14 o’clock live game play little VS 19:30 Ding Tian Pengfei, China


On March 30, 2017 will start the third round of the China open snooker competition in eight games, 14 points Trump, Higgins played, 19:30 Ding, led by Selby. SINA sport continue to live this period of 1TH and 2nd of the game.

14-time Trump will face Tian Pengfei of China, Tian Pengfei beat Gould 5-3 in the second round of the competition, became a dark horse this game. Trump is the 5-0 sweep Sharaf, this game also was placed in the first set.

Higgins and Mark Williams were “753 Kit” in the two, they will be competing at 14 times, Higgins beat veteran in the match yesterday, Mark Davis, and Golden left hand is 5-2 win Holt.

Which was led by Ding Junhui, while under the influence of sponsorship endorsements, but Ding was in good condition in the previous three games, first and second rounds is 5-0 zero sheets. Ding Junhui tonight’s third-round opponent was eliminated yesterday Sullivan Joyce. 19:30 this time Selby, Maguire, Bingham also will play.

Today China will return to four tables at the same time in the pattern of the game.



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