Chinese table tennis men’s team coach 6-5 men table tennis coach Qin Zhijian only one competition


The morning of March 30, Guo ping coaches compete for Conference began, tellingly men and two coach no one candidate and first-team coaches compete for up to 6 people. Liu guoliang, Qin Zhi Jian competition for men, the competition Manager Team Manager, Kong Linghui competitive women’s team head coach.

Participation in the competition of men and a team of coaches: Xiaozhan, and Ma Junfeng, and Liu Heng, Wang Hao, MA Lin and Liu guozheng. Not only competition for men and a team coach Qin Zhijian, also compete for the coaches. Zhang jike head coach Xiaozhan also filled two competition table, while competition for men’s and women’s first-team coach. Liu guozheng and competition for men’s and women’s team coach. Olympic champion yansen competition for female coaches and team managers.


The competition for personnel structure as follows: head coach, 1 man and a coach 1, female coach 1, male coaches, 5 female coaches 5, men’s 1, the second coach, women’s second team coach 1, men’s second team coach 3, women’s second team coach 3. But today’s competition and there are no competition for men’s team head coach, currently head coach of the men’s team are Liu guozheng.

Four coaches of the men’s team currently are: Xiaozhan, and Qin Zhijian, and Ma Junfeng, and Liu Heng, Wu Jingping instructions on extended active duty as early as 2015 have is not in the list of coaches, but has remained in the team for the preparations for the Rio Olympics, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong head coach is Wu Jingping, and Ma Lin and Wang Hao from his door.

Remained fixed 5 of the men and a team of coaches, competition for men is 6, it also means that one of them will not be able to become man and a team coach.

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Rocket Ding Ding could not accidents three times you win points


Stringers fuping reports

Sullivan lost, lost 4:5 to Joyce, out of the third round of China open, outside of heart and mind “Ding Junhui vs Sullivan” finally crumbled. The Decider, Sullivan feels nothing, or are lost due to black ball point or scored coffee was on the ball and accidentally made himself the snooker, and the ball, and finally throw in the towel …

Five years later the rocket once again at the China open, is still a “go to effortless”, an early end, a hasty, but who also can’t do him.

Already accustomed to seeing too much spectacle, had experienced too much more tense and exciting than this situation, a defeat, now Sullivan is nothing. And also hear him long complex set in the gains and losses. On his appointment and Ding Junhui of the game, he is only a “sorry” to reply.

Without o ‘ Sullivan, pillar for event ticket sales began to lean, at Sullivan iron powder on their faces and hearts full of disappointment. However, think about it, at least this year he came, the past five years, it’s not “read fantasy”?

Sullivan lost, Ding Junhui was still there. Storm is about 30 years old, he has not been outside interference, beat teenager Zhou Yue long 5:0 in the second round to qualify for the top 16.

Returned to Beijing this time, as the two-time champion Ding Junhui from the outset “fed”. His dissatisfaction with the practices of the Taiwan Solidarity Union in the world, he was speechless, because they have been reported as early as last year replaced about sponsors, but now lead sponsor backlash.

Many people think that the external factors that can affect the State of Ding Junhui, he was calm on the field showed their inner strength and prove its good status. Now Ding Junhui, really grown up. Was no longer very susceptible to mood disturbances affect the play of Ding.

The next round, Ding Junhui will face defeat Sullivan Joyce, on April 1, he will receive his 30 birthday, officially entered what had been the. In China, his paradise, Ding Ding won the title three times, whether to celebrate their birthdays, became the tournament’s biggest attraction. After all, not Sullivan, Ding has become the largest sign.

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14 o’clock live game play little VS 19:30 Ding Tian Pengfei, China


On March 30, 2017 will start the third round of the China open snooker competition in eight games, 14 points Trump, Higgins played, 19:30 Ding, led by Selby. SINA sport continue to live this period of 1TH and 2nd of the game.

14-time Trump will face Tian Pengfei of China, Tian Pengfei beat Gould 5-3 in the second round of the competition, became a dark horse this game. Trump is the 5-0 sweep Sharaf, this game also was placed in the first set.

Higgins and Mark Williams were “753 Kit” in the two, they will be competing at 14 times, Higgins beat veteran in the match yesterday, Mark Davis, and Golden left hand is 5-2 win Holt.

Which was led by Ding Junhui, while under the influence of sponsorship endorsements, but Ding was in good condition in the previous three games, first and second rounds is 5-0 zero sheets. Ding Junhui tonight’s third-round opponent was eliminated yesterday Sullivan Joyce. 19:30 this time Selby, Maguire, Bingham also will play.

Today China will return to four tables at the same time in the pattern of the game.



China’s Ding Junhui the rockets the game Terminator Salvation xijinsijin left hand pair


Beijing, March 30, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the 2017 World Snooker China open will go into the fourth day contest, the day will be all 8 games are the third-round match, Ding Junhui will face Sullivan terminator, Tian Pengfei, engaged games 1th seed Trump, the Chinese duo to top 8, and Higgins, Murphy, Selby, four Trump TOP8 players will debut one after another, to 8.

Shanghai masters last year, Ding Junhui and Sullivan in the 1/4 area, however due to the Sullivan accident out, Ding did not play the games, the China match in this scene again, o ‘ Sullivan decider defeat Ding Ao will fail again, but Ding Junhui to qualify many new career opportunities.

Joyce is nerve knife attack-type player, single lethal striking the ball, but a rough, situation under control more generally, Ding played in 2013 and Joyce had two Chinese dragons have won, two games with 8 victories, Ding Junhui, a total of 3 rods break hundreds, 4 60 +. This game Ding Junhui although suffered trademark storm, but mentality and State are keep have very good, and Joyce past two round are is through winning Council only breathtaking beat Patrick and Sullivan, but from game process view, Joyce also played has many attack good Council (2 Rod broken hundred, 4 Rod 50+), attack feel also quite good, if II people continued past of State, Joyce of relative rough of style will serious effect he of competitiveness, around game of eventually trend, which Ding Junhui win surface quite big.

And in 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Tian Pengfei will engaged defending champion Trump, II people previously has had 3 times played, 3 field game all playing to winning Council, Tian Pengfei 1 WINS 2 negative, small special this game state amazing, Qian two days total completed 5 Rod broken hundred, although in are game 2nd round against Sharaf game in the, Trump continuous scored performance different Qian two round, but he of Star also is keep has is high of standard, compared with, Tian Pengfei Qian two round attack performance far than small special, more relies on opponents too much of errors only won victory, Tian Pengfei had China’s best result was the game in 2010 and 2016, twice entered the top 16 if Tian Pengfei continued to be in the first two rounds of the handle, unless Trump suddenly lost sight, Tian Pengfei otherwise hard to refresh yourself in the Chinese tournament best.

Objective for, excluded China elements, Higgins and makeweilianmusi undoubtedly is 16 strong in the most with points of one game, 75 double male past 20 years in Republika Connaught grams football made remarkable of achievements, in Shang century 90 generation, Higgins in table Shang overall performance than Mark excellent, he is 753 Jay in the first achieved big slam Albert of players, II people first played is in 1994 Thailand master game Shang, although Williams winning Council edged Higgins, but thereafter 5 years time in, Wizards against mark in career game 9 game won 13 times. However into 21st century early, gold left skills gradually to mature, Higgins is because alcohol of practices, State has declined, suffered a time of low, II people in century Qian 11 years 25 times played in the, Williams made 13 wins 3 flat 9 negative results, and gold left also keep has nearly 8 years ranking game not lost Higgins of records, worth a problem of is, Williams career career by won of 3 times China game champion, its won journey in the are has Higgins of figure.

Two people recently 16 times played, wizards made has 12 WINS 4 negative almost overwhelming sex advantage, this season Williams although entries active, but decline has to avoid, ranking again once fell out has Qian 16 ranks, and wizards although past several station ranking game performance bad, but this times came to Beijing zhihou, Higgins in far Taiwan and go bit of feel obviously has has rebounded, from State Shang see, wizards obviously good gold left, win surface natural is greater than mark.

And Higgins as, world ranking first Selby a sweep past decline, Qian three surrendered continuous attack data completely not lost any a people (5 Rod broken hundred, 8 Rod 50+), this times engaged strength flat Higginson, Leicester clown is expected to continues to March, other 16 strong other against following: Wafi-maikelaode, Bingham-Karen-Wilson, Murphy-Michael-White, horse qui,-Wales. (Han Yue Tian)

I am the champion name entry for a group effort all-round skills May play the game


Second national effort all-round skill Grand Prix will be held May 8-13th at the Beijing sports University gymnasium breaks scene, news releases, it caused a warm response from fight fans, Netizen asked individuals could sign up, do you can participate is 37 years old, Kung Fu game is the all-around contest … …

Today reporter interviewed a second national effort all-round technical sponsor of the Grand Prix, Horgos magic sports and Cultural Development Corporation Mr Cheng Xiaoming, Director of sports, Mr CHENG, this competition does not accept the application, he recommended wrestling enthusiasts to participate in the subsequent opening of “I am the champion” auditions for all leitaisai.

It is learned that the competitions allows national physical education colleges, other sports professional qualification institutions, provinces (municipalities) sports vocational technical college (school), as well as other social units, clubs in the competition.

National kungfu all-around skill Grand Prix sports College, formerly known as the national martial arts skill Grand Prix Almighty. September 2015, 22-27th, sponsored by the General Administration of sports science and Education Division, Beijing sports University and the Beijing bokesen sports and Cultural Development Corporation jointly sponsored, organised in 15 major national sports College “Kung Fu in 2015 the first national sports college all-around skill Grand Prix” successfully held in Beijing University of physical education. Innovation rules and competition of the tournament, sparking strong response from society and the media in the promotion of sports reform of socialization of College competition, market, exploring Chinese martial arts to the world arena, project to promote Chinese martial development and upgrade the sports institutions played an active role in social influence. Over more than 30 of these events reported by the mainstream media, when Baidu events, and broadcast of CCTV is successful.

According to the course Director, currently consists of Beijing sports University, capital Institute of physical education, Harbin Institute of physical education, 10, Jilin Institute of physical education and sports colleges have submitted entries, and he expects the closure of the list on April 10, all competed in the 15 major national institutes.

Social clubs have been Beijing heaven five clubs such as fight club registration, Zhang tiequan start fight Club also approached the world of boxing. Participated in the I am the world champion Chen dongsheng, he will work to create a media company to team up for competition. I am the champion contestant Luo Huaijie, Zhu Jun will also team up to join the competition.

The tournament team first prize will get 100,000 yuan reward, and Kung-Fu all-around individual champion will receive a bonus of 20,000 yuan. Compared to sports universities have more “human resources”, difficulty in social units and clubs compete for the team title is not small, there will be social or club sports universities and comprehensive repression? This is the shining point of this contest.

Ding Junhui Selby 5-1 Sullivan surprise out of Miss victory


Beijing time on March 29, 2017 snooker China Open ended in a second-round battle, during the night-time match Ronnie Sullivan and opponents battled nine final Council regrets the negative, were locked out of the top 16, although Sullivan was playing two broken hundreds own personal single-pole breaking hundred total recorded up to 868. Mark Selby in the concurrent race 5-1 another sweep to qualify among the top 16. In addition, Chinese player Li 3-5 defeat by Scottish names Maguire and turn this round.

Rocket o ‘ Sullivan appearances in the night-time, the match is now ranked 51st in the world, Mark Joyce. Games will start at 7:30, Sullivan started the first innings scored 23 points break, Joyce took over 32 points mistakes, Sullivan twice started but failed to continue scoring, after a period of stalemate Joyce grabbed opponent mistakes start to 86-32 won the first Board. Second Joyce first mistakes the cue ball stops at the lower left offensive opportunities, Sullivan started 106 break in direct win leveled the score 1-1. Third Joyce continuous far red goal keeping of attack started with 19 points by the end of break, Duo once cue ball after falling foul, a defensive error caught by the opponents of the Sullivan, Joyce played 79 minutes the score 2-1.

Directorate IV Sullivan passed away games started with 30 points after the failure of the balloon, Sullivan once again after a round through the far 25 attacks start again errors, after a period of struggle Sullivan started with 80-0 2-2 leveled the score for the third time. After the fifth inning started o ‘ Sullivan defensive fumble, Joyce interrupted after 66 minutes, Sullivan then started, but a simple mistake after 37 minutes remaining finally a red ball, Joyce started to 91-37 the lead again. 132 in direct hit after the sixth inning Sullivan started to distinguish, the score came to 3-3. Seventh Inning Sullivan attempt to further thin the ball but the red ball out of his pocket, Joyce started 137 in play to distinguish, 4-3 got the match point.

Eighth Council Sullivan attempts to far Taiwan attack partial out, mother ball stopped in has middle, Joyce started only have 8 points on in attack black ball Shi errors, Sullivan then started get 20 points go bit errors into defense, a round Hou Sullivan long Taiwan scored combination ball again started made 57-8 leading, several Rod compete for Hou Joyce errors leak ball, Sullivan single rod 63 distinguish Taiwan and once equalised score. Winning Council Sullivan kickoff, Joyce playing far Taiwan red ball end of bags not into left in the bags red ball attack opportunities, Sullivan started get 25 points Hou interrupted, thereafter two people the has started but are didn’t can continued, playing into 29-26 Shi Joyce caught opponents attack errors started to 57-29 completed Super points, Sullivan attempts to do Republika Connaught grams but sent out free ball so gave up, Joyce promotion 16 strong.

Other several while for of game in the, world ranking first Selby engaged ranking 77 bit of Martin-aotangnaier, a up Selby on streak three Council made has 3-0 leading and in second Council and third Council in the series played single rod 68 points and 101 points, Fourth Council aotangnaier in last balls stage win pulled one back a Council, Council between rest Hou of fifth Council Selby with single rod 74 points winning, 4-1 got has match point, Sixth Council aotangnaier again no started, Selby 72-0 zero sheet and 5-1 won the game easily qualified for the third round.

China players Lee also in evening appearances, opponents is now ranking World 24th bit of Stephen-mamakuier, a up Maguire on played single rod 114 points win next Council, second Council Lee single rod 67 points also to color, zhihou of two Council two people their played single rod 87 points and 74 points, Qian half both split, Council between rest back Maguire series played single rod 80 points and 71 points got match point, seventh Council Lee to 60-50 tenacious of save a match point, but eighth Council also is unable to back, Was 100 clean sheets in Maguire, 3-5 to lose the whole game out of regret.

Other games scores, 5-2 nuopang-Sang Kanmu Stuart Bingham, Karen Sanderson-la 5-2-Wilson, Dennis-5-2 Matthew Stevens of Wales, Andrew Higginson 5-4 Leach-Walton. (Drag the shadow)

Lang ping: to train young coaching practice guiding the Executive direction


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 29 (reporters Wang Jingyu and and Xu Zheng)-has just been appointed by the Chinese women’s volleyball team head coach Lang ping said 29th, her main task is to master the future direction, young coaches.

China ranks 29th announced a new Chinese women’s volleyball coaching staff and team roster, at the Rio Olympic cycle led the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the World Cup and Olympics head coach Lang ping of the two titles from the original became head coach, assistant coach, Executive coach An Jiajie.

Lang ping said that as a head coach, she will complete team planning the direction of the team, and assist the coaching staff to complete training and competition tasks. Meanwhile, his positive treatment and rehabilitation. Led of actual work performed by An Dao, coaching staff together with complete good.

While in volleyball at the three last Olympic cycle has made two titles and a runner-up, Lang ping when it comes to the future of Chinese women’s volleyball team remains cautious. She said that Chinese women’s volleyball team started from scratch, to explore and exercise newcomers.

Women’s volleyball team open team structure will remain stable head coach Jenny Lang ping times


CNS, Beijing, March 30 (reporter Yue Chuan)-Association of China Women’s volleyball team was announced on 29th 2017 training notice, “head coach Jenny Lang ping” times with the opening. Lang ping said that as a head coach, she will plan the development direction of the team, and led of actual work performed by An Jiajie.

“Head coach Jenny Lang ping” times open

The Rio Olympics, under the situation of Chinese women’s volleyball team out of the tournament on the verge “born to die” and enter the phased out after the game and even g Brazil, the Netherlands, Serbia’s three enemies, the first time in 12 years, won an Olympic gold medal for the third time in history. As the team coach, Lang ping reputedly.

On September 30 last year, Lang ping and the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s contract officially expired, about whether she will continue to run after command was also cause for concern. CCTV in the documentary film the turning point-lang, Lang ping said his leg hurt more, at this stage, to treat first. But she also said, if to continue coaching, Chinese women’s volleyball team is the only option.

Beijing time on January 20, Lang ping Chicago had successful hip surgery in the United States, United States after rehabilitation therapy. In an interview, she admitted that due to health reasons, “this year’s (Chinese women’s volleyball team) coach would still be difficult. “Still, lang said, she wants in whatever case, for a new women’s volleyball team to help.

“No matter who coached the national team this year, is to be formed. I will also do my modest, help line set up teams. “Coach Lang ping said, and training in the new issue notice, her position was no longer the coach, the coach is her new identity.

The team structure will remain stable

According to Xinhua, in parsing the duties of head coach Lang ping said, she will complete team planning the direction of the team, and assist the coaching staff to complete training and duty, led of actual work performed by An Jiajie.

Lang also said he would actively treatment and rehabilitation. Volleyball sport Administration Centre of State General Administration of sport director Li quanqiang said Lang ping at the current stage of physical rehabilitation is the first. In the case of surgery, if head coach, body burdens, unfavorable to recovery.

Post one letter short, Lang ping will also more macro-control team. Compared with past Olympic cycles, former team coach be retained. Has been promoted to pipe Center Deputy Director Lai Yawen will continue to serve as the leader of the women’s volleyball team and coach, former assistant coach, An Jiajie as Executive coaches, accompanying coach was promoted to assistant coach, former national volleyball player Yuan Zhi with the coach. Other members of the team, such as doctors, physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, all are “old faces”. This configuration ensures the continuity of the team, coaching ideas, notes from the side, became head coach Lang ping was still coaching the team’s backbone.

As national team coach, started the actual burden of lead, is a new challenge for An Jiajie, especially in terms of experience and pressure. But as lang’s Assistant, An Jiajie team standing on the highest podium of World Cup, Olympic Games in a row and conjunction with the rest of the coaching staff for many years. For this group of players, An Jiajie also not new, main frame of the Rio games, this will help him adapt to your executive coaching job in a short time, with a good team.

Netizens hope Tokyo Olympic Games

Women’s Volleyball contest tasks not important this year, but as the Tokyo Olympic Games the first year of the cycle, the arduous work of the national team. In the list of the new issue of training, the team on the second pass, Middle blocker updated in multiple locations such as new blood, new Asian Championship, Grand Prix experience is needed as soon as possible, on top of, and prepare for next year’s World Championships. Is not only a player An Jiajie also need to borrow from all competitions this year complete the transition. The 2014 World Championships, Chinese women’s volleyball team lost to the United States in the final, but then to have won the World Cup and an Olympic gold medal.

Lang served as head coach of the national team, the most joy but also a few fans. Many users are messages on the social networking site, Lang ping and a blessing to her new women’s volleyball team, a lot of people have been looking for three years after the Tokyo Olympics. Japan is Lang ping became world champion for the first time–1981 years, Chinese women’s volleyball team won the World Cup with 7 WINS record, that’s big ball project, China’s first world champion, Lang ping and when “award for outstanding athlete.”

Many people are looking forward to a perfect ending, and with new head coach Jenny Lang ping of China Women volleyball team, will once again embark on the journey. (End)

List of world table tennis championships due to Zhang jike led Ding Ning malongboer partner


From May 29 to June 5, the 54th world table tennis championships individual match will be played in Dusseldorf, Germany, successfully fighting today, the Chinese table tennis team has officially announced the 5 individual entry list.

Men’s singles, who’s leading?

Players: Karl Malone, and Zhang jike, and Xu Xin, and Fan Zhendong, and Lin Gaoyuan

The world table tennis championships in the past, most competitive, most variables are the men’s singles race. Express game stands out for four main plus of forest high, is undoubtedly the ultimate championship contender, Malone and strive to defend, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin seeks to break through, the biggest suspense is the return after injuries of Zhang jike and for the first time take part in the world table tennis championships singles Lin gaoyuan, after former back can be adjusted to the best, forest high and go far in the world table tennis championships?


Women’s singles, Ding Ning whether the three crowns?

Contestant: Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, Zhu Yuling, Chen Mengjia, wood child

Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen was when the play of the year, Zhu Yuling, Chen Mengjia experiences a Olympic circle exercise, although no breakthrough Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen in the straight game, but other than technology and experience advantage, four people playing singles in reason. Miracle’s inclusion is a surprise, but she too large, and its experience, Suzhou world table tennis championships in China eliminated her Ishikawa pure and Feng tianwei, becoming the biggest contributor. 5 singles people only Ding Ning took the women’s Singles Champion, Dusseldorf, Ding Ning is three times crowned, or new day host?


Men’s doubles, “Marco Polo” reappearance

Participants: Xu Xin/Fan Zhendong, and Malone/Pohl (Germany)


World table tennis championship in Suzhou, malongboer in the men’s doubles second round defeat to Zhang jike and Xu Xin, early exit from Medal contention, combined again, Malone/pol-want to strive to win in this session of the the world table tennis championships, the biggest opponent is no doubt China’s original combination: Xu Xin/Fan Zhendong!

Women’s doubles semi-finals, Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and then hand in hand


Contestant: Ding Ning/Liu Shiwen, and Zhu Yuling/Chen Mengjia


In women’s doubles table tennis Li Xiaoxia/Guo Yue rule era, followed by Ding Ning/Liu Shiwen, became the obvious second combination in the world, Rotterdam, the 2011 and 2013 world table tennis championships in Paris were runners-up. Suzhou in 2015 because the Olympic strategy, two open partner respectively, and Li Xiaoxia, Zhu Yuling, the final. After two years after the reorganization, the Olympic combination can resist Zhu Yuling/Chen Mengjia and other players challenge the Crown?


Mixed doubles, “Sino-foreign alliances” can I still win?

Contestant: Fang Bo/Suo Erjia (Germany), gross (Denmark)/Feng Yalan


Suzhou world table tennis championship, won the mixed doubles title partner Xu Xin Liang Xiayin, becoming one of the highlights of the world table tennis championships. This year, Fang Bo partner Suo Erjia, Feng Yalan partner gross, played mixed doubles League. Suo Erjia Europe emerged the best local players in recent years, gross was the European Championships doubles title last year, and two people who had participated in the Rio games, experience than Fang Bo Feng Yalan and more abundant.

(Source: the world of table tennis)

Women’s volleyball training list have a small head coach Hui Langping An Jiajie executive coach


Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Henan and Sichuan Sports Bureau head of Department, head of political and Sports Bureau of the propaganda department sectors:

Preparations for the Tokyo Olympic cycle, completion of the 2017 annual training duty, volleyball and women’s volleyball teams will research, decided to organize a national women’s volleyball team training, and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

List, the national women’s volleyball team leader, coach

Team Manager: Lai Yawen (and) (volleyball Centre)

Head coach: Lang ping

Executive Coaching: An Jiajie (Shandong)

Coach: Bao Zhuang (Liaoning), Lai Yawen (concurrently)

Accompanied coach: Yuan Zhi (Liaoning), Wu Xiaolei (Chengdu Institute of)

In unison, and Yu Fei Yuan (Tianjin), Tong Li (Jiangsu)

Medical rehabilitation team leader: Wei Yong JI (sports hospital)

Doctor: Sherwin S.W. (United States), Wei Yong JI, Wang Kai (sports hospital)

Physical therapist: Larson Garrett (USA)

Rehabilitation teacher: Mar Chong Daniel (United States)

Data analysis: Yuan in unison (and)

Second, national women’s volleyball team camp list

Beijing: Annabelle Lau

Tianjin: Yao Di, and Michelle Wang

Liaoning: Ding Xia, and Wang Meiyi, and Gong Meizi

Shanghai: Qin Siyu

Jiangsu: Zhang Changning, and Gong Xiangyu, Diao Lin Yu

Zhejiang: Li Jing

FJ: Lin Li, and Zheng Yixin, and Xu yunli

Shandong: Yang Fangxu, and Wang Mengjie, Qian Jingwen, Du Qingqing, and Yang Han jade

Henan: Ting Zhu

Sichuan: Zhang Xiaoya

The people’s Liberation Army: Yuan Xin玥, Yang 珺jing, Wang Yun蕗, high meaning

Participate in the training of coaches and athletes on April 5 at 18:00 reported to the General Administration of Sport Training Council Temple apartment. Where Li Jing, Xu yunli, and Yang Fangxu, Ting Zhu, Zhang Xiaoya, Yang 珺jing temporarily not participating in training, training registration and prior notice.