’s volleyball team vividly indomitable spirit of interpretation, under the circumstances of out of the group stages on the verge “born to die” and enter the phased out after the game and even g Brazil, the Netherlands, Serbia’s three enemies, the first time in 12 years, won an Olympic gold medal for the third time in history. As the team coach, Lang ping reputedly.

On September 30 last year, Lang ping and the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s contract officially expired, about whether she will continue to run after command was also cause for concern. Pipes said Liu Wenbin, Deputy Director of the Centre, on the renewal of Lang ping, “full of confidence”, but there has been no clear conclusion.

In late November, CCTV broadcast of the documentary film the turning point-lang. The documentary, lang did not give a precise answer, she revealed her legs more, at this stage, to treat first. However, Lang ping will also say, if to continue coaching, Chinese women’s volleyball team is the only option, will not accept other teams threw an olive branch.

In January this year, CCTV sports man of the year award ceremony, Lang ping became the audience one of the brightest men. Not only won the title of best coach of the year, the Chinese women’s volleyball team scored four awards. The ceremony, Lang ping said is about to travel to the United States for surgery, she said, would respect the inner decision with my family “decision”.

Beijing on January 20, Lang ping in Chicago undergoing hip surgery, the operation was very successful. Lang ping after rehabilitation in America, she repeatedly through the social networking site to greet fans and share recovery progress. In the meantime, China Association leadership has for the United States to visit Jenny Lang ping.

Earlier media reports said Lang ping is expected at the end of March treatment back home. On the 29th, China announced women’s volleyball 2017 years intensive training notifications, head coach Lang ping’s name appears on the column, which means long discussions around her to renew or not, and finally had the answer.

Next, the teacher of Chinese women’s volleyball team, the glory will be a fresh start. Blessing, Jenny Lang ping, bless the Chinese women’s volleyball team. (End)

Rio won three retired hero out of the women’s volleyball training if it is not still have the opportunity to


Pipe Center has released a new list of the training of Chinese women’s volleyball team, in this list, no Olympic hero Hui Ruoqi, Wei qiuyue, Yan Ni’s name. Wei qiuyue and Yan Ni nearly 30 years, facing retirement, not to the list expected. Hui Ruoqi was due to a physical condition do not enter the training camp list, but still have the possibility of returning in the future.

Wei qiuyue ever since 2007, national team, apart from the 2013 outside did not enter the national team, served nine years in the national team. For nine years, she won a gold medal, one Olympic bronze, a World Cup champion and a World Championship runner-up, a World Cup third place, as well as a gold medal of the Asian Games, Asian Championship and the finals of Asian Cup champion and twice a runner-up, has proved brilliant. Her athletic career in the Olympics said she is perfect.

Wei qiuyue is 29 years old this year, she will be married this year after the National Games, which also means she will end her career. Wei qiuyue participated in three Olympic Games, in the history of Chinese women’s volleyball team was extraordinary. She has a serious knee injury, playing the game in recent years is relatively small, Lang Dao has been protecting her, trying his best to the Rio Olympics. She has achieved her dream, injuries, age does not currently allow her to hold on. Choose to retire at this time is the best time.

Late bloomer Yan Ni, at the end of his career got the Olympic gold medals and World Cup titles, is already a miracle. She is 30 years old this year, also reached the age of players to retire. She has not made it clear that when he retired, it will not be easy to assert that she will retire after the National Games this year. Chinese women’s volleyball team has no world series this year, move into a group of young middle blocker culture, but a young player is not ideal, also recalled Yan Ni the possibility of playing the World Championships next year.

Hui Ruoqi, 26 years old, is still very young. But she has heart problems before the 2015 World Cup, failed to attend the World Cup. After surgery, but relapse after a few months, had to make a second operation. In this case, she was able to overcome the physical and psychological burden in the Olympics and won a gold medal, has worked wonders. At the just concluded League, head coach CAI bin, Jiangsu has been protecting her, basically in a State of truce during the regular season, all the way to the semifinals and finals as a team.

Her heart problem coach fear, Lang ping at the same games that have been controlling Hui Ruoqi exercise. Is competition a bye this year year, no world series, coach not to move her up in the national team is to protect her. Hui Ruoqi had never been publicly when retired, are also difficult to assert that she will return to the national team in the future. In 2013, when Lang ping Wei qiuyue was not called into the national team, but after the defeat in the Asian Championships, in the next year to move back to the Wei qiuyue. Hui Ruoqi copy Wei qiuyue four years ago will “counter attack” it is hard to say.

Hui Ruoqi required on next year if the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the main line, and her physical condition allows, there is possibility of regression. But for now, Chinese women’s volleyball team may consist of Ting Zhu, Zhang Changning as major major, Hui Ruoqi even back bench is more likely.

(Winter season)

Netizens blasted the pot! Japan’s volleyball all-star two dudes kissing in public


Yesterday was maxed out by this information, full name Island volleyball game Suntory Yamamoto flocked Takamatsu Chuo vector dispute with Toyota and started shoving two people finally to resolve the awkward, two people Kiss together.

The kiss network exploded in Japan, so netizens talking, has denounced the two men publicly objectionable, also praised two people stirring up the atmosphere, fairly lively discussion. Learned later that their Kiss turned out to be arranged in advance, turned out to be play … … Totally crude to see … … Such a soulful kiss … … (Small meat)

National Games table tennis doubles the level of world-class Liu Shiwen hand Ding Ning promotion


+ Guangdong in the stands of the sports community reporter Pan Xiyu reports

The night of March 28, the 13th National Games table tennis qualifying match at the Liaoning Anshan was men’s and women’s doubles competition. First stage qualify for the Guangdong team mixed doubles final Liu Shiwen and Lin Gaoyuan continues to have excellent performance, both individually and Ding Ning, Yan an combination of formed units respectively, and goes into the final stage.

For the purpose of preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the games of doubles matches allow cross-unit pair so that national team players more opportunities to exercise. Won the mixed doubles finals after qualifying with teammate Lin Gaoyuan, Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning of Beijing team that had swept the world table tennis women’s doubles combinations together again. Only after a short training, two people regain rapport through it. Gu Yuting/miracle also entered the final stage, and Wen Jia/Chen Xingtong, and Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning in the top half of them. National team another strength doubles Zhu Yuling/Chen Mengjia points in the bottom half, with one half of the Che Xiaoxi/Wang Manyu, Wu Yang/Hu Limei, Liu Gaoyang/Feng Yalan, etc, they will face more intense competition than the top half.

As club-mate, Lin Gaoyuan naturally paired and Yan an expedition men’s doubles. Two people full of tacit understanding, first to beat Anhui 3:0 beyond/combination of Li Jiaqi, was swept in straight sets again Yu Haoran/Lu Jiapeng combination of Jiangxi, qualify for finals. “Psychology and tactics are relatively well prepared, so the scenes and technically better control. “Lin Gaoyuan said. Admitted before the game waiting for Yan an and Lin Gaoyuan pairs is happy with the play. Final phase, they will be in the bottom half against Liu Jikang/Hao shuai, Zhou Yu/Fan Zhendong two combination, “we will make full preparations. “Yan an said.

Last day for qualifying will produce men and women’s singles finals qualifying. Liu Shiwen as a member of the Olympic team title in Rio, in accordance with the rules of the games directly to participate in finals, so she will not participate in the singles qualifying. Lin Gaoyuan already entered the third round just two WINS, you can obtain national games finals. Although he had just got the straight World Championships in Dusseldorf singles seats, but far more intense competition of the National Games.

Combination of National Games women’s doubles finals competition:

Top half: 1 Ding Ning/Liu Shiwen (Beijing/Guangdong) 2 Sun Mingyang/Sun Wenlei (Ningxia/Jiangsu) 3 Wang Yidi/Li Xiaodan (Hunan/Shanxi) 4 Zheng Shichang/Guo Yichen (Jiangsu/Zhejiang) 5 Sun Yingsha/Chen Ke (Hebei/Jiangsu) 6 Gu Yuting/miracle (Shandong/a) 7 Fan Siqi/Yang Huijing (Sichuan) 8 Wen Jia/Chen Xingtong (Liaoning)

Bottom half: 9 Che Xiaoxi/Wang Manyu (Heilongjiang) 10 Cheng Dandan/Yuan Xuejiao (Beijing, Henan) 11 Yang/Wu Hu Limei (Shanxi/a) 12 Liu Gaoyang/Feng Yalan (Shandong and Hubei) 13 Li Jia燚/lanxi (Liaoning) 14 Zhang Rui/Guo Yan (Hubei, Sichuan) 15 Li Jiayuan/Sun Chen (Beijing) 16 Zhu Yuling/Chen Mengjia (Sichuan, Shandong)

Combination of national games men’s doubles finals competition:

Top half: 1 Ma long/Xu Xin (Beijing/Shanghai) 2 Huang Zhenting/He Junjie (Hong Kong) 3/Shang Kun Bo (Qingdao/Shanghai) 4 Lu Xiang/Zhai Yujia (Zhejiang) 5 Zhang Yudong/Sun Wen (Jiangsu) 6 Liang Jing Hu/Wang Chuqin (Hebei/Beijing) 7 in He Yi/Wang Linchu (Henan) 8 Xue Fei/Zhao Daming (Hubei)

Bottom half: 9 Ho Yam/Xia Yizheng (Henan) 10 Liu Jikang/Hao shuai (Beijing/Tianjin) 11 yan an/Lin Gaoyuan (Beijing/Guangdong) 12 Fan Shengpeng/Cheng Jingqi (Hebei) 13 Xu Ruifeng/Yan Sheng (Sichuan) 14 Zhu Cheng/CAI Wei (Jiangsu) 15 Wang Jianjun/Yin Jiaxu (Zhejiang) 16 weeks of rain/Fan Zhendong (PLA)

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Oral beauty farewell Sun shark tooth grin had been friends taunt


When it comes to Sun, once the pain point, tooth is an absolute. Every time a big poplar game time to celebrate, it’s easy to cover the jagged teeth, which he was ridiculed by the foreign friends, which made him feel very distressed. But now, these have become the past, Sun now beauty through the mouth also has a neat white teeth.

As a public figure, and attaches great importance to personal image Sun orthodontics early ideas, but never took time to prepare for Olympics training tension. Sun after the Rio Olympics finally arrived at a dental hospital dental orthopedic oral beauty. Photo shows the Sun and my dental doctor photographs.

Sun Yangzheng accept teeth orthotic.

Before the correction, Sun’s teeth are so.. …

Sun, a “shark tooth”, hence the name

Invisible orthodontic braces with for some time, Sun teeth have “modified inclined rectified.”

Lin Li Henan relegation battle the constant fire rescue junior attack aimed at upgrading


Sports + correspondent reported Nock

Though the national women’s volleyball League final has ended, however, the League competition is still continuing, Henan, Yunnan, Hebei, Guangdong, four teams will be competing for entry into the two places in group a. Although there were only four teams, but the star-studded every bit as much as the national women’s volleyball League, evergrande majored in Galaj introduced in Brazil and the United States takes after the blessed Seth, also introduced aid Annabelle Lau, women’s volleyball, according to Henan stakeholders confirmed that Lin Li Henan women’s volleyball team will also fire rescue, though only one promotion and relegation matches, but the point is still full.

Constant: the three-strong attack attack Super

Evergrande volleyball before grading action to raise awareness of the potential this team back to a group decision. Cross match while fighting was going on in the women’s volleyball League, evergrande full tour to Europe, after returning home with a few teams played friendly matches in group a. Most importantly, evergrande has introduced Galaj, Fawcett, as well as aid in Annabelle Lau, an attack like this lineup, even in the world, also with the national team broke off the attack line the side of wrestling, thus the evergrande this back to return to a group are potential bases.

Henan: two foreign aid Lin Li fire rescue

This year, the Henan women’s volleyball team with Murphy and two cases of foreign aid Hodge, team record is not ideal, but they succeed in lifting group match left the two foreign aid. Confirmation of women’s volleyball, according to Henan people, best free Lin Li of Henan women’s volleyball team will join the Olympic Games, for the women’s volleyball team playing in Henan province lift Group’s match. Lin Li’s arrival can be good protection and defense, especially in a link, a certain degree of liberation of Murphy’s pass, allow it to focus on attack. Henan team waiting on the lift strength on the group itself, Lin Li after joining, again reinforcing the Henan team’s lineup.

Yunnan: foreign aid help m Dr, or join

Similar to the Henan team, Yunnan will be their two foreign aid Silva and Palacio left to prepare for promotion and relegation matches, left two foreign aid at the same time, according to Fujian fans will say, Mi Yang a temporary move to Yunnan women’s volleyball team is almost a foregone conclusion. Mi Yang technology more solid, two attack if able to adapt rice in Yunnan Yang pass, play our style, perhaps there’s hope to stay in group a, from the current lineup, evergrande volleyball have all but locked up a rose group places, Yunnan and Henan should be squaring off for another places.

Hebei: accompany studying princes in learning

Hebei women’s volleyball team in the lift is the only team in the Group had neither foreign aid nor requests the aid team, is the team’s strength is relatively weak compared with the other three teams, so this lifting of the Hebei women’s volleyball Group’s goal should be to focus on learning, focusing on training.

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Olympic champion how to develop business value? There should be appropriate “self management”


Sports + stringers in Tin Sum reports

What’s most popular at present? The entertainment industry. Lady stars TV series have been by a single set of fees, often play down, earnings millions is no surprise.

Once an Olympic champion was indignant about this, “Olympic champion, too handsome, there sings well. Singer, actor when the Olympic Championship? “Behind the words, is the Olympic champion of social value and business value hard to truly discover and development reality.

Olympic champion was dissatisfied with it seems there must be a reason. Put behind them the hardships of ordinary people can not imagine. Long youth day sweat, endure the torment of pain persist, layer in the upper master around the Olympics break. Behind the gold medal, is a manifestation of the spirit, is a personal illustration of superior athletic ability.

Look, enjoy entertainment Star “same treatment” stars rare. Zhang jike is one of them, full of socialization and entertainment operations, let the Grand Slam champion swimming freely in the entertainment. Ding 8 million fans have proved that he has influence unmatched by other Olympic champions. So after an immeasurable influence, Zhang jike Studio applications last year, and specifically to take care of these not-so-good for him, let him not to delay training. So in the past, a virtuous circle.

Other than Zhang jike, other Olympic champions? Such as the Chinese women’s volleyball team of the Rio Championship girls, such as “beautiful girl” Fu Yuanhui. However, they reflect the social and commercial value, they may not be with their pay or their personality to match. People are always busy in the Fu Yuanhui expression package, always talking about what got her funny jokes, but the development of commercial value, is restricted by various reasons, not all the way flat.

Sometimes, Olympic champion will also be confused, “why do I get a gold medal, is not red? “They are red, but also” confused “. Yes, self-promotion is not their strength, after all, also needs to extend career-their mission is to train and race. This is the root of all this, not upside down.

Li Na 2011 when I got my first Grand Slam, did not stop in its tracks, but for coaches, changing technology, finally conquered in Melbourne in early 2014. Clearly, the two Grand Slam champions in hand, no one can shake her place in Chinese sport. This example also shows that to achieve a high social value and business value, to absolutely compelling performance comes first.

Retired Wu said at a Sports Forum in Boao, attention, did not decrease after he retired, and this, of course, self-promotion and business-related. Rather than retire, he “did not know” without a trace.

Learn to moderate “self management”, rather than simply think “I’m the Olympic champion” is fine. Its good place to let the world better understand, self-worth and a little reflected, it will find its permanent place in the James era.

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