Zhejiang women volleyball team played as a whole does not mean that no core 1 Mars data WINS Olympic gold


Sports + stringers atang reports

2016-17 national women’s volleyball League matches have ended yesterday afternoon, 4 Jiangsu women’s volleyball final metamorphosis harvested the first runner-up title. The cruelty of sport lies in the Championship while enjoying the flowers and applause, the losers have to bear the tears of defeat, Li Jing, Zhejiang women volleyball Spikers, in the case of two consecutive games to become full-Court scoring, Zhejiang team without a victory. Finals game after the game, Li Jing had shed tears of sorrow, remorse because of her negligence led to the team losing. However, if there is no Li Jing, Zhejiang could go to the final location is unknown. Even though Zhejiang is an overall volleyball, it doesn’t mean they are not core, Li Jing is the core.

With with final fourth field 28 points of excellent play, Li in League scored topped Shang beat Sichuan foreign aid Rourke, wing Deng topped, this is she following 2012-13, and 2013-14, and 2014-15 season zhihou, fourth times won League scored King; in spike list Shang, Li also ahead Rourke high home first; also Li also in block list, and serve list and received serve list Shang among League Qian 20, these data also showed that Li is toward full main of direction development.

Compared to the luxury Olympic women’s volleyball Squad, Jiangsu, Zhejiang women volleyball team is a civilian, although Li Jing with show selected for the national team in the League, but two in and two out for her would be a bitter, cannot be in the national team hold, unable to play in the international arena will one day let her to be labeled “woliheng” label. But sometimes, some things can, not everyone falls can successfully seize the chance, otherwise the world would be full of inspiring success stories, and Li Jing is clearly not the model. “Our strength is poor teams, playing up also very tired, I attacked earlier, they later helped me defensively. Is the runner-up, but it was worth it, after all nobody runner-up. “When it comes to the League runners-up, Li Jing, said she had no regrets, after all, they’ve tried our best.

The current Chinese women’s volleyball team, Ting Zhu is a monolith on the main line, Zhang Changning rapid growth, Hui Ruoqi “old” solid, basic was no longer give Li play space. Li Jing in the highlight moment for the national team, will stay forever in 2016 Asian Cup MVP and best on the main, and even then it doesn’t matter, after all, Li Jing had proved himself within the limits of their capacity. In the case of poor overall firepower of the Zhejiang, Li almost single-handedly to hit Zhejiang women volleyball out of the way, more than 60 times more than 70 times another spike for a female player, is indeed a great deal of physical challenges, but Li Jing carry down.

Zhejiang women volleyball team’s second score Yang Zhou has said retired after playing games, this also means that the already weak offensive firepower of Zhejiang women volleyball team next season will be even more inadequate. Li Jing with the democratisation of Zhejiang women volleyball team went down, Wu Sheng guidance how to use limited resources to maximum effect, are great fans look forward to things.

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Ning Zetao Henan training home flipping destiny can only rely on grades


Sports + correspondent reported Wen Yuan

There are two recent news on Ning Zetao, one is to say national Swimming Championships. The deadline falls on March 10, he did not appear on the registration lists; another is the Wall Street Journal article about Li Jin-absorbing ability. The article, Li Na, even though retired for nearly three years, but I can’t decrease suction power, influence is beyond Yao Ming and swimming world champion Ning Zetao.

National Swimming Championships is to wage war on April 10 in Qingdao national preliminaries for the first time, even if it does not appear in the list, does not imply Ning Zetao will miss the opportunity to participate in the National Games. In June, the National Games also have a second preliminary round. If two are absent, will be missed.

Now Ning Zetao began jumping into the swimming pool of the daily training, according to the Henan provincial swimming managing Center said Ning Zetao naval training base in Shanghai is not selected, but a return to the initial training in his hometown. And he is not in the world series to accompany his Ye Jin, but team coach, Henan province.

Practice slow day, half lost two days of practice. Back from Rio in the body most of the time recuperating Ning Zetao resumed training, but to restore a high competitive level, not a day, not to mention about returning after the chaos, Ning Zetao hard time sinking down into the pool, as I do quiet without distraction to the training.

The Rio Olympics, people are guessing, Ning Zetao will embark on a road to face mixed with entertainment on, and will continue to jump into the swimming pool, defend the dignity of their hundred-meter freestyle genius?

Today, out of a bizarre plot drew to a close. Also relentlessly to the national team he shut the door of hope to the world series. Flip to fate, Ning Zetao only calm down, let your heart be strong, to resist the reality of his harassment. An athlete, most forceful counter strike to the reality, not the table determined to, talk to not, but took the most convincing results.

Li Na were it not for gains in two Grand Slam champions, remember her outside every now and then is the outbreak of temper; Liu Xiang had it not been for Athens to get the gold medal, breaking the world record, the outside world remember he is probably after a spate of retirements. It is because big scores, Li and Liu Xiang will no matter how much the past, are still sending out the star’s light, still has a high commercial value.

Ning Zetao, Kazan had achieved a career breakthrough, and he hopes to scale new heights, but everything was changed beyond recognition. Now I do not know if he had the chance to once again rewrite the destiny, but regardless of how the external environment, can control themselves. Just like her in the hold your right hand says, “fate is the Craven shield when I, when I scream unfair fate most of the time, is the prelude to prepare me to escape. Fate is like a basket, I put myself on my tolerance, forgiveness is brought in it, and then covered with a piece of fate yarns, I carry it forward slowly, at heart, a copy of mind calm. ”

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Hagi yegongjie to match Phelps Wang Shun can become a lion?


Sports + correspondent reported Meng Wei

After the elbow surgery last year, the Rio Olympic swimming 400 mixed champion, runner-up of 200 mixed Hagi yegongjie have missed many important events at home and abroad, now what? Recent Madrid open will be able to give a clear answer to Hagi yegongjie good entries of five projects with all five, and were ranked in the top ten in the world so far this year.

As a return to Madrid, simply because he and some teammates training in Spain, the nearest participating training effect. Hagi wild five crowns from the 100 back, 200, 400, 200, and 400 mixed. Key items in the world series 200, 200 and 400 mixed-noticeable. Due to the game level is not high, Hagi yegongjie only ego contest, results in the upper 200 mixed-07 1 minutes 58 seconds over Seto at the Tokyo Swimming Championships (Kitajima Cup) 1 minute 58 seconds in the upper reaches 40, ranks this year, first in the world, the results at the Rio Olympic won the seventh. 23,200 in addition 400 mixed-4 minutes 15 seconds out of 1 minute 47 seconds 95, are ranked fifth in the world this year.

This kind of game out of such achievements, Hagi yegongjie confidence, in an interview with the Japanese media, he said: “my grade was good, did feel progress has been made in the training. “An interview with Spanish newspaper Marca is looking for him, Hagi yegongjie start Ho said:” the 2020 Olympic Games, I will try to win a few gold medals, and the goal this year is to seek to win several gold medals at the World Championships. ”

However Marca Hagi yegongjie I would also like to “Ho”, a number of foreign media the Marca newspaper reported that Hagi yegongjie want to breaking lochte and Phelps’s world record in the 200 and 400 mixed. The text captions of the Marca: “Hagi yegongjie wants to be the 2020 Olympics, Michael Phelps. “How many of these words is a reporter for the blog eye re-creation of, but Hagi wild public does not think so?

Hagi yegongjie currently maintains a 200 and 400 mixed-Asian record is 1 05 07 minutes 55 seconds and 4 minutes and 06 seconds, while current world record lochte respectively in the year 2011 swim a 200-00 mix 1 minute 54 seconds, Phelps swam in the 2008 84 400 mixed-4 minutes, 03 seconds, there is a real gap. Phelps, now retired, lochte to be punished out of the World Championships, now 24, Hagi yegongjie, at least this year, grasp of the two Medley is great. As for world records, Hagi yegongjie is the first Asian record broken again.

Of course don’t forget Chinese Wang Shun, short course World Championships 200 mixed Wang Shun defeat Seto won the Championship, is considered a major breakthrough is the Chinese swimming. Wang Shun in the long pool 200 and 400 mixed’s best result was 1 minute 56 seconds on 55 and 4 minutes 09 seconds 10, gaps between it and the Hagi yegongjie, larger than Hagi gap between the yegongjie and the world record. However, Wang Shun, in last year’s Asian Championships 200 mixed 1 55 minutes 56 seconds, Hagi has been exceeded 1 minute 56 seconds of wild Olympic runner-up 61, now has a clear focus: 200 mix, was Wang Shun advance speed, speed of or Hagi yegongjie find the best feeling?

Finally, Hagi yegongjie 200, though only his third item, data than the Sun on a gap. But please remember Incheon Asian Games, Hagi yegongjie Sun between putaihuan and upset Win 200 Championship that scene. Now he’s back, in addition to the three who match any of the items for Chinese players, it will be a major threat.

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Hendry retired 5 years after the first billiards Emperor sword veteran World Championships


China snooker Association official website news: March 22 – 24th UK time from “Super Star Online” title sponsor of World Snooker veterans Championships in Scunthorpe, United Kingdom. By then, the four players through the qualifying round and the race compete eight snooker legend, the champions will get tickets for the qualifying rounds of the world championship this year, top seed and tournament invites players was 7-time world champion, “Billiards Emperor” Hendry.

Shidifen·Heng enrichment, January 13, 1969 was born Yu Scotland Edinburgh of he, 17 age began he of career Republika Connaught grams career, in thereafter up 27 years of time in, had get 7 times World Championships champion, which 1992 to 1996 get five consecutive, has no break this records; 6 times master game champion; 4 times Grand Prix champion; total 36 a ranking game champion–to know, that era annual only not to 10 a ranking game; he also has 11 times 147 points full marks rod of official records And maintained from March 17, 1990 to January 13, 1991 loss to Jimmy White’s longest unbeaten record, won 5 consecutive ranked matches during the Championship and at rankings a record 36 consecutive games unbeaten in the tournament.

However, after the 2005 Malta Cup, over the next 7 years, Hendry no longer champion recorded. Beijing time on May 2, 2012, into the age pool of the Emperor, 1/4 2-13 defeat in the finals at the World Championships after also came from Scotland’s Maguire, officially announced his retirement decision. At a press conference at his interview, he admits that: “two or three months ago, I think I’ve had enough; so sorry unable to play at the Crucible, but announced his retirement was a relief for me. I think this is a correct decision, I cannot state as peak of the past always was defeated by the other contestants too painful for me than JI Liu Yong returned. ”

In five years, Hendry as he said, no longer appear in the official game of Snooker game. As a BBC commentator, Hendry said: “the last year or so, I kind of Miss playing snooker. Perhaps televised snooker sake, I also want to go to the game. “Hendry friends” Golden left hand, “Mark Williams, a few days ago also in” giant online “revealed in the open class, Hendry will want veterans to win the comeback.

Retired five years, Hendry debut will be March 23, UK time. “Billiards Emperor” return ability takes the Crown, return to the Crucible? “The Star Online” APP will provide exclusive worldwide during the event live, so stay tuned. (Diamond snail)

Usain bolt home warm-up buleikebaoweier Lightning: 9 seconds 7 lines


So far, usain bolt at the World Championships before the warm-up, still only June 10 game in Jamaica’s home Grand Prix, and is named after his club’s Grand Prix. Taking into account the bolt will retire after the World Championships, the real “see a little one” stage, was not very high at this event, also became notable. Tournament organizers announced on Friday that not only world famous men and women sprinters come from MO Farah (distance running), David Lu Disha (800 m), and even Christian Taylor (long jump and triple jump) and dash items have nothing to top names will also participate. In addition to warm-up, holding bolt is also the main cause of it.

Of course most concern is bolt’s direct rivals. First home Club of Blake and Powell both Jamaica’s top players will play top competition between three people, a much-told story of the history of the men of the world hundred meters. You could say they were enemies, but on the other hand they are also maintain close cooperation for many years in the relay of the Super friends. Another 200 m to run down 19 79 seconds as the Warren-will also be participating.

Foreign players, is seen as a new generation of hundred-metre King Blomer appearances, the Rio Olympic defeat (the final eighth) was a blow, but still only 21 years old Blomer is a hundred meters one of the top players, no doubt about it. But today (March 18), Blomer hasn’t 17 debut.

In addition is the 400 m world record holder, South Africa’s name fannikeerke, he was the world’s first 100-meter race to 10 seconds, 200 meters to within 20 seconds, the Super Sprint 400 meters to within 44 seconds of genius. His body full of creating miracles possible. Bolt praised fannikeerke as “training extremely hard, strong-willed” player. When it comes to South Africa, the world hundred meters so far this year best (9 93 seconds) the creator ximubinei to play, his personal best is 9 seconds 89, Rio finished fifth in the finals.

The closer to the end of a career, usain bolt touched, in an interview with Reuters, bolt said: “although I am not an emotional person, but I really want to cry. This is my last home game. I feel good now, in January after the Australia match now, I would have back in training, the coach also satisfied with my performances in training out of that smooth feeling, this is a good sign. ”

Communicate with bolt, one inevitably asks how much he is going to run this always said don’t get fed up with problems. Although it is not at its best, and last year usain bolt stresses the need to treat to enjoy to. But he’s still very amazing, simply referring to the National Grand Prix, his goal was 9 seconds 7! Bolt said, “season I don’t have to run too fast, 9 seconds 7 is very good, the last home run into such a special time and place, should be enough. ”

Given to usain bolt in Rio also ran 9 81 seconds in the finals, individual world record 9 58 seconds, this game will have to run 9 seconds 7, even if it is 9 79 seconds, it is very amazing results. But coach Glen Mills, bolt’s pronouncements did not doubt, he said, “usain bolt is on his personal standards now stand. I’m sure he will be good for the State, return to the audience wonderful performances. ”


Business torts to apologise to Liu owe sincere apology is rubbed against the heat?


Sports + reporter Tong reports

On March 15, international consumer rights day, and a good use of time hot electrical businesses, continued in the morning, blasted out a letter of apology over the network, which has just ended in Beijing a few days ago two “flying man” Liu about.

Things also to from April 7, 2015 Liu retired day said up, this not only led to a audience of concern and sigh, also caught has many brand keen of commercial vision, they are take with Liu retired of big hot, to on Liu tribute of way, interspersed with with himself of products advertising, but was regrets of is, this which of most and no get Liu I of authorized, can understanding for “rub heat”, and in legal Shang actually constitute has violations portrait.

As a representative of Chinese sports star, Liu Xiang, to the repeated violations of domestic sensitivities are also top of the, so it will be an August 2016, an Internet software by taxi and bicycle brand in Taiwan to court, and electrical contractor in October last year mentioned above failed to escape the eye.

On March 9, 2017, the e-commerce reached a settlement with Liu, and today sent a letter of apology, just prior to this letter, the store is much too much to justify himself, but feels the lack of good faith. Because the infringement is the fact that rights are not a matter of time. Also, back above the software even by taxi is about Liu Xiang to court, hype, Liu claims 1.26 million Yuan, also said mistaken attitudes in good faith.

Liu Xiang’s rights concern, of course, and his 110-meter hurdles Olympic champion and world record holder is inseparable from the great glory. But other athletes are also human rights struggles on the road holding, who have far better than flying trapeze player names are also victims of torts, such as London’s Olympic women’s EPEE champion Sun Yujie, were violations of the portrait “tortured” and battered.

With the development of networks developed, star pictures spent pinching, easy fame marketing encourages manufacturers to take athletes chances. With enhanced people’s legal awareness, celebrity activist more courage on the road. Liu’s fame is being used this time, but his rights according to law and to the majority of players make a good model, give those enterprises that want to abuse, I would like to take advantage of a heads up and want to do better, or to go the right way.

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Capital combat upgrade war April 8 foreign players too strong the country avoiding war


The afternoon of March 13, 2017, was held at the Metropark Hotel Beijing 2017 “fighting along the way Beijing International boxing match” Press Conference. Events produced party announced that the Asia–Pacific Broadcasting Union, China Publishing Association and the Beijing Changping District people’s Government hosted, Changping District, Beijing Sports Bureau, Beijing will be at fighting investments are contracted fully upgrade this year.

Last September, Beijing wrestle in Beijing’s Changping Stadium for a game, when field rendering is very good, large number of visitors, stage set up and so on very high level, but the boxer’s strength is more general, overall defensive ability can only be described as middle and lower level of competition and even challenge those placards from the former Soviet Union long waist thin legs girl attractive.

Has been adhering to the “real” fighting Yang Yanjun, founder of Beijing in the lessons of last year’s tournament experience, began to study abroad. For example, at the end of last year to Japan watched the God of Thunder game, seeing how the world level events operations, after the race had an intuitive recognition of the dignity, home start decorating the event overall upgrading plan.

Fighting in Beijing this year will be fully and Russian Martial Arts Association and KOTC King of the cage in the company of the United States, and the introduction of foreign players to the referee. According to fight Zhang Xu, General Manager, said the opponents from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia’s Foreign Legion, is has a number of gold Girdle of strength players.

But at the press conference, did not formally announce the pairing list on both sides, Zhang said this is mainly because foreign players too strong, there are currently some players heard about the opponents situation, unwilling to fight, until now only Muay Thai rookie Zhang Chunyu and MMA mixed martial arts new generation star nuerdebieke appearances, and other domestic players on the sidelines and consultations.

Matches will be held on April 8, stands arrangement with 3 combat MMA mixed martial arts fighting, 4 field. Yang Yanjun, from the creation of fighting started in Beijing, requires “true and fair” put an end to scandal within the event, so this competition in addition to superior judge and referee for the Chinese, all referees are from the United States and Russia, which the referee from the United States, Jason, famous referee of American MMA events.

“Beijing combat” after testing the waters last year, will be in full swing this year, will invite 65 countries fight for foreign players along the way duel, MMA, kickboxing, boxing-oriented events. Competition will be divided into the first round, the annual Championship, Championship. Proposed six to eight times a year the first round and an annual Championship, preliminary round group of six to eight per game, the first competition cycle plan for 15 years.

Meanwhile, “fighting in Beijing” will also cooperate with the national “along the way” strategy, all events will be along the “Silk Road” along the trajectory of the country, driven by fighting game and promoting “along the way” along the country’s cultural and sports exchanges. Hope that after a few years, “Beijing fight” into a real Chinese martial spirit and martial arts culture events on the domestic fight brand for China fighting contributed to the cause. (Zhou Chao)