Terri stomacher dress stunning debut Pang Wei: more sexy day home


Gray tube top dress Turi is a stunning red carpet appearances, double Olympic champion hands holding husband of fellow Olympic champion Pang Wei attire boarded the water cube arena. Terri and Pang Wei is China’s first Olympic gold a couple sports. Now Terri has retired, and Pang Wei began preparations for winter training.

Terri stomacher dress became a beautiful landscape of the red carpet, let the host exclaimed “beauty to new heights”. After retirement from Terri said first of all to live a normal life, athletes aspire to that kind of life, but she would not leave the shooting.

Host poking fun at Pang Wei: “Mrs used to dress like this? “Pang Wei answering the same amazing:” every day at home, more sexy. ”

As for the future, just after what had been the Pang Wei said: “I hope we will have many happy years of life, do a better job, enjoy, next training session begins, or you want to go all out to do good business. “(New)

Calculate probability 324,900/11 baseball game fans to pick up the ball


In baseball, if the ball is hit the stands, then picked up the ball fans can permanently retain the baseball, as a Memorial, if the ball is a fielder home run, it might be more memorable.

Ongoing WBC world classic tournament game, there have been a lot of very interesting outfield catch.

On March 14, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico game, there is a rare scene, a fan in hand the ball twice in the same place, and the incident was considered only after I have worked one of 324,900, is rare.

Is in the second round for the first time, Dominican Kurrus played ball in the middle on the right side, sitting in the outfield of men hand picked up the ball, the action field playback, last call for home runs.

Fourth round 1 outs 2 base, this time in Rosario in Puerto Rico the right to play, after a landing, and picked up by the same men, of course, this time because of landing is 2 home runs.

According to the hit probability, each 570 home runs, 1 on the ball near the stands, and simple terms, if a person is simultaneously with two stands a ball in a game, this is one of 324,900 probability.

After the game, the man and his son who is a ball, a commemorative group photo, but on the United States over the sports section of the newspaper.

In the WBC in the classic, a war against Cuba, Japan also appeared as a teenager in the outfield to catch ball event. When Japan’s lagging players Yamada shot directly off the outfield wall to fall, it’s hard to say whether home runs when, near the impact point of a Japanese teenager reached out and picked up the ball directly.

The whole uproar, eventually by video referee consultation, decision is second base instead of home runs, that boy because his actions gave Japan a trouble, upset and scared, can only be used in the field of clothes wrapped head, crying out. (Zhou Chao)

Wrestling ladies indecent video exposure with macho wild war (picture)


British professional wrestling star PEC (Paige), the popularity soared in these two days, Internet users from all kinds of websites all over the world watched wrestling on human skill, but here refers to the PA PA PA skills. A 4-minute having sex and playing with “small toys” merge video, there are some “class photo”, Internet users find interesting eating melon, wrestling fans watching in amazement. Britain quickly followed suit, many media reports, Paige admitted that he suffered in a major life crisis.

Paige was the cause their cell phones for hackers to guess. Paige said on Twitter: “my personal photos stolen, unfortunately without my consent, known to the world. “It is clear that the real crisis is not from the photos. Although these photos are indeed more exposure, but girls are writhing around in the mirror or something, seems to be common throughout the world, in fact, is nothing new. This video is really good, at first she is holding a fun tool to play off, and then they find macho to discuss. Page in the second half of last year and Mexican professional wrestler Alberto del Leo engaged to the man in the video … … But more than one person, so this page really are major causes of the crisis.

Page formerly known as Salaya-Judd-Jonathan bewers, Chinese circle of professional wrestling fans also Cheng Pei her orange or Peggy. She was born on August 17, 92 in a professional wrestling family in Norwich, was 13 years old to join the professional wrestling, WWE women champion twice (WWE Divas Championship) and in 21 years and 233 days, became the tournament’s youngest player, because the events were replaced by WWE women’s champion last year, Paige the youngest record is permanent.

Paige personal number of Twitter followers has now risen to 1.81 million people, kill many ordinary stars in the mainstream sports. Her profile is also very interesting: “the heart of the wild, Gypsy soul” from the video she is very open and allowing the partner holding a cell phone to shoot scenes, perhaps this comes sooner or later.


Ferguson hopes a war against Diaz: I haven’t KO


UFC in China due to the kahabi-numangemoduofu (Khabib Nurmagomedov) for weight loss failure out of the race, Tony Ferguson (Tony Ferguson) not as planned in the UFC209 lightweight interim title fight. But he is now for his next game already has a plan.

“I’m a professional, I have to throw this thing forward. I don’t think kahabi can match in the near future, so I play with him will not be the 4th right. Now all I want to do is race as soon as possible, preferably in a championship fight. ”

“I say, Nate Diaz (Nate Diaz) is I want against the guy, I think it will be a good game. Of course, his ranking is not very high (8th), but I see no more appropriate current lightweight opponent. Many people jiaozhen to me, but what I want now is a championship fight, and I don’t know when Conor McGregor (Conor McGregor) will come back and let me kick his butt, and Diaz’s lightweight interim title fight was the best choice. ”

“There is a reason for this is because Diaz is a standing-type player, I’ve haven’t KO an opponent, I think your method is better than him, so this is what I want. Of course, this is an MMA match not boxing, so I will pay attention to cuddling and ground battles. I am studying the ankle lock, preparing for the 10th Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in the world, the technology is very cool. ”

Now wants war with Sir Alex Ferguson’s players including Michael-Enrico Chiesa (Michael Chiesa), Michael Johnson (Michael Johnson), Eddie aerwaruizi (Eddie Alvarez), and so on, but Ferguson said they have prior history with them, but compared with Diaz, are not suitable for these people at war with himself.

“I think Diaz is now the biggest challenge for me, he is a very good fighter and has a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt level, I respect. I was waiting for this game for a long time, here is the octagonal cage, rather than a market, he has said all his rivals are afraid of him, so now I’m here, let us fight. ”

Sir Alex Ferguson has already shot a stunning 9-game winning streak, which is the longest streak in the history of the UFC Lightweight. When asked if this game comes true, when their hopes when the clash against Diaz, Ferguson said July PPV event will be the best timing.

“July is great, I love in July, as soon as possible to play the game more than anything good. You to set the time and place, I will turn up on time, and KO this guy. “(UFC tough, China)

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UFC’s top ten classic second World War (part one): blockbuster reversed Edgar draws Maynard


UFC UFC209 Tai-lun, China-Woodley (Tyron Woodley) VS Steven Thompson (Stephen Thompson) welterweight champion of second world war does not satisfy you, but in fact, staged in a Octagon cage Classic replay of countless. Count ten in UFC history is worth a look for you to look at Classic replay. (Sorted by game time)

UFC152, Matt Hughes (Matt Hughes) VS Frank Trieger (Frank Trigg) 2

This is rare in UFC history winner in the first round of the second fight, is one of the few dramatic match. Opening of the match, Hughes was Trieger was accidentally kicked in the crotch, and lock by rear naked choke, it gave defending champion Hughes is a big challenge. However, the by Pat Miletic (Pat Miletich) taught himself out of the Championship was not over, he broke away from the rear naked choke, picked Trieger through half Octagon cage after he fell to the ground, and put a rear naked choke successfully subdued the opponent. The game was named the year’s best to surrender, and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

UFC Fight Night 10, Spencer Fisher (Spencer Fisher) VS Sam stout (Sam Stout) 2

In the couple’s clash for the first time, Sam Stott played defeated the temporary differences determined by Spencer Fisher. A year later, the two sides have fully launched with the preparation of the second world war. Although the two are not eligible to challenge for the title, but this does not mean that rights of the two young men do not fight. Game two people took out their all, and also to show people the real mixed martial arts movement of technology and passion. Eventually Fisher with a unanimous decision victory over stout revenge. After 5 years in June 2012, two people and a three-fight, but this time Fisher to determine lost again.

UFC125, Frankie-Edgar (Frankie Edgar)-VS grey Maynard (Gray Maynard) 2

2011 showdown on January 1 of the year in the Lightweight Championship fight there. It was a dramatic game, but also drew a rare champion in UFC history. Maynard, in the first round with one blow knocked down Edgar, then repeatedly Chase TKO opponent each time, but tenacious Edgar through the thrilling first leg, and Vietnam over the next couple of rounds, but in the last two rounds, but he took the initiative. Final 25 minutes after the three referees for the two of them a 48-16, and a 47-47 game to draw differences.

UFC132, Dominic Cruz (Dominick Cruz)-Fabayre VS Uriah (Urijah Faber) 2

From a couple of WEC into UFC’s biggest card players, and they continue in WEC Yes vendetta to the octagonal cage. Before this fight, Fabayre is the only one who beat Cruz, when he took only 98 seconds to overcome an opponent. The second fight is like a conspiracy of chess, Cruz through constant combat and walk to Fabayre attack, and as the leader of Team Alpha Male, Fabayre is through speed and strength to fight back. Three referees eventually won by unanimous decision, Cruz’s advantage in the points, and two of the three times or up to 5 years after the war was staged.

UFC140, Frank Mir (Frank Mir) VS Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira) 2

3 years ago, Mir KO beat “Daniel headman” Nogueira won UFC welterweight interim title, and became the first person to end Nogueira. Three years after the second world war, Brazilians are vowing revenge, punch in the first round Mir hit him stagger, but did not pursue the end competitors, but to bring competition into the ground. After a fruitless attempt to guillotine surrendering Tamil, Mills rely on successful need the Kimura lock, and staged the most brutal scene in UFC history directly to Nogueira’s arm breaking. This second war ended with Mir wins again, but also no doubt added to the surrender of the year that year. (UFC tough, China)

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Chinese Boxer think Sun glory lined with fist fighting a foreign enemy with belt

两名中国拳手林立拳(左)和孙想想(右)将迎战外国选手。   广州日报全媒体记者 施绍宗 摄

Guangzhou,, Dongguan March 15 (reporters and and Shi Shaozong)-Battle Hymn 2017WBS/PABA Pan Asia international professional boxing martial arts belt Championship press conference held on March 15 in Dongguan. The event scheduled to be held on April 15 at the sports center of Dongguan, Dongguan international gold belt boxing competition held for the first time. Qi, General Manager of sports development in Guangdong, according to Zhang Yingfeng introduction, this event is the company caters to the Dongguan city government sports policy to build the professional sports brand and its promotion of the development of sports industry specific placement of the project.

According to reports, a total of 7 couples participating in this event, a famous Chinese player Sun think (135 lb WBO intercontinental champion, IBF champion in China) and lined with a punch (130 lbs IBO/CBCU golden belt Championship) will be strong against the Philippines and Indonesia, respectively, over 130-pound WBS belt and 135 pounds PABA belt glory, two belt battle are 10 round boxing match.

20 lined with fist in the face of Indonesia’s 30 year old veteran ruiqi·manfu, who participated in the 57 professional Boxer, record of 26 WINS and 28 losses 3 draw, PABA is currently the Asia Pacific region ranked second. 25 think Sun will face the Philippines 28 abila, a veteran, who played 40 games, record of 15 WINS and 20 losses 5 draws and ranks second in the WBS of the organization. The two foreign fighters while the record is very general, but the last two years is to win more than he loses, think Sun and lined with boxing to defeat an opponent must go all out.

UFC Fight Night review 106: Kelvin TKO first round Vito


UFC UFC Fight Night, China 106 has been held in Beijing on March 12 in Fortaleza, Brazil. In all 12 games in a total of 4 times KO 3 to surrender.

Headlines in the main event, at age 25, Kelvin-gaisitelumu (Kelvin Gastelum) once again showed the advantages of young, both in speed and power, he’s are significantly stronger than that of Vito-Belfort (Vitor Belfort). After several attacks against Vito, gaisitelumu combination bowling over the middle of Vito in the first round, but the subsequent pursuit on the ground did not translate into victory. Escaped after only a 1 minute combination of Vito gaisitelumu again, decisively this time the referee terminated the game. In this way, gaisitelumu massacre in the first round TKO defeat of Brazilian legend Don Vito, winning streak rose to 3.

Combined with the main event, “the General”-Hu A Mo Ruixi Europe (Mauricio Rua) VS JI an-weilante (Gian Villante) light heavyweight fight is fierce. Both sides in the previous two rounds have a chance to hit the opponent, but may have failed to win in the final. A few seconds after the start of the third round, Hu A continuous beat weilante edge of forced step backwards to cage, and even some unstable, taking advantage of the Chase, through continuous strike end TKO weilante, 2013 has been made since the end of the first victory.

Adelson-Barboza (Edson Barboza) VS Neil daliyoushi (Beneil Dariush) against represent the highest standard of lightweight lightweight. Interaction between two people in the first round, difficult race. First half of the second leg, still there is no breakthrough, but just then Barbosa with a sudden remember flying knee daliyoushi in the Centre of the head, KO ending it directly, causing the whole climax of the fans.

Home of Zhu Xier-fumijia (Jussier Formiga) met from Ray Borg (Ray Borg) challenge, scored in the first two rounds the two standard levels versus the amount of flies, fast acting and counterattack was wonderful. In the third round of the game, a close scene finally overcome, cuddling in a row, and the upper floor of the Borg pressed and rear naked choke firmly suppressed fumijia. The final three rounds, three Borg 29-28 advantage won by unanimous decision, winning the 5th in the last 6 games.

Bass-keleiya (Bethe Correia) VS Marie-enleinuo (Marion Reneau) women’s young face is another difficult race game. Both are offensive-minded players, but whether it’s power when kicking to truly harm the opponent. Final 15 minutes after the end of the fight, both with 27-29, 28-28, 28-28 of a majority decision draw.

“The Brazilian cowboy” Alex-Ricardo Oliveira (Alex Oliveira) is perhaps the evening’s most exciting players, although Tim Abbey (Tim Means) in the second world war did not take any advantage from the first leg, but excited at the outset of the second round but he gradually took the initiative. Middle part of the round, he managed the Abbey into a ground war, and seize the opportunity to rear naked choke submission victory, remained unbeaten in the last 4 games.

The best bonuses, the “best match” bonus with no very good game there and vacancies, so “best performance” bonuses was handed out 4, respectively by Kelvin-gaisitelumu, Adelson-Barboza, Josh Peter Kerman (Josh Burkman)-Henrik and Paul-Costa (Paulo Henrique Costa) to share.

Following is the final result of the event: (# is the player currently in the order of magnitude of the official rankings)

The main event:

Middleweight: Vito-Belfort (Vitor Belfort) (#9) the Kelvin-gaisitelumu (Kelvin Gastelum) (#10)

Light heavyweight: Mo Ruixi Europe-Hu A (Mauricio Rua) (#7), Sheng Jian-weilante (Gian Villante) (#12)

Lightweight: Adelson-Barboza (Edson Barboza) (#5) WINS bennier-daliyoushi (Beneil Dariush) (#9)

Fly orders of magnitude: Zhu Xier-fumijia (Jussier Formiga) (#3) Ray Borg (Ray Borg) (#8)

Young woman orders of magnitude: bass-keleiya (Bethe Correia) (#9), Marie-enleinuo (Marion Reneau) (#13)

Middleweight: Alex-Ricardo Oliveira (Alex Oliveira) than Tim Abbey (Tim Means)

Deputy tournament:

Lightweight: Francesco-telinaerduo (Francisco Trinaldo) Kevin Lee (Kevin Lee)

Middleweight: Sergio molas (Sergio Moraes) WINS David Ramos (Davi Ramos)

Young order of magnitude: Lani-Yahya (Rani Yahya) (#14), Joel Soto (Joe Soto)

Lightweight: Michelle-Prazeres (Michel Prazeres) Josh Burton Kerman (Josh Burkman)

Featherweight: Ronnie-Jason (Rony Jason) Jeremy Kennedy (Jeremy Kennedy)

Middleweight: Gareth-McLaren (Garreth McLellan)-Henrik-Paul Costa (Paulo Henrique Costa)

(UFC tough, China)

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Added Meng Liao Edgar UFC211 Supernova Rodriguez of Mexico


UFC China former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie-Edgar (Frankie Edgar) will be held in Beijing on May 14 in Dallas UFC211 back against Mexico Supernova real-Rodriguez (Yair Rodriguez). Of course, this will still be a featherweight fight.

Frankie-Edgar’s current record of 21 WINS and 5 losses 1, including 6 KO,4 surrender to win. Since 2013 he shot a 5-game winning streak, defeating including CABE-Swanson (Cub Swanson), Uriah-Fabayre (Urijah Faber), found-Mendez (Chad Mendes), a number of top players. UFC200, held in July last year, won the Edgar fight Jose Aldo (Jose Aldo) opportunities, and that is a featherweight interim champion. But at the end of five rounds later, ed by unanimous decision with regret losing. Then in November UFC205 Edgar back in New York, and was defeated in a unanimous decision, the top-ranked Jeremy Stephens (Jeremy Stephens).

Yar-Rodriguez, the current record is 10 wins and 1 losses, 4 times KO,1 times to surrender to win. He won the first quarter “ultimate Seiya Latin” after winning, 5 WINS in the Octagon cage, winning streak is up to 8 people. Impressive victories, including a flying knee KO in UFC197 del-ferry (Andre Fili), as well as UFC Fight Night headline war in 92 and Alex-Casares (Alex Caceres) a good fight. January’s UFC Fight Night 103, Rodriguez’s second-round TKO defeat easily “Prodigy” BJ-Payne (BJ Penn), official ranking column temporarily featherweight 9th.

UFC211 will be held in Beijing on May 14 in Dallas, Texas. Headlines the main event of the evening will be Stipe-Mi Ouqi (Stipe Miocic) VS-Santos (Junior Dos Santos) heavyweight champion of second world war and the current grass champion Joanna-yedeerzexike (Joanna Jedrzejczyk) will also accept Jessica Andrade (Jessica Andrade) challenge. (UFC tough, China)

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Claudia VS luolinna UFC212 women’s grass-top-level showdown cards


Claudia-gaideha (Claudia Gadelha) VS luolinna-kewokeweiqi (Karolina Kowalkiewicz) finalized which will be held in Beijing on June 4 in baxiliyue UFC212 on. Two official rankings breakdown of women’s grass for the first 2, so this is a real duel.

Claudia-Mr Gadd, the current record is 14 WINS and 2 losses, including 2 KO,6 surrender to win. Her only two career defeats are lost to the incumbent UFC women’s grass champion Joanna-yedeerzexike (Joanna Jedrzejczyk), which in December 2014, the first world war was narrowly defeated after differences determine, in July last year of the first world war was a war of grass champion, by unanimous decision, failed to challenge her results. Claudia has a very good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai technique, but she had not concluded in a Octagon cage match. Her game was in November last year was to a unanimous decision win over UFC Figh Night 100 Courtney-Kathy (Cortney Casey).

Luolinna-card kewokeweiqi the current record of 10 wins and 1 losses, and 1 of them KO,2 to overcome to win. She also challenged women’s grass champion Joanna-yedeerzexike and took place last November in UFC205, but it failed, defeated by unanimous decision. Before this war, luolinna professional record with 10 WINS, she is 3 WINS in the Octagon cage to determine winning, one of the most prominent rival is now the official 4th of Ross-namayounasi (Rose Namajunas).

UFC212 will be held in Beijing on June 4 in the baxiliyue. Headline in the event the main event will be Jose Aldo (Jose Aldo) VS Max-Holloway (Max Holloway) featherweight title unification fight. (UFC tough, China)

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easily finals men’s ten-meter platform Chen Aisen Qiu Bo Daley at the bottom out of

Men’s 10-meter platform Chen Aisen Qiu Bo finals Daly easily bottom out

August 21, 2016 00:02  

sad Daley

SINA sports news Beijing time on August 20, the Rio 2016 Olympic diving competitions at the Maria-Lunk aquatic centre start the last game day of competition in the men’s 10-meter platform semifinals, Chinese player Chen Aisen by virtue of the stability of the whole play, To total 559.90 points ranking first, smooth promotion final; another one China players Qiu Bo although third jumped appeared major errors, but he with other several round of excellent performance, to total 504.70 points ranked times seats; British name Daley three jumped appeared major errors, eventually only to 403.25 points ranking bottom, suffered eliminated; defending champion, and American name Bao Diya overall play General, to 458.35 points ranking 10th, also promotion.

Men’s 10-meter platform semifinal total of 18 contestants, the top 12 qualify for the final, sent the Chinese team play World Championships and World Cup champion Qiu Bo and Chen Aisen. In yesterday for of preliminaries in the, two bit China players Qiu Bo and Chen Aisen are has 2 jumped completed some flaws, eventually respectively to 564.75 points and 545.35 points ranking 2nd and 3rd bit promotion semi-final; British name Daley with with package action of perfect play, to 571.85 points ranked first, defending champion, and American name Bao Diya a jumped appeared major errors, but still to 496.55 points row in 4th bit.

Chen Aisen countdown 3rd bit appearances, despite in preliminaries in the has two jumped appeared has some small of errors, but today he timely adjustment State, each jumped are play have is stable, respectively get 91.80 points, and 91.00 points, and 88.20 points, and 97.20 points, and 99.90 points and 91.80 points, in each round end Hou are is row in first bit, eventually he to total 559.90 separation first, smooth promotion final, than second name high out has 55 points of more.

Qiu Bo of the 2nd stage, Third jumped difficulty coefficient 3.4 of 307C (reflexive churning three week half hold knee) outlet obviously errors, only get 56.10 points, ranking once fell to 10th, but he in then of fourth jumped timely adjustment State, in difficulty coefficient for 3.6 of 207B (backward churning three week half flexor body) Shang play have called perfect, has 2 bit referee played has 10 points, the round he also get has 102.60 points of high points, other several jumped is has I has small flaws, but also is stable to completed, respectively get 89.25 points, and 78.75 points, 85.50-92.50 points, eventually he was to score 2nd also qualify.

Pressure axis appearances of Daley, despite in preliminaries in the play stable, but today he of performance makes NPC surprise, second jumped difficulty coefficient 3.6 of 5172B (forward churning three week half swivel one week flexor body) and third jumped difficulty coefficient 3.5 of 626B (arm action, backward churning three week flexor body) appeared major errors, only respectively get 54.00 points and 47.25 points, three after ranking bottom. Even after two rounds, ranking rose to 15th place, nearly 20 different from the 12th-ranked player, as long as the final round of play still have a chance to qualify, but unfortunately, it again on a 207B miscalculation, 50.40 points only, so he would score 403.25 ranks, missed the final.

Addition one is concern of players Bao Diya is in countdown 4th bit debut, he whole field performance also General, which has three jumped below 70 points, respectively for third to fifth jumped–61.05 points, and 69.70 points and 66.60 points, but other several jumped relative stable, respectively get 86.40 points, and 86.40 points and 88.20 points, to to total 458.35 points row in 10th bit, near misses to promotion final. Player Garcia of Mexico the audience without obvious mistakes, ranked 3rd with total 497.55 points, whereas many experts qualify. (Mountain)

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