11 years after Ding Junhui wins again the rockets turned this mountain can airness


There is a saying called “ten years rubs a sword”; there is a saying, “revenge is ten years too late.” Today, both saying is Ding Junhui was fulfilled in him. 13-10 after defeating Ronnie O ‘ Sullivan, little fai once again achieve self-transcendence, perfect distillation.

Since 2006, Northern Ireland Cup final since Ding Junhui has been 11 years in the ranking tournament victory over O ‘ Sullivan. At that time, Xiao Hui difficult to reverse after Paul Davidson in the first round, even g 4 Top16 player (Hamilton, Higgins, Ken-Doherty and Stephen Lee) to advance to the finals.

“Rocket”, who would have thought 1-3 down the dragon to fight even under 4, and final 9-6 win. That is the triumph of his career 1th Sullivan, 19 years old, he looks so innocent, childish and naïve.

At the time, played the 3rd beat his idol, like Ding Junhui saw the FAI soaring hopes. But since then, the pitch and his appreciation of stars has become the nightmare of a Chinese dragon on the field.

I remember 10 years ago, the Wembley Masters final, perfect start Ding Junhui was defeated by Sullivan of aggressive displays, and audience move more of the uncivilized is Xiao Hui left a sad tears. Although Ronnie comfort, but that defeat was 20 years old, he lost, into a long downturn.

The same year, the Crucible debut Ding Junhui in the first round of the competition in the “rocket” mercilessly beat a 2-10. 1 year after the Premier League, Xiao Hui is being shaved. That is China’s “child prodigy” encounters a dark period.

However, the failure will also make people grow. With the increase of age, experience and experience, Ding Junhui out of the bottom slowly, he began to pick up the “ecstasy”. When faced with Sullivan in the game, though still rarely win, but Ding’s mentality has obviously become balanced.

London 2012 masters, even the plate 3 innings but eventually losing the Chinese Dragon, does not reveal the unhappy State and 2014 Welsh Open final, was “the rocket” at 9-3 after the blast, smiling Greetings can be considered Xiao hui to mature performance.

At the end of that year, Ding Junhui at the number one spot in the world ranking, became the party’s 11th World, is also the first Asian Player to be climbing the world’s highest.

Despite the career record against Sullivan just 3 WINS and 3 flat 12 (tournament only 11 years ago that only 1 record), but earlier this month just turned 30 years old birthday Ding Junhui will no longer be the same “fear” Ronnie. Chinese dragon has entered what had been indecisive struggle when playing out of the past, and now, playing the rhythm more crisp, more decisive moves Ding Junhui saw his debut at the beginning of the kind of vigorous momentum.

Snooker is in the golden age of Ding now plays both strength and ornamental, with Xu Xin Jian was quoted as saying, this is almost “peak performance”, and is at the stage of Xiao Hui and even space.

After 10 years, 2nd at the Crucible meets Ding Junhui and Sullivan each have played in the competition. Despite the “rocket” 146 in also played in the 20th Council of success, but play a more stable Chinese Dragon is also the first time in 11 years, 2nd in the tournament defeated their idols.

More perfect, more mature Ding Junhui victory was a vindication of their own growth. Now that he no longer is the lost ball will cry again, divert, had been washed away changing face, achieving a perfect revenge of the World Championship. Selby, his success again for revenge, and ultimately the individual snooker’s Grand Slam? All worth the wait.


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